The Vertical Machine Center – Advanced Milling Techniques that Deliver High Quality Workmanship

Milling requirements have been changing in accordance with the industrial requisites. There are innovations made in milling specifications and vertical center is one among them that is suitable to obtain rigid and flexible milling in fragile work materials.

Development of the Vertical Machine Center

Complex machining operations cannot be performed by conventional milling. There are specific tools designed today to make the milling perfect. A vertical machine center is a option that can be applied to obtain precise milling in complicated work materials including ceramics, cavities, intricate cores, etc.

Essential Features of the Vertical Mill for Peak Performance

We offer this with exclusive specifications including cooling system, working lamp, and alarming lamp, spindle blowing device, foundation bolts and pads. The heat exchanger offers improved functionality. The automatic chip flushing makes it easy to remove wastes immediately during the milling operation thus leaving space for flawless machining.

Benefits of the Vertical Mill over the Horizontal Mill

Horizontal milling device is equipped with horizontal spindle or horizontal arbor wherein it performs rotary function and mills at different angles on the work piece. The structure of the horizontal machine has been designed in such a way that rapid milling operation can be done.  Vertical mills are advantageous over horizontal mills as they can work with die sinking. Hence, it is applied in variety of operations including forging, coining, casting, etc.


Safety Features of the Vertical Milling Machine

The spiral chip removal system and automatic chip flushing makes and the heat exchanger supports to remove metal chips spontaneously. This is one of the important safety aspects as chips that emerge out in milling operations might wound eyes, skin, etc. However, wearing personal protection equipments will remain advantageous to avoid possibilities of safety issues.

Design of the Vertical Bit Machine

It is designed to provide precise and high speed milling. It also matches materials that have high tolerance. For precision, accuracy and stability, it remains the right choice as some of the intricate milling operations like forming cavities in casting materials are not possible with conventional mills or horizontal mills.

Range of Applications

It has wide range of capacities. It provides high speed milling on hard materials however sustains precision in milling. It can be applied to obtain precise finishing in tough material including cast iron, hardened steel, etc. The spindle blowing makes way for high speed spindles performance and subsequent accuracy in milling.

Availability in the Market

It has been found to be very effective in work shop to obtain final finishing in milling operation.  We offer vertical center made of high quality material. We provide excellent specifications including alarming lamp and ATC will keep the device perform flawlessly and accurately at


Vertical machine center is a versatile and improved form of vertical mill. It is a suitable device used to make holes in complex materials like ceramics.

The Drill and the Grinder – Indispensable Equipment in the Machine Tools Industry

Simple grinding operations to work on smaller to medium size work piece materials can be done with the help of compact grinding and drilling equipments. We provide grinding compact grinding equipments which can be applied for drilling and grinding as well.

The Development of the Drill and Grinder Systems

Drilling or piercing work materials of different types can work out only if precise machining is done. However, in earlier days grinding was manual done and later the inception of grinding equipments have made a lot of difference. Hence, tools invented for piercing provided scope for precision and reliability. We provide compact piercing tools that can be applied in both metal industries and wood work.

Drill and Grinder Construction and Mode of Operation

Drill equipments are designed as per industrial machining requisites. Based on the type and thickness of materials grinder are provided with exclusive specifications. In addition, grind tools are also designed to match the width and texture of work materials.


Essential Features of a High Quality Drill and Grinder

High quality drill or grinders are made of high tensile strength material. Such equipments can be relied upon for long term piercing operations. We provide devices suitable of variety of devices. These types of grinders can be applied for prolonged machining.

The Light Duty and Heavy Duty Drill and Main Differences

It is designed to drill work materials of less thickness. In addition, metal work sheets and wood piece which are less thick can be applied in light duty piercing machine for precise drilling. Heavy duty drill on the other hand is a perfect choice for machining heavy duty work materials especially metals including steel, aluminum, etc.


The Strait Grinder Versus the Angle Grinder

Straight grinder is versatile equipment very compact in size and it is a suitable choice to grind complicated areas which cannot be grind easily by conventional drilling equipments. Angle grinder on the other hand stays very effective in drilling as it has been designed exclusively to perform flawless drilling with less vibration.

Replaceable Parts of the Drill and Construction Materials

Drills are designed with replaceable parts including drill tool, handle and thrust. We provide straight and angle drill equipments of reliable quality and we also provide spare parts that can be replaced.

Quality Features of the Grinding Tool-What Do you Look out for?

When it comes to grinding tool, precision in piercing is the foremost quality as change in dimensions obviously results in wastage of work material. Secondly, durability of the equipment and power consumption remains yet another important feature that needs to be looked for while selecting grinding equipment.

Availability of the Drill and the Grinder Machines

We are leading supplier of work shop equipments. Our range of power tools including grinders and drills remain unique for the machine construction and performance. We provide drill components for light duty and heavy duty piercing requisites at


Grinding and drilling requisites have increased a lot in recent years due to the development of variety of industries. Bhavya Machine Tools offers variety of drills and grinders in compact size to handle light duty and heavy duty work materials.

