Rising Demand for Different Machine Tools in Industrial Sectors of Punjab

Punjab has emerged as India’s one of the most industrially advanced states. The demand for specialized industrial machine tools has risen significantly over the years in Punjab state, thanks to rapid industrialization and the rise of small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses require many machine tools to meet diverse needs such as cutting, sharpening, polishing, grinding, and finishing hard materials for various industries. Machine tools play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry as they help you save time and ensure that you deliver the highest-quality solutions. Let us take a look at the varied machine tools used in the Industrial sectors of Punjab so that you get a glimpse at the most in-demand machine tools used in the industry.

Top 15 Machine Tools that Meet the Rising demand of the Industrial Sectors of Punjab!

● All Geared Lathe Machines in Punjab for Precision

This sturdy equipment helps you to shape even the hardest metals. All Geared Lathe Machines in Punjab can handle high-duty applications for metal forming in bulk in various industries. You can precisely cut the material and give it the desired shape for the best results. With a high-speed spindle, this robust equipment is most suitable for industries that involve bulk production such as mining, paper industry, automotive industry, and many others.

● Milling Machine in Punjab for High-Speed Operations

A milling machine in Punjab helps you to cut and shape solid materials at the highest speed. This machine works differently than a lathe machine as the former has multiple-point cutting tools, whereas the latter only uses a single-point cutting tool.  A milling machine in Punjab is most suitable for operations where speed is the priority.

● Radial Drilling Machine in Punjab for Better Drilling

A radial drilling machine in Punjab has found its application in crucial metalwork for drilling purposes. In comparison to a traditional drilling machine, a radial drilling machine in Punjab provides greater accuracy and can help to drill holes of different sizes.

● Cutting Edge Bandsaw Machine in Punjab

Bandsaw machines in Punjab can accommodate diverse materials and shape them in the desired manner. With a bandsaw machine in Punjab, you can cut the material into straight, curved, or any irregular shape. With smooth functioning, you can use the versatile tool across industries such as metalworking, lumbering, and woodworking.

● Hacksaw Machine in Punjab for Sharpness

With sharp teeth and cutting-edge technology, a hacksaw machine in Punjab is most suitable for cutting hard plastic, wood, and metals. An automatic hacksaw machine in Punjab will help you move up your production process and carry out operations in a hassle-free manner.

● Slotting Machine in Punjab for Production in Slots

Manufacturers in Punjab need efficient machines for handling large and awkward pieces. This is where slotting machines can help. A slotting machine in Punjab can help in cutting grooves, keyways, and slots of various shapes for a well-defined surface. Since they are economical and can handle bulk production, they have found usage in paper mills, steel mills, tool rooms, textile factories, and others.

● Hydraulic Press in Punjab for Versatility.

A hydraulic press in Punjab comes equipped with hydraulic cylinders for assembling parts, compressing materials, and manufacturing various automotive parts. The versatility of this machine plays a major role in the manufacturing industry of Punjab state. Right from automobile, medical to metal forming, you can use a hydraulic press in Punjab to make even the most complex parts.

● Power Press in Punjab for Perfect Molding & Formation

Complicated metal pieces require adequate pressure to ensure that they turn into well-defined pieces. With a power press in Punjab, you can simplify metal bending tasks for greater work proficiency. For heavy industrial applications such as factories and engineering plants, this equipment helps in proper assembling, drawing, and straightening. The compact size of the c type power press in Punjab makes it an ideal choice for long-term use.

● Fibre Laser Marking & Cutting Machine in Punjab

Fibre laser marking machine in Punjab is one of the most well-acknowledged systems in Punjab because of its high-speed marking application in the pharmaceutical, beverages, and other industries. A fibre laser marking machine in Punjab is suitable for excellent product traceability and identification. You can also use the machine for engraving and marking on diverse materials with ease and precision.

A fibre laser cutting machine in Punjab, on the other hand, caters to the pharmaceutical, electronics, and textile industry of Punjab for cutting smaller and complicated parts. Its extreme accuracy, clean cuts, and ability to cut through tough as well as delicate materials make it suitable for custom operations.

● Shearing Machine in Punjab for High-Output Operations

With a shearing machine in Punjab, you can cut soft metals such as aluminum, brass, bronze, and others into straight-line cuts for a faster and efficient production process. A shearing machine in Punjab uses a greater force to cut through the material without forming chips or burning the metal. The machine can help you cut thousands of pieces per hour to ensure that you can meet all demands on-time.

● Air Compressors in Punjab for Varied Industrial Uses

Besides manufacturing, Punjab is one of the most agriculturally rich states in India. An air compressor in Punjab caters to various industrial needs such the agriculture, manufacturing, construction, food, and many others. Right from heating, ventilation, and cooling, air compressors in Punjab can help in a variety of operations to suit your business needs. If you are looking for a reliable air compressor, it is best to choose the one that caters to your specific industry.

● CNC Machining Centre in Punjab for Advanced Operations

A CNC machining centre in Punjab can perform drilling, shaping, and lathe operations. This advanced machinery can help manufacturers in Punjab perform multiple actions with a single machine to produce a finished product. CNC machining centre in Punjab is available in many types to suit your business needs. The machining centre allows manufacturers in Punjab to automate various processes for enhancing productivity and eliminating waste. Now, process your orders faster and make deliveries on-time.

● Latest Technology V Belt Drive Lathe Machine in Punjab

A lathe machine helps manufacturers give shape to hard materials. Similarly,  a V-belt drive lathe machine in Punjab is designed to shape hard materials albeit in a faster and more efficient manner. This latest technology equipment has more power transmission capacity than a flat belt and the setup encourages heavy-duty operations even at high-speed. A v-belt drive heavy duty lathe machine in Punjab helps to meet the specific requirements of the industry and creates objects that have symmetry. 

● Dynamic Drilling & Tapping Machine in Punjab

Drilling and tapping machine in Punjab helps manufacturers to fasten two pieces of metal together and also helps in drilling a hole. This dynamic equipment combines drilling and tapping for mass production and has found widespread usage in the automobile and aerospace industries. Since this machine is available in various sizes, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

● Plate Rolling Machine in Punjab

The plate rolling machine in Punjab is an essential production element that helps to bend large metal sheets into a cylindrical arc or in the desired shape. With fast processing speed, this machine can help you cut and roll the metal plate without any warping. Ensure that all your metal sheets are in the shape you desire with a plate rolling machine in Punjab.

Importance of Modern Specialized Power Press in Bottling Food and Beverages

Bottling and capping in this industry

Most foods and beverages are packed in bottles fitted with a metallic caps. Popular brands such as Coca cola, Pepsi, beers and other beverages have long be packed using metal sealed bottles. In addition, pharmaceutical products stored in the glass bottles also utilize the top covering to effectively seal the container.

Bottling and capping in this industryUse of power press in making metallic bottle caps

Power press machine is part of a larger manufacturing unit made up of the die, the blank material and the accessories for feeding the material.

The press supplies a heavy force to the punch which squeezes against the die and workspace to produce the desired shape. Punches and dies are replicas of the product to be made.

Metallic bottle tops are inherently made by punching using the power press. A flat sheet steel materials is specially printed to match the brand be packed. Normally, one sheet will have 24 to 48 prints. The sheet is then passed to the device.

The device rotational motion is converted to reciprocating motion that pushes the punch against the die. This effectively forms the shape and also shears it off from the sheet. In one process, up to 48 products can be pressed and formed. Due to the rapid cyclic movement of the machine, very many bottle tops are made with a minute.

In addition, the machine is also used to develop lids used to cover and seal many packed foods. These lids have special formations which can be produced by punches and dies.

Use of power press in making metallic bottle capsCritical parameters that must be achieved

Though there are different types of this machine, the most common are the Gap frame and straight side types. The Gap frame assumes a C shaped structure where the dies are put. Since there sides are open, the die can be accessed from three sides. This machine handle high loads (250 tons) and is less costly

Since the backside is open, wastes and scrap can be easily discarded and this makes it suitable for mass production of caps and other punched products.

Critical parameters that must be achievedThe straight side type is widely used for inline mass production. It has two vertical arms on the sides. It has a strong housing on the top part that house the crankshaft. They have crankshaft and pulleys that change the type of motion.

Trends in utilization of metallic caps in the industry

Trends in utilization of metallic caps in the industryWith the increasing number of foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry requiring metal and plastic caps, the market is expected to rise gradually in the next 5 years. The use of metallic caps is however facing stiff competition from the cheaper plastic that contributes to over 80% of all the closures. In 2013, the closures market accounted for US$ 40 billion and this is expected to rise to US$ 43Billion (5.3%). US market closures consist of 80.6 % plastics and 9.8% metals. However, with the negative environmental impacts associated with plastics, the metallic closures are expected to take a larger portion.

Meeting the Challenges in the Production of Electronic Enclosures and Automobile Parts with Ease of Pressure Related Press Device

Press Device in Electronic Industry

A power press device is one that is applied for shaping a work piece in terms of applying pressure. This device is found to be supportive in different sectors such as automobiles, electrical and electronic companies and especially a basic press apparatus is found to be suitable for auto machine workshops to perform a range of machining activities on metal sheets such as cutting, pressing, curving, into different shapes and sizes. As far as electronic industry is concerned, the formation of enclosures stays important requisite. A power press is employed to make different elements made of metal pages and production of enclosure is one of the interesting jobs that can be performed in terms of stamping action. The electrical enclosures are then applied as junction boxes in telecommunication industry.

C Type Power Press and its Benefits in Production of Automobile Parts

Power press apparatus is available in Pillar type and c type version with economical machining designs. C type press apparatus is made of solid and durable steel material equipped with a rolling key pattern clutch that helps to bring out ceaseless pressing strokes; hence, this equipment can be depended on for mass production. The presence of revolving crankshaft keeps the device work on uniform strokes. The C type press is a single action press gadget which is a user friendly choice when it comes to operations. This equipment is suitable in several manufacturing sectors such as steel and aluminium utensils, automobile parts and defence engineering components. Automobile is composed of a range of smaller and complicated metal parts. A c type press apparatus is applied to make complicated shapes made of metal for automobile construction. In addition, some of the salient features of C type press apparatus are,

Salient Features of C Type Press Apparatus are,

  • Suitable for long term usage
  • Guaranteed accuracy of machining
  • Reliable tool for pressing and bending requisites
  • High speed performance with low noise
  • Made of quality metals that will not get influenced by atmospheric influence
  • This equipment is available in custom design
  • Above all consumes very low amount of fuel.

Selecting a Press Device Based On Pressure Requirement

A power apparatus for metal shaping requisite can be classified in terms of the working principle such as the single action, double action and triple action presses. However, the mechanism of every type of press apparatus depends on the pressure given on the crankshaft. A crank is like an arm to the apparatus that helps in responding to the rotating motion received from the shaft. The forced applied by the crankshaft mechanism is linked to the speed of the press mechanism. For example, C type power press apparatus can be preferred for operating on heavy duty materials as the crankshaft can bear good level of pressure and withstand the same. A  Pillar type power tool is built with cross ribbing, and the clutches are designs with rolling keys and this device is useful for a flawless and high-end reliability and hence, can be preferred for moderate pressure requirement.


Be it automobile industry or electronics, core particles have to be designed in various shapes and sizes, hence, selecting a press apparatus in accordance with the shaping dimensional requirement and the pressure capacity of the crankshaft will stay an ideal option.

Evaluation History of Power Press for Its Significant Placement in Present Machine Tool Industry

The power press is an important machine tool which is used to change the shape of a workpiece. In the ancient times metal was shaped manually using a hand hammer. Later on big hammers were used to press large quantities of metal at a time, or to press thick metal pieces. A helper was specially required to swing the sledge hammer while the smith positioned the workpiece. Thereafter steam power and wind mills were utilized to operate the large steam hammers. Later on due to electrification, most of the power presses now use electrical power or hydraulic power to obtain the required pressure. At the same time various types of dies were also discovered for use within it. Moreover, advanced methods and highly accurate equipments were also invented. Today these are mainly categorized based on their mechanism such as mechanical and hydraulic.

Power Press

It available nowadays is used for various metal forming operations like deforming, bending, pressing, and cutting the metal workpiece into the required shape and size by applying the necessary pressure or force. It has a stationary bed and a powered ram that can be driven towards the bed or away from the bed to apply force or required pressure for numerous metal forming tasks. They are mainly used for carrying out large scale production tasks. It is an effective tool used to transform sheet metal into finished metal objects. They are normally classified according to their power systems, capacity, and mechanism. They can also be grouped as per the kind of construction and type of frame. The method of power transmission from the place where it is generated, to the place of its utilization; is also a factor for classifying it. To Know more about power press and its features, visit – http://www.bhavyamachinetools.com/sheet-metal-machine/power-press/c-type.html

Power Presses

These days, these are driven by a mechanical force or a hydraulic system. The power system or the source of these power presses may be an electric motor or an engine. The mechanical power press may utilize several types of drive mechanisms such as the crankshaft, eccentric, knuckle joint, etc. These drives help to transform the rotational movement of the motor into a linear movement of the ram. A fly wheel is also used to energize the machine. These presses have drives that are capable to provide a large force at the end of the strokes; hence they are useful for various punching and stamping operations. Further, it utilize a large piston and cylinder for driving the ram. This system has the ability to provide longer ram strokes as compared to the mechanical machine. Although it works relatively slower, they can continuously apply the required load. These presses may have various types of movements, depending on the number of slides operated independently.


Today, the power press is manufactured globally and widely used in several industries like automobile, aircraft, telecommunication, electrical, construction, defense, shipping, engineering, railway, textile, agriculture, etc; hence it holds a significant place in the present tool industry.

Rising Challenges & Opportunities for Power Press Manufacturers in India

The power press is a powerful sheet metal machine. It is mainly used for cutting, bending, pressing, forming and stamping sheet metal into different shapes and sizes. This highly precise and versatile machine deforms and cuts metal by pressing it between two heavy pressure plates. The various types are classified as mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic; including the pillar type and C type unit. They are readily available in different specifications and have numerous features in order to fulfill the diverse requirements of several industrial segments. The latest models incorporate advanced technology that help to easily carry out complex sheet metal tasks at comparatively lower costs. They are corrosion resistant, very silent and vibration free; and can be continuously operated at a relatively faster speed to deliver higher output. These are commonly used in a wide range of industrial segments such as automobile, plastic, metal, rubber, wood, textile, etc. The other applications include sheet metal machining and engineering tasks, in light as well as heavy industries.

Power Press Manufacturers in India

The industrial sector in India has grown tremendously during the past few years. This is mainly due to the rapid industrialization and the ever growing demand for various types of tools in the local as well as overseas markets. As a result, a wide range of equipments including a broad variety of this tool, are now manufactured by many companies in the country. It manufacturers in India not only provide a particular type of machine, but also contribute in the growth of other related industries, and the overall economy of the nation. They even assist in providing employment to a large of number of skilled and unskilled people. Besides, these manufacturing organizations also create employment opportunities for several people in the other associated business segments.

Challenges and Opportunities

These days the manufacturers in India are competing with each other in order to increase their market share and earn more profits. Hence they focus on providing a broad range of top grade device. Subsequently a variety of power presses with standard specifications are now made in India. Besides this even customized models are produced as required. This in turn has created several challenges and opportunities for the manufacturers. Hence they need to design superior quality unit and build the latest infrastructure in order to operate the modern unit in a suitable environment. Further, the manufacturers have to follow the appropriate operating procedures and also comply with the industry standards in order to deliver high quality products. They also have to train their staff with the necessary skills to properly use and adequately maintain the latest equipment. Consequently, the manufacturers also get the opportunity to supply their equipment worldwide and thereby enhance their company’s image in the local, as well as global markets. Hence the rising challenges have created several opportunities for the power press manufacturers in India.

C Type Power Press – An Efficient Machine Tool for Different Industrial Applications

A number of items are made from a variety of metals. Different techniques and equipments are used to give shape to these hard and soft metals. To bend and give different shapes to hard metals special tools are used in the industry. C-type is an efficient equipment used for bending heavy metals in various industries.

C type Power Press Machines

The shape is like the letter ‘C’. It consist of gears, crank shaft, clutch, ram and table. The reasonably priced device have a capacity of 3 tons to 250 tons. Made from high grade steel and cast iron, these are strong and sturdy. The power brakes are very durable.

The work of bending metal in the industries has become quite simple with the use. Its design provides lots of free space around it so the operator can move around the work place without any restraint.

Operating the power press machine

A well trained person must handle the equipments very carefully. He must take all precautions in order to evade any kind of accident. He must also be trained to lock and lubricate the tools or if any work is stuck, how to remove it. He must have the information about the parts of the machine and their functions, controls and safety procedures. Devices to protect and maintain the work must be used.

Applications of C type Power Press machines

These are used for bending, pressing, shaping, compressing etc. sheets of different types of metals by using pressure. The metal sheets may vary in size and shape. These are being used in various industries working with metals. Industries dealing in the manufacture of automobile parts, bicycles, agricultural equipments and tools, parts etc. use it extensively.

High quality products are produced using these equipments. Power press machines are used not only in industries engaged in the production of parts of planes, space shuttles etc. but also in industries making containers for cosmetics, tableware, ornamental articles etc.

Types of C type Power Press machines

Depending upon the type of functions performed by the machines, these are available in different types like

  • Hydraulic power press use two hydraulic cylinders to move the top shaft or beam. These are very reliable and precise.
  • Mechanical are more popular as compared to other types. Their speed is more and they are also very accurate.
  • Pneumatic use air pressure for exerting the necessary energy.
  • Electric use a motor for applying pressure.

 Industries where parts of automobiles like cars and trucks are made, large power press are used to make sure even pressure is exerted and metal does not incline.


As these machines do not rust and make less noise and use less power they can be driven very fast for peak production. These are very efficient so they are extensively being used in metal industries.

Guide to Various Kinds of Sheet Metal Machines Used in Workshops

Sheet metal machines are primarily utilized for cutting, shaping, pressing, and forming metal sheets into specific shapes and dimensions. Nowadays a number of sheet metal  are available in the market. The various kinds of tools used in workshops are as follows.

Power Press

The power press is mainly used in several heavy duty industrial applications that require immense pressure for cutting, bending, pressing and forming sheet metals in various forms and sizes. They are basically categorized as C type power press and the pillar type power press. These exceptional and versatile sheet metal machines are used for a variety of metal working operations. The hydraulic power press uses hydraulic pressure and includes the latest electrical and mechanical parts.

Arbour Press

The arbour press is a small hand operated press tools utilized specially for precisely inserting and pressing small pieces of metal, and for riveting. This is widely used in automobile workshops, engineering units and other metal applications. The spring controlled arbour press involves automatic spring tension and adjustment to provide the necessary pressure on the workpiece. It is commonly used for light engineering jobs. The round can top and bottom seaming arbour press, is a unique unit that is used to seam the top and bottom of round tin containers. The foot press or pendulum arbour press is a foot operated machine which is generally used for cutting, punching and embossing tins, cards, mica board, plastic, etc.

Bending Roller

The bending roller is a sheet metal machine which is used to produce sheet metal bending rolls and standard parts such as top roll and bottom roll. These bending rollers are manufactured according to industry standard sizes as well as per the customer’s requirements. They are available in a broad variety that includes mechanical plate bending, hydro-mechanical plate bending, plate rolling and pyramid type plate bending equipment.

Swaging Machine

A swaging machine is utilized for modifying the dimensions of plain or cylindrical metal sheets. It is actually a hand operated mechanical tool that performs numerous forging operations on flat metal sheets as well as on cylindrical rods. The universal and deep throat swaging units are utilized for altering the shape and size of sheet metal as required. They are hand operated or mechanized and used in heavy metal industries. Other applications include swaging drums and containers such as water buckets. The jenny or burring device is used for machining tins and containers.  The main applications involve plating, edging and flanging the bottom and body of tins, as well as angular setting and double seaming. The roll type edge folding swaging device is utilized for tin edging, forming hooks on side seams and tin flanging. It is also used for making tin containers of various shapes and sizes.

Bending Machine

A wide range of bending equipments such as the hand operated trunk folding, the steel body fly press, and hand operated metal sheet bending, are used for bending metal bars, blades, handles, etc.

In What ways is Power Press Useful as a Workshop Machine?

Applications of Power Press in a Workshop

The power press is basically a versatile sheet metal machine that is utilized to cut, bend, form, and press sheet metal into a variety of shapes and sizes. This multi tasking equipment involves a press mechanism, where pressure is applied to compress and shape the required material. Due to the development of technology a wide range are now readily available in the market.

It is also useful as a workshop machine since it has simplified the metal bending tasks in many industrial segments. These days It is manufactured as per standard, as well as customized specifications; and supplied in the local and the global market. The C type and pillar type power press are the most popular types. They are actually termed as per the design of their frame.

Power Press Machine

The C type power press is an exceptional workshop machine that is used as a pressing machine in several industries. It consists of a frame that looks exactly like the letter C. This design provides maximum floor space for the machine operators. Thus they can freely move around the workplace. It has numerous salient features and also includes a wheel stand and pressure gauge, which are used for drawing, straightening, and assembling tasks. It is highly suitable for automobile, agriculture, bicycle, engineering, and electrical industries; for trimming, straightening, pressing, assembling, and disassembling of various machine components.

The pillar type power press is constructed on two pillars, and has a bed in the central part for enforcing mechanical or hydraulic pressure in order to bend the hard metal sheets. The pillar type design of these presses enables them to provide additional rigidity to the machine, particularly on the parts that receive maximum stress and jerks. This helps to minimize the chances of deflecting the work piece and thereby deliver relatively better results. This unique sheet metal machine is utilized in the workshop for a number of metal working operations.

The other types include hydraulic machine, punch pressPillar Type Power Press machine, and H type power press machine. A hydraulic press uses a hydraulic cylinder for generating compressive force, which is the hydraulic equivalent of a mechanical lever. It is mainly used for hydro forming. The industrial hydraulicis a sturdy, energy efficient and durable machine that is used for hydraulic applications in numerous industries.

The power press is mainly used in heavy industrial applications. Hence it is generally preferred for metal compressing and forming tasks on a large scale in various manufacturing units. It helps to precisely and quickly execute bending and shaping of different metals. It machines are commonly used for heavy duty tasks in sheet metal machinery works, engineering workshops, and industrial units. It is also utilized for mass production of ductile materials like mild steel. They are even useful in a number of factories, engineering plants, and allied industrial establishments.

The objective of this article is to educate readers for power press which can be the most useful workshop machinery for cutting, bending, forming and pressing the sheet metal into variety of shapes and sizes with this multi tasking machine tools available in different categories like C type, pillar type and hydraulic power press.

