Growing Demand of Made in India Lathe Machines in World Market

The Features that is Unique in Lathe Machines Manufactured in India

A lathe machine is of the most demanded work shop machines in engineering industries. It is usually applied in shaping, sizing, or cutting wood or metal work piece. Lathe equipment is manufactured based on the requirement of the cutting and shaping dimensions with respect to the industry thus they are available from small size table devices to large units depending on the production demand. India is emerging as a leading manufacturer in producing different types. We have been focusing towards designing a range of lathe equipments which can be applied in various industries. As far as It features are concerned, they are found to be quite updated when compared to other country makes. Some of the attractions found in Indian make lathe equipments are

  • Sturdy designs

  • Higher performance for high productivity targets

  • Competitive prices

  • Available with a range of specifications

  • Most of the Indian manufacturers are ready to produce custom made lathe equipments as per the client’s requirement.

  • Indian manufacturers promise for a timely delivery

  • Indian made machines are known for their reliability, durability and less power consumption.

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The expertise achieved by Indian Lather Manufacturers’ over a period of time for manufacturing different types of lather machines

Indian lathe equipment manufacturers have been showing enormous interest in producing effective lathe designs. Some of the popular types of lathe produced in India are

  • All geared lathe machine – for effective performance without any noise and works with gears for various rotating components

  • CNC lathe– It is a lathe with computerised monitoring facility available to control the working of the device with less man power required. There are different types of CNC based which differs based on the kind of computer programme applied.

  • Heavy duty lathe – Used for cutting and shaping highest grades of work piece like steel, iron, etc. A heavy duty lathe is applied in order to obtain higher level accuracy in cutting and shaping

  • Light duty lathe – this type of lathe equipment is usually applied in engineering industries like automobile, electronic, electrical etc

  • Extra heavy duty lathe – Applied in industries which has a requirement for heavy duty operations in large scale industries.

In addition, We also see to it that the lathe is designed with minute variations as per the custom requirement of the clients. This reflects the expertise of Indian manufacturers. For example, some of the types of lathes produced in India with minor technical changes are

  • Roll turning

  • Gap bed all geared lathe

  • High speed All geared lather CDS A

  • High speed All geared lathe CDS B

  • Universal all geared lathe CW E,

  • Universal all geared CW M series lathe are some of the innovative models available in India.

How Indian Lathe Machines are superior to Chinese and other Lathe Machines

We are superior in several ways than other country makes. When it comes to China, though China manufactures different types of lathe, yet they are relatively less competitive than Indian makes. For example, buying imported CNC lathe will have the risk of attending to the problems in machinery which will not happen with Indian manufacturers. In addition, there are certain reasons which make it superior than imported like CKE 6130i or CKE 6150Z are

  • Custom machine design as per the client’s target

  • Competitive pricing

  • Quality and durability of the mechanism

  • Reliable customer support from the Manufacturer, etc

Indian Contribution for Supplying Lathe Machine to the Global Market

It’s specifications or accessories, Indian manufactures are trying out their level best with their expertise knowledge in designing lathe equipments with a range of specifications requested by the client. The number of industrial applications where Indian lathe machines are preferred is a proof to show their stability and professionalism in the global market. Be it a slant bed lathe or CNC slant bed lathe or flat bed lathe or even a universal all geared lathe, Indian manufacturers’ stay one of the most opted people in the global market.

Written by Yash Shah

This blog written by Mr. Yash Shah is about machine tools including workshop machinery, wood working machines, sheet metal machinery provided by Bhavya Machine Tools, a leading distributors of machine tools in India.