Powerful and Durable Welding Equipment for Fabrication

Welding is of different sorts and it starts from minute to higher level operations. We present powerful and durable equipments of various types that can be used for fabrication works.

Flexibility and Portability of Table Mounted Spot Welding

Spot welding is one of the most preferred forms of strong welding in work metals of reduced thickness. It is one of the fast welding processes where more than one work material is over lapped to form the welding. Portable table mounted spot welding equipment is a suitable welding device for automobile industry where welding metal sheets at a particular spot is required. This portable table mounted device is a compact option where machining of smaller to medium size work sheet metals can be welded precisely.

Development of Wire Butt Welding

Creating a joint in metals work materials is a challenging task indeed and butt welding has been specially designed to weld two parts of thin metals work materials. The continuous processing of wire manufacturing can be carried out with the help of wire butt welder machine. We Provide wire butt welder suitable for combining electrodes. This equipment is compact, light weight and works on moderate power consumption.

Operation of BandSaw Welding

Band saw butt welding from Bhavya Machine Tools can be used for combining two work pieces after they are sawed. It is perfect equipment for all types of bandsaws as well as band knives. It can be relied up on for high strength joints as it offers good elasticity while applied for welding.

                           HAND OPERATED PORTABLE SPOT WELDING

Benefits of Submerged Arc Welding and Importance in Fabrication

Sub merge arc welding is applied to weld long pieces of steel together to fabricate metal work pieces such as beams used in construction industries. It is a powerful tool very advantageous in applying continuously for wire electrodes. We offer sub merge arc welding machine of superior performance and cost effective price.

Industrial Applications of Mig/Tig Welding and Advantages in Industry

Mig/Tig welding is a double purpose welding machine where the former operates with using a feed wire which is also called MIG and the latter operates by means of welding rods. It is simple to operate ad MIG welding stays very effective for continuous welding of materials like steel, stainless steel and aluminum. TIG on the other hand is applied mainly for thinner range of work piece metals such as kitchen utensils.

                           WIRE BUTT WELDING SUB MERGE ARC WELDING

Process of Seam Welding for the Best Finish

We presents Seam Welding machine which is widely applied in variety of welding processes including spot and seam as well.  Welding is carried out by electrode wheels wherein work materials that is overlapped on one another can be welded easily with seam welding device. Get more information, visit at


Welding process make the fabrication work strong and there are different types of welding processes available to obtain good strength on the work materials. Bhavya Machine Tools offer plethora of welding tools that are suitable for variety of industrial welding machine applications.

Best Features Provisioned in Imported Lathe Machines


Lathe machines are considered prominent component in majority of workshops. When it comes to machining with specific functionality it stays the right choice. We provide at reliable standards. Our device are made of high grade materials and are designed suitable for light duty, medium duty and heavy duty machining operations.

Light Duty Imported Lathe Machine

We provide light duty imported lathe device with improved specifications and optional accessories which can be selected based on the industrial requirements. Our imported light duty apparatus is provided with 3 jaw chuck, oil gun and machine lamp. It is also equipped with coolant system for uninterrupted machining operation. The foundation pads, bolts and nuts, outer and inner friction disc provisioned with the mechanical plate make way for improved machining functionality with light duty work materials.

Light duty imported lathe

Medium Duty Imported Lathe Machine

We provide CDL series medium duty lathe machine with 3 and 4 jaw chuck. The driving plate, face plate, steady and follow rest, and chuck and dead guard are some of the imported accessories that make the device specific among medium duty tools. The gear change possibility is yet another attractive feature that offers improved  functionality.

Heavy Duty High Speed Lathe

We provide CDS B and C series heavy duty lathe machine high speed imported tools with all the special features including spanner and allenkey set, change gear, pointed nose oil gun, outer and inner friction disc, coolant system, etc.  The maximum length of workpiece that can be machined with this device is 1000mm to 3000 mm. The main motor power bears the capacity of 10HP (7.5KW) which is suitable to manage heavy duty work materials.

Heavy Duty All Geared Lathe Machine

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Pedestal

We provide CW E series extra heavy duty imported lathe pedestal with excellent specifications that makes the machining possible for extra wide work piece materials. The maximum work piece range width that can be covered in this device is up to 5000mm. This device is a suitable option for heavy machining industries and construction industries.

Universal All Geared Lathe CW M

Universal all geared lathe CW M series provided by us can machine work piece up to 8000mm and the range of spindle speed varies from 3.15 5o 315 rotations per minute. It is a perfect machining tool suitable for fast and precise production requirement. This device is provided with 4 jaw chuck, coolant system, tool kit, rotating centre and coolant pump.

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Planer

Extra heavy duty imported lathe planer is a suitable machining tool to handle work piece materials of broader width. It comes with standard accessories that are provided with other types of imported models. The length of work piece that can be managed with this machine is up to 8000mm.

We are one of the reputed suppliers in India and our machines are known for reliability, precision and cost effective pricing.

India is Growing as Global Hub in the field of Manufacturing Machine Tools

Machine tools manufacturing Industry is a very planned and important industry today. Indian manufacturing industry has grown many fold be it automobiles, aerospace, defense, electric machinery. For a country to progress, to become influential it must progress in technology. Today technology and industry play a very important role in our lives. Take a look around yourself, almost everything is machine made or machine operated.

Machine Tool Industry Market in India

At present the machine tool industry in India is worth two billion US dollars and is estimated to boost to 4 billion dollars according to ( IMTMA) Indian Tool Manufacturers Association. Globally, in the field of production India ranks 13th. There are about 450 industrial units manufacturing tools, parts, accessories, attachments and parts. The organized sector has about 150 units and 70% of the production output is by the key ten manufacturing units.

Growth of Machine Tool Industry Market

Since 2002 industry has experienced an excellent rate of growth. This happened because the main global industries outsourced manufacturing to India which in turn led to increase in demand. Now the Indian industry is exporting to various countries. As the government is laying emphasis on more investment in this tool industry, it is sure to grow and become the global hub for manufacturing tools.

A wide range of metal cutting and metal forming equipments are being manufactured by the Indian machine tool industry. They are making manually operated machines as well as computer numerically controlled machines. More people are now opting for superior numerically controlled machines as less man power is needed for these and the output is enhanced.

Different Machines in Machine Tool Market

Indian industry is also designing and producing machines for special purpose like TPM friendly machines, handling systems, robotics etc. These have integrated the sophisticated and complex features of technology from  many advanced countries. Value added low cost machines are also made to meet specific requirements of customers.

The main raw materials needed by the machine tools industry like ferrous, non ferrous metals (steel and aluminum) are easily available in India. Moreover, India has a stable foundry industry to support industry for complex and good quality castings. As compared to global industry India is the 6th largest producer of castings.

The Bottom Line

The machine tool manufacturing industry of India has experienced a major change in its views. It is known for its low cost but high quality products. The pillars of the complete manufacturing industry are the equipments manufacturers as capital goods are produced by them. The growth of equipments industry has a huge impact on the whole manufacturing industry.

Some of the machines manufactured are lathe machines, drill machines, shearing machines, wood working machines, press brakes, tool room machines, sheet metal machines, power tools, machines accessories, welding machines, automobile and garage machinery etc. These machines and tools are being exported to many countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Dubai, UAE, Daman, Saudi Arabia etc.

Indian machine tools manufacturing industry is an extremely innovative industry where products are manufactured by the transferring technology from a leader of technology.

All About CNC workshop Machineries

Automated Operation Features in Workshop Machineries

Machines that are applied to carry out critical core engineering works are termed as workshop components. These components were in use since several years back; however, with the advent of designing machines with computer software many automated equipments have been introduced to make the operation ease.

Inception of CNC technology

CNC is the short form of Computer Numerical Control and this technology is embedded with machinery to make the machining process stay automatic, faster, and obtain flawless and uninterrupted activities.  It is a special software with which needs the assistance of experienced operator to initialize the program instructions.

Productivity and Investment Advantages of CNC Machines

Productivity is not a challenging concept with computer operated workshop equipments provided the devices are handled properly with experienced operators. Precise, flawless and fast machining works can be easily obtained with the help of this kind machines.

For High Performing CNC Workshop Friendly components

We manufactures and supplied workshop machines to different engineering industries worldwide. They produce high performing and innovatively designed CNC  to suit different machining activities.

Computerized Machineries Supplied

We are experienced manufacturer and supplier of workshop machineries and they are also provide CNC embedded at relatively good pricing.

CNC Lathe and Machining Advantages

We offer CNC lathe machines which can be depended for premium finishing, and precise dimension. Flat bed are available for heavy duty as well as moderate machining operations and Slant Bed lathe differs in terms of spindle speed and swing than conventional lathes.

Milling Equipment with Computer Numerical Control Principle

Numerically controlled milling equipments are digitally automated and it stays every effective for accurate shaping jobs. This is also preferred for higher cutting performance and can manage prolonged productivity requisites as well.

How Advanced Shearing Operations are done?

Shearing it the process of bending work piece materials to make it harder; however, conventional shearing equipments can stay supportive for moderate productivity. shearing machines on the other hand can stay compatible for relatively higher productivity.

Press Brake with CNC

Press brake is one of the oldest workshop models existing since the inception of workshop tools. It is applied in bending operations with utmost precision in bending. CNC embedded press brakes supplied by us are made of high grade materials and computer aided control panel to meet better adjustments.

Technical Advantages of buying CNC machines

CNC workshop tools are made from graded components; hence, they can be preferred for long term usage. Similarly, all tools are known for their flawless operations and higher productivity.


Computerized functionally included in workshop tools keep the rapidity of machining fast and the results of machining remains undoubtedly precise and uninterrupted. However, people who are experienced in numeral control should be fixed for operating these equipments.