Important Tool Room Machines You Need to Buy for a Workshop

Improvement of processes in a workshop and automation doesn’t need to be an expensive affair. It needs to be a smarter choice of tool room machines required in a workshop. Various industrial applications require rigid material like wood and metal to be cut, shaped and grinded on a regular basis. These are exactly used for those processes. A workshop needs to provide properly shaped metals to the industries so that they can further manufacture the products of high quality. Proper use in a workshop enables accurate and quick output which becomes very much necessary for all the industries. Basically, there are some important tool room which are necessary to have in a workshop as given below:-

Milling Machine – It can perform versatile operations ranging from simple tasks like slot and keyway cutting, planning, drilling to complex tasks like contouring, dies sinking etc.

Grinding Machine – It also known as grinders are used to grind metals and other materials in a workshop. A grinder is very useful in a metal workshop as it helps in making metal chips from sheet metals which are used in many applications.

Shaping Machine – As the name suggests, It is used to shape metals in a workshop by removing unwanted material from the flat metal surface. It is used when large amount of metal is to be cut to form a specific shape.

Slotting Machine – It is used to make slots needed on the screw heads, bolts, wood screws and other industrial components. The most common use is in manufacturing process of automobiles, electrical components, furniture etc.

Bandsaw Machine – These are used to cut long bars in irregular shapes, straight cuts or curved shapes. This provides maximum accuracy with minimum wastage.

Hacksaw Machine – These are used to cut metals with high efficiency speed and accuracy. These are used where high pressure is required, whereas mechanical and semi-hydraulic hacksaw are used wherever low pressure is required.

How to Select Tool Room Machines for a Workshop?

Each and every workshop is different and needs to complete different types of processes. Similarly, each and every tool room unit also has different uses. If a workshop works on majority of metal grinding projects, then it may require grinding equipment and if it is working on majority of metal cutting projects, then it may require a hacksaw equipment installed. If your workshop requires completing versatile projects involving cutting and drilling both, then a milling device would be just perfect. Thus, the choice of tool room devices to be installed in your workshop depends on the majority of the projects you are handling. Many times it happens that a particular tool room is over occupied and another tool room unit is staying idle for hours altogether. This can increase the production costs of the workshop and reduce the profits. So, it is very much important to judge the kind of projects you are going to handle in your workshop in future and select tool room machines accordingly.

Buying Tool Room Machines

Buying tool room equipments for your workshop can be a crucial decision and needs to be taken carefully. If you fail to buy quality tool room devices, you may end up paying more on maintenance costs which can have an adverse effect to your returns on investment. If you need to cut down on your maintenance costs, never buy used tool room equipments, instead always go for new tool room provided by reliable manufacturer of tool room like Bhavya Machine Tools which is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

All You Need to Know About a Milling Machine

Geared Drive UniversalA milling machine is a versatile tool room machine which is used to remove undesirable metal from the sheet metal to give a specific shape to an object. The first milling machine was invented by Eli Whitney for producing interchangeable Musket Parts. After that, there were many developments brought in a milling machine which has made it a special kind of tool room machines. Due to these developments, the metal can be removed now with more speed and accuracy. The developments brought in versatile features in a milling machine as so now a milling machine can not only perform metal cutting but it can also used for boring, slotting, circular milling dividing, and drilling.  Different types of milling machines were developed with versatile features which are briefed below:-

Types of Milling Machines

Basically, there are two types of milling machines, horizontal milling machines and vertical milling machines. Further they can be classified into plain or universal and manually or digital controlled milling machines. A milling machine for your workshop can be considered based on its specifications, features you require.

Milling Machines

Horizontal & Vertical Milling Machines

  • The horizontal milling machine and vertical milling machine differs from each other in terms of spindle axis orientation. The vertical milling machine is commonly used because it is an affordable milling machine. Moreover, a horizontal milling machine provides clean operations by enabling the metal chips to fall away from the cutting area.

Plain Milling Machine

  • A plain milling machine can be used for limited operations, whereas a universal milling machine can be used for versatile operations by fitting different attachments in it. Some of the commonly used attachments in universal milling machines are rotary table, indexing fixture, rack cutting attachments and table swivel housing.

Mechanically Controlled Milling Machine

  • A mechanically controlled milling machine are commonly used in the workshops but if you require more precision and speed in the cutting or drilling of a sheet metal, then there are suppliers of tool room machines who also provide CNC milling machines which are computer operated milling machines and provide best quality output.

Some of the most common milling machines which are the combination of all the above machines are all geared universal milling machine, all geared vertical milling machine, universal geared drive and turret milling machines.

How to Use a Milling Machine for Perfect Accuracy?

  • Before starting a project, make sure that the workpiece, table, taper in the spindle and arbour or cutter shank are all free from chips and are clean.
  • Never choose a larger diameter miller cutter than required.
  • Always keep miller cutter sharp.
  • While milling machine is in operation, never change the feed or speed of the machine.
  • When clamps are being used to secure the workpieces, make sure that they are tight and the workpiece is held properly so that it doesn’t vibrate or spring while cutting is in process.
  • All the safety measures should be followed and the job should be planned properly to achieve perfect accuracy.