Power Press Machine – One of the Most Versatile Sheet Metal Machines

A power press is a machine that is used to cut or shape various types of materials, by compressing the work piece or by feeding the work piece into a cutting tool and applying the necessary pressure. They have diverse applications across numerous manufacturing industries such as metal, plastic, textiles, rubber, automobiles, plywood etc.

It is one of the most versatile sheet metal equipments that are widely used in many heavy industrial operations. They utilize a high amount of pressure to cut, bend, press and form the metal sheet in to different shapes and sizes. These robust and efficient power press are produced using top quality components in order to ensure maximum accuracy, consistency and longer working life.

Types of Power Press Machines

There are basically two types tools such as the C type power press machine and the pillar type; depending on the shape of their frame. These versatile industrial pressing tools are built to fulfill the bending, cutting and pressing operations of various manufacturing activities.

Nowadays several types of power presses are available such as mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric presses. A mechanical press is very fast and highly accurate device. It has a clutch that engages the flywheel to power a crank mechanism. Hydraulic presses function through two synchronized hydraulic cylinders on the frames that move the top beam. Pneumatic presses make use of air pressure to exert the required force and energy on the ram. Electric presses utilize a servo motor to move the belt drive or ball screw drive in order to apply pressure on the ram.

The pneumatic and electric power press machines are mostly used in applications that require less tonnage. These dependable and accurate hydraulic presses are utilized to manufacture high quality goods. They use lesser amount of energy and are much safer, compared to the flywheel-driven presses. The ram movement can be easily stopped at any time as a result of a safety mechanism.

These are rust-proof and low noise equipments that can be operated at high speeds to deliver maximum output. This multipurpose equipment is thoroughly tested to work under extreme conditions. Many different models of these sheet metal are readily available in a variety of dimensions at reasonable prices. They can also be used for many different forming jobs by using the appropriate die design.

The pillar type power press machine is also another versatile sheet metal machine.  It is built with two pillars and bed at the centre to exert a high amount of hydraulic or mechanical pressure so as to ensure tough metal bending. These unique tools are precise, reliable and corrosion resistant. They are mainly used for heavy duty metal cutting and bending applications.

The latest models of power press devices are computer-controlled. They have gauges and sensors that enable the operators to adjust the settings related to that manufacturing process. These modern power presses incorporate advanced technology to perform complicated sheet metal jobs quite easily at relatively low manufacturing cost in many industrial segments.

Power Press – A Machine Which Can Turn Sheet Metal into Miraculous Shapes

A Power press is a special kind of machine that can bend any sheet metal into a specific shape. There are various products made of metal which we use in our day to day life like automobiles, electronic gadgets etc. Sheet metal is required to be cut, bended and pressed to form a particular shape. In ancient times, these jobs were done manually but now to make the process quick, it is used which can cut, bend and press metals to form shapes with accuracy.

How Does a it Work?

The two major components are a stationary bed and a moving ram. The combination dies are attached to the ram and bed which enables giving specific shapes to metal sheet. The main components are clutch, flywheel and crankshaft. The rotation of the flywheel is powered by the motor. A clutch is used to couple the spinning flywheel to the crankshaft. The crankshaft then enables the rotary motion of the flywheel to the upward and downward motions of the press ram. A work piece is fed to the die and the tool cycle is initiated. A re-formed piece is formed when the upper and lower dies press together on the stock material. Once the down stroke is done, the work piece which is formed in a specific shape is removed and then another work piece is fed to repeat the same tool cycling.

Safety Measures While Using a it

It can be dangerous to operate if they are not maintained properly. If you own a power press at your workshop, you need to make sure that your employees or people maintaining  necessary skills and knowledge about the working of the machine. If any accident occurs at your workshop due to poorly maintained power press, then you might get in trouble and your employees’ life can be at stake. So, it better to take below safety measures while using it at your workshop:-

  • The ancillary equipment, control systems and all their guards of your power presses are maintained so that the lives of people are not put at risk.
  • The maintenance work should be carried out when the machine is switched off or isolated and the people working on it have necessary knowledge and expertise.
  • The appointed person operating should be provided necessary training in order to use the equipments in a proper manner.
  • Written instructions on how to use properly should be made available to the operators working on it.
  • Regular inspection and tests should be done for power press to ensure that it is safe to use.
  • Its components should be regularly examined by a competent and knowledgeable person.
  • A record of power press maintenance schedule should be maintained in order to preserve the proof that the machine has been inspected and tested.

If you need to buy a machine for your workshop, just go through the website of leading machine tools supplier in India, http://www.bhavyamachinetools.com where you will be able to find two types and those are C type and Pillar type power press. Only best quality tool room machines are available here and you can choose one which best suits your requirement at the workshop.

How Power Press Operates?

A power press is a machine which converts metals into miraculous shapes. Various products like brackets, frame pieces, electronic enclosures etc., can be manufactured. There are many different types machines like C type and pillar type which can be further classified into mechanical and hydraulic. Due to the advancement in technology,It has also undergone many changes. One of the most popular available today is the CNC power press having PC based controllers. But, the most commonly used is the mechanical power press which includes a moving ram used shape as well as bend metals and a stationery bed or surface where the material to be shaped can be placed. It punches the material, forms the material, bends the material, shapes the material using combination of different dies attached to the moving ram and bed. To transmit power into the press, clutch is used. The clutches remain engaged until It completes the full cycle. High accuracy in bending and shaping metals is provided. Besides the above working, you also need to have information about the basic setup procedure required for a power press as given below:-

  • The basic thing to be considered is the material thickness and the output expected. You need to review the drawing which specifies the type, dimensions and the angles required. This is very much important to determine the type of tooling and dies to be utilized in a power press.
  • The tonnage should be determined which depends on the bending method.
  • There should be accuracy in the positioning in tooling which is very important to achieve accuracy in the output.
  • The parameters should be adjusted depending on the job to be completed. However, this requires trained and efficient operators. But, with the advancement of the machineries, this can be done by even untrained operators too.
  • It is always recommended to do a test bend of the material in order to detect if further adjustments are to be done.

After knowing the above working of the power press and the setup process, it becomes necessary to know about the safety measures required to be taken while operating a power press. if not maintained and operated properly can cause accidents which should be avoided using below mentioned safety measures.

  • The power press and its guards, control systems, ancillary equipment like automatic feed system should be maintained properly so that it doesn’t put people at risk.
  • The maintenance work should be carried out when the machine is completely switched off and should be done by people who possess right skills and knowledge.
  • Proper training should be provided to the operator responsible of operating.
  • The people operating the machine, supervisors and managing the use should be made aware about the specific safety measures to be taken while using it through written instructions.
  • It should be regularly and thoroughly examined by the competent person and ensured that it is sound and working in proper condition.
  • It is always recommended to keep the record of the maintenance activities performed at a power press to ensure that it has been properly maintained.

As far as health and safety is concerned, it becomes very much necessary to follow the above mentioned steps in a workshop using it. The purpose of thorough examination and test of a machine before operating is to determine whether its parts have been installed properly, whether it is safe to operate and whether there are any defects which could make unsafe to operate. Moreover, the law requires that the power press installed in your workshop is maintained properly which will also includes that your employees operating or maintaining have adequate knowledge and skills required to complete the job.

How to Select Power Press for Metal Forming Applications?

Press machines or press brakes are the most important metal shaping tools. With these one can easily bend, cut and form the shapes of various kinds of metals. Different kinds of press machines are available in the market today. There are mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, arbor press, punch press and many more. However when it comes to the bulk metal shaping and forming tasks for industrial requirements is widely preferred.

What is the Use of Power Press?

It is actually an advanced and a powerful sheet metal equipments that can cut, press, bend and form sheet metal into different shapes and sizes. With a high quality power press the task of shaping and bending metals can also be carried out much accurately and faster too. It is possible to shape and cut various kinds of metals to precision with a power press. There are different kinds of devices available in market today out of which C type and pillar type machines are the most popular. Apart from these there are H type and also mechanical and hydraulic variants available in each category of machines.

Applications of Power Presses

The mechanical power presses require manual help for task execution while the hydraulic power presses are powered by hydraulic forces and are usually the automatic versions of metal shaping devices which operate without manual help. Therefore with hydraulic machines, metal shaping tasks can be carried much efficiently and with less labor required than the manually operated ones. So for those looking for this machine for low volume tasks like in tool room or workshops, mechanical variants will be sufficient and also can be got at much affordable prices but if the requirement is for bulk industrial applications then manual power press will not be suitable kind. Going for hydraulic versions will be better way to get high quality and top level performance with higher outputs necessary to speed up the bulk applications.

Features to Look for in a Power Press

Now-a-days these are available in C type, pillar type as well as H type frame constructions. Depending on the application where the unit is to be used and budget affordable one can go for selection of any of these. These are frequently pre-loaded with parts like shaft, gears, clutch, table and ram help for easy, fast and precise sheet bending operations. While selecting a power press for metal forming applications, one should definitely check out the quality and capacity of these components to ensure that the equipments you are investing in can give the apt performance you are looking for. Always select it that suits your requirement best. Do not get carried with unnecessary attractions offered by the dealers. You can go for either standard or can get designed a customized model depending on your requirements. A customized sheet metal power press can give you much better performance as per your requirements which might sometimes not be the case with the standard models. Do not finalize a model with a certain manufacturer initially. Enquire about various kinds of models available with various manufacturers and distributors and then select an appropriate machine that falls in your budget.

Metal Shaping, Sizing, Slotting & Bending with Machine Tools

Metal shaping and sizing is a big industries which needs heavy machine tools to differently shaping a cutting of the metals. Handling with tools are totally mechanical works with electrical integration. In this process metal work piece is carved by the industrial machine tools as per the required shape and size to be performed by unique types of tools specialized in cutting and shaping the metal as per the needs. In this article, it is discussed about very few useful metal types of machinery used in various industries frequently on daily basis to prepare the metal work pieces in new forms.

Slotting Machine: Slotting and shaping are the functionality of this machine. Solid metal parts are cut through mounted cutting tool with movable table parts to move the metal part back and forth to slot at various angles. It is widely used in industrial manufacturing of T-slotted metal, grooves and metal curved parts.

Shaping Machine: Easy and efficient shaping of the metal piece is carried out by this  tool. Metal shaping with precision work is done through It. For more details of technical specification and applications, you can log on the website www.bhavyamachinetools.com Continue reading

Sheet Bending – Press Brake, Power Press

Sheet Bending Process and Machines

Sheet bending is a process of metal forming through which metals are bent into desired forms. In a sheet bending process the metals are casted into the required form by exerting a strong force on them. The force applied on the metal actually causes it to deform along one axis only but by applying the force repeatedly with a sequence of different operations the metals can be deformed along multiple axes thus forming the shape desired out of the metal piece.

Sheet Bending Process

In the process, the metal experiences both tension as well as compression. The tension will cause the outer part of the work piece to stretch further in the length where as the inside portion will experience the compression and will be shortened due to the force exerted. Apart from these two factors, the metal will also be subjected to residual stresses after the bending and these forces will try to slightly get back the metal to its original shape. For this reason the metal is often subjected to a little much bending than required so that the accurate sheet bending can be acquired in spite of the residual stresses acting on it.  

Machines for Sheet Bending Process

To achieve bending, the metals need to be stressed beyond their yield strength and below the tensile strength and this is not at all an easy task as metals are very hard substances. Therefore to achieve sheet bending, most often the tools like press brakes, shearing, power press and bending roller are used especially for the industrial applications where the quantity requirement is large.

Press Brake                      

Press brake is one of the basic and popular forms of sheet bending machinery. Available in manual and automated versions, this machine is used to bend metals of different kinds in wide variety of industrial applications. In press brake the metal deformation is achieved by placing it between tools called punch and dies. Punch is the upper tool that exerts force on the metal piece where as the die is the bottom tool casted in a specific shape into which the metal will be casted when force is exerted on it. While metal is subjected to force of the punch, it is held back in position with a back gauge so that accurate bending with accurate angles can be achieved without any disturbance in positioning of the work piece. With various techniques and types of punch and die tooling, the customized bending can be achieved. For severe, faster or bulk tasks, when required to be performed on the harder metals, use of stronger tooling will efficiently serve the purpose.

Power Press

It is one of the most important variants of sheet bending. It is usually available in two types of constructions – C type frame and pillar type frame. In c type the built frame of the machine is similar to that of alphabetical ‘C’ shape and therefore it is called as C type power press where as in pillar type the frame of the machine is pillar type. Both the types give an efficient performance in cutting, pressing, bending and forming the sheet metals into different shapes and sizes.

The Bottom Line

Apart from these, there are even the shearing machines which can be employed for cutting large sheets, bars and plates of metallic and non-metallic materials into different shapes and therefore are utilized in industries like automobile, printing, food processing, engineering, electronic, plastic, wood working, electrical, construction for various metal shearing tasks.

Machine Tools for Sheet Metal Industries for Slotting, Shaping & Bending

Slotting Machine for Sheet Metal Industry

It is used to shape and cut metal, wood and other hard materials. It is a heavy duty machine with robust design and high speed equipment used in metal industries. Slot making applications are handled in factories like to make slots on heads of bland screws, bolts, wood screws and other automobile parts. It is one of the important tools in the sheet metal industries as well in electrical, furniture and construction industries.

Shaping Machine for Shaping the Metal Surfaces

It is used to shape metal surfaces with straight and/or flat surface. Various metals like steel, ferrous/non-ferrous metal parts, aluminium are used with this machine for casting in different curves, angles and shapes. Continue reading

Types of Power Press and Press Brake

Types of Power Press and Press Brakes Used in Industries

Presses are the most widely used forms of sheet bending machines in the world. The press machines of present day are multi tasking devices that can be used for cutting, bending and shaping various kinds of sheet metals. With advancements in technology, today different kinds of press equipments both in standard as well as customized specifications have come up in the market, which have simplified the metal bending tasks in different industrial sectors. Some of the popular forms of press machines used in industries today are mechanical, hydraulic press brake, C type , pillar type and arbour press.

C Type Power Press and Pillar Type Power Press

These are used in large industries that demand the use of heavy machinery and equipments. There are mainly two types depending on their frame design – C type power press and pillar type power press. The C type is designed like a C shape with an intention to maximize the floor space for the workers allowing them to move around easily at the workplace. Available with extra features such as wheel stands and pressure gauges, these are usually employed for straightening, drawing and assembling work. On the other hand the pillar type power press consists of two pillars and bed at center and is usually used for tough bending applications. The design of these machines ensures that they provide additional stiffness especially on the points where maximum stress and jerks are possible while eliminating chances of deflection and therefore giving comparatively more economical results. Continue reading

Power Press for Sheet Metal Industry

Power Press for Sheet Metal Industry

It is a sheet metal machine for cutting, shaping and compression of sheet metal with press mechanism is called as power press. Pressure is applied to shape and impression on material body. Different types are used for various functions like mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, c type, pillar type etc. These are used in sheet metal machinery works, engineering and industrial applications. High quality power press machine gives the best, accurate and most enhanced safeguards with advanced safety controls. It needs to handle carefully by expert and trained operator for mass production with rotating flywheel, which operates ram acts on metal sheet workpiece. Different parts have numerous functions with bed, bolster, ram and plate. Continue reading

Mechanical Power Press, Hydraulic Power Press, Pneumatic Power Press

Power Press

It is a machine through which a metal sheet is cut or shaped or compressed with the pressure is known as power press. This cutting tool is fed into the work by pressure for shaping or impression on material body. There are various types available in the market like C type, pillar types for sheet metal industry. It is used to cut, shape and compression to the sheet metal or any other material. These are used in numbers of engineering and allied industrial establishments. It must be high quality for consistent operations with sturdy construction, fast and stable response time. C type power press’s durable powers brakes have high torque which offers excellent resistance with high operating frequency and rapid response time. Thus this machine must be handled very carefully by expert and trained operator by taking all precautions to avoid any accidents while operating the power press machine.

Types of Power Press

Majority countries have several rules and regulation for safety guards to operate this machine in metal working machine industry. Power press is categorized as mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic power presses based on types of operations and functioning systems. Now automation is also integrated with power press for better features, high production with best security guards. Though many features are same in all types of power presses. Mechanical power press is widely used power press. Mechanical power press has two main components is moving ram to function power press and a stationary bed or surface for the part to be machined. Power press can punch parts out of material, shear off material, form material, and assemble metals, all by using a combination of dies attached to the moving ram and bed. Pneumatic power is used in this press for all movements as air is a cheap power source and also it is readily available. Pneumatics also ensures safer operation and ease of fabrication of components. For Punching operation alone hydraulic power is used in order to obtain very high pressure and to avoid fluctuation.

Power Press – Safeguards

Power press operator should have knowledge for power press controls, pinch points or moving parts functionalities and about safety devices. Expert training must be given to the operator to lock out machinery, lubricating press machine, remove stuck work and procedure to follow on arising problem. The operator should know well for personal protective equipment, safeguards work and their adjustments. Power press manufacturers always keep safeguard to the hazards in power press design. There are various methods which taken care while manufacturing power press design for safety point of view like to prevent the operator being physically reach to the point of operation during the down stroke with guarding and interlocking or you can use presence sensing mechanism like light curtains which stops the power press from cycling while the operator is near to the point of operation. So there are many safety measures and controls given by manufacturer of power press. Operator must follow them during operation execution to avoid any unwanted accidents. Properly guarded power press with interlocks is good for safety and easy operations.

Types of Power Press, Applications of Power Press – C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press

Power Press – C Type, Pillar Type

It is used for bulk production from cold working of ductile materials like mild steel with rotating flywheel acting as energy storehouse to operate ram to impact on the workpiece. It is used to operate various functions with bed, plate, bolster and ram. Knock out mechanism is used to eject the furnished work piece from power press. Proper cushioning must be there beneath the bolster, when heavy effect is given to the workpiece. There are different types are available in the market such as c type and pillar type for sheet metal machining work is used in manufacturing industry. C type is designed in such a way for continuous production with accuracy. The frames are of solid steel fabricated with suitable cross ribbing. The clutch gives continuous strokes for mass productions. Crank shaft is made of special alloy steel and fitted in with gun metal bushes for smooth working and longer life. Table and ram are perfectly aligned to each other to get high precision power press execution.

Power Press – Types & Applications

Various applications are applied like bending, curling, piercing, deep drawing etc. Automation makes the power press faster, which is the main requirement of production industry now a day to save money and time. Thus research and development is going on for these heavy machinery to make them more effective for the functions, high production, least wastage of raw material and easy operation with best protection guards to secure the operator’s life along with technical enhancements like speed of the power press, width of the stock etc. continuous feed of the stock is a complex process which requires to be streamline and easy to be done in proper manner. Accuracy is required for better production through power press; otherwise it can create the defective piece leads to wastage and production loss. It also has a great advantage when you require more complex shapes formed into the sheet metal. It is defined as mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic. It consisting mechanical parts, clutch and brake assemblies, electrical systems, tooling or dies, safeguarding controls, material handling etc. hydraulic power press is designed on Pascal’s principle that pressure throughout a closed system is constant. OSHA and ANSI standards are defined for safety measures.

Safety Controls for Power Press

It is a machine needs to handle carefully by skilled operator with proper training. A little mischief can lead to a serious accident if not taken care. Thus need to take care of hands, fingers, arms and other body parts while operating the machine. Proper safeguards, frequent inspections, employee training and regular press maintenance are vital to the prevention of any injuries. The operator must take care where stock is inserted, held or withdrawn by hand. It is designed in such a way which eliminates the possibilities to place any body parts in contact with hazardous moving parts. Operator must know the importance of safeguards and never remove or alter with the safeguards. Extensive training on different types of press machine can make the person more skilled to handle power press efficiently without any injury.

C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press, Safety Measures for Power Press Operation

Power Press – C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press

Power presses are powered equipment used to stamp, cut or form materials by the use of dies (or tools). They include equipment known as “croppers” or “metal workers”. These are large machines with C type and Pillar type. These machines have a table or bed with brushes or roller to allow the sheet metal workpiece to traverse with low friction. Power press ‘C’ type is available in various tons capacities. This type of machine is used for high quality production. Pillar type is known for its high performance, efficiency, durability, low maintenance, easy installation with fast production. It is heavy machine to operate carefully to avoid injuries in metal machinery workplaces. They are considered to be at high risk machines. This machine must be guarded well with safety measures and regular maintenance is must to avoid any malfunctioning leads to serious injury. Nobody has to be in overconfidence while operating this machine. Ensured is must that machine guards are working well. 50% of power press injuries are caused by relying on the operator to synchronize the movement of their hand with the operation of the foot pedal. The machine operator must be properly trained and experienced to operate it well with caution. Continue reading

Power Press – Power Press Safeguards, Power Press Check List for Safety Measures

Power Press

“Power press” means a press or press brake for the working of metal by means of tools, or for die proving, which is power driven and which embodies a flywheel and clutch. Pillar type is highly precised combined with accuracy and most suitable design for various tough jobs. The primary function of the said type of power press is to resist the forces created during operation and maintenance of proper die alignment. Pillar type has fast speed and low noise for maximum output. This pillar type and C type available in different models based on crank shaft diameter, stroke adjustment, hole in ram, hole in bed, dist. bed to ram, stroke per minute and many other factors. C type’s is best suitable for Engineering, automobile, electrical, agriculture, bicycle industry etc for trimming, straightening, pressing, assembling and disassembling of various components. Industrial Hydraulic owing the features like robust construction, energy efficient and durable, which is used for extensive hydraulic applications in various industries.

Power Press Safeguards

It is designed in size by the force which can be generated from 5 ton to 250 ton capacity. Due to heavy pressure, it requires to have safe operation with active safeguards, automation and reliability of the control system, the tooling condition with feed mechanism and work area for power press. Training, awareness and strict observation, safe work practice is must to operate the machine securely. The operating controls like mode selector, palm buttons, top stop, foot switch and emergency stop etc should be in good working condition. The guard or safety controls must positively prevent body access into the danger zone. The sides and back of the machine should be guarded or placed in such a manner that nobody should be injured by any part of the machine. Check well before operating that safety controls are working well. Die area must be cleaned without any slugs or debris while operating. The press guard must be designed in such a way to place parts into the die easily. It operation needs skilled, experienced and well trained operator.

Power Press Check List for Safety Measures

Every operator must check well before starting his work and should confirm his check list for safety measures like nothing should be placed scattered on the machine like turnover bar, die block on the power press. The operator must know the maximum thickness or gauze and type of metal which the tooling can safely run. There should not be any vibration or squealing, shuttering, clicking, clanking from the machine. Die stripper, take-up reel should work properly during operation. Die should not bind or jam due to the tooling, the press or due to the stock. Always use proper protection for eye, face and body during press brake operation. One must thoroughly go through the manufacturer’s instructions manual before starting the operation on power press machine and if found any malfunctioning or improper working of the machine, one must stop the machine and contact the seniors and manufacturer for maintenance.