Factors to be Considered While Buying a Milling Machine

The foremost factor to be considered while buying a milling machine is of course the type of project to be performed on the machine. The success of any sheet metal job depends on the machine selected for that particular job. Milling machine is considered to be the most versatile metal working machine and if chosen carefully, can accomplish many jobs at your workshop which will limit the use of the resources and can be profitable for your business. So, before selecting a milling machine for your workshop consider the complexity of the job to be done and determine the number of axis variants required. Some milling machines come with inbuilt milling accessories, whereas some need to be purchased and attached with the milling machine. So, just don’t go for a cheap milling machine, you need to consider cost-effectiveness also. This doesn’t mean that you buy an expensive milling machine with lot many inbuilt accessories which are of no use to you. Always determine your requirements properly and go for a milling machine just suitable to that.

Power Press – A Machine Which Can Turn Sheet Metal into Miraculous Shapes

A Power press is a special kind of machine that can bend any sheet metal into a specific shape. There are various products made of metal which we use in our day to day life like automobiles, electronic gadgets etc. Sheet metal is required to be cut, bended and pressed to form a particular shape. In ancient times, these jobs were done manually but now to make the process quick, it is used which can cut, bend and press metals to form shapes with accuracy.

How Does a it Work?

The two major components are a stationary bed and a moving ram. The combination dies are attached to the ram and bed which enables giving specific shapes to metal sheet. The main components are clutch, flywheel and crankshaft. The rotation of the flywheel is powered by the motor. A clutch is used to couple the spinning flywheel to the crankshaft. The crankshaft then enables the rotary motion of the flywheel to the upward and downward motions of the press ram. A work piece is fed to the die and the tool cycle is initiated. A re-formed piece is formed when the upper and lower dies press together on the stock material. Once the down stroke is done, the work piece which is formed in a specific shape is removed and then another work piece is fed to repeat the same tool cycling.

Safety Measures While Using a it

It can be dangerous to operate if they are not maintained properly. If you own a power press at your workshop, you need to make sure that your employees or people maintaining  necessary skills and knowledge about the working of the machine. If any accident occurs at your workshop due to poorly maintained power press, then you might get in trouble and your employees’ life can be at stake. So, it better to take below safety measures while using it at your workshop:-

  • The ancillary equipment, control systems and all their guards of your power presses are maintained so that the lives of people are not put at risk.
  • The maintenance work should be carried out when the machine is switched off or isolated and the people working on it have necessary knowledge and expertise.
  • The appointed person operating should be provided necessary training in order to use the equipments in a proper manner.
  • Written instructions on how to use properly should be made available to the operators working on it.
  • Regular inspection and tests should be done for power press to ensure that it is safe to use.
  • Its components should be regularly examined by a competent and knowledgeable person.
  • A record of power press maintenance schedule should be maintained in order to preserve the proof that the machine has been inspected and tested.

If you need to buy a machine for your workshop, just go through the website of leading machine tools supplier in India, where you will be able to find two types and those are C type and Pillar type power press. Only best quality tool room machines are available here and you can choose one which best suits your requirement at the workshop.

CNC Lathe Machines Can Make Your Job Easy

CNC is the short form of computer numerically controlled which refers to a process in which a computer reads code instructions in order to control a  tool. A CNC lathe is controlled by a computer due to which the material can be cut, drilled, sanded, shaped or polished quickly. In order to meet a variety of industries, modern technology is required. It can give a specific standard of accuracy and speed which can enable a workshop to fulfill even the difficult demands of the industries and achieve success in providing completion of jobs as per the their requirements. The basic benefit is that it requires minimum human efforts and so the possibilities of workers getting injured in workshops have reduced to a great extent. These computer operated lathe have given a great level of accuracy in production due to which more and more workshops and industries are inclining towards applying it in their production. Thus, CNC lathe machines can make your job easy considerably by providing accuracy and speed both. If you are convinced with the idea of buying a CNC tools but need to have more details about it then you should consider reading this article further.

Advantages of CNC Lathe Machines

  • The foremost advantage is that it makes difficult jobs easier and quicker as it is fully automated with a computer program. It operator has to feed the dimensions of the finished product in the specified program of the machine and then does its job by finishing one process after another automatically with the extreme level of accuracy and speed.
  • The operating costs incurred by a CNC equipment are much lower than the traditional lathe costs.
  • The labour costs can be reduced at a great extent because one operator can operate several.
  • A CNC device can work for several tasks required to be accomplished in various industries like textiles, power generation, medical, defence, plastic, aerospace, automotive, automobiles etc.

Buying CNC Lathe Machines

Buying CNC lathe can be a big investment and so one cannot afford to buy without knowing some of the things to look for when buying such one. The foremost thing which you need to be sure of while buying it is the quality. A good quality machine can boost your productivity and a low quality can drop your productivity at a great extent. So, you need to be careful about the quality of a CNC lathe and make sure that all the quality parts have been used otherwise it may increase your maintenance costs. Secondly, you need to ensure that you buy CNC lathe for your workshop from a reliable source. Just go through the customer reviews for the manufacturers of it and then decide on a particular supplier who can suggests you the best machinery as per your workshop requirements.

Bottom Line

If you are buying a CNC lathe to make your job easier then that would be a perfect decision for your business but you also need to ensure that the unit you are buying is of high quality so that breaking down of your machinery can be avoided from time to time. In such competitive business environment, it would be always better to choose the best machinery for your workshop which can ensure safety of your laborers and gives accurate and speedy outputs.

How to Buy Lathe Machine for Your Workshop?

Giving shapes to rigid materials like wood and metals was not an easy job in ancient times. It was a back breaking job to remove unwanted parts from metals to give a specific shape. It is rightly said that necessity is the mother of invention. Due to this necessity of shaping, twisting and turning metals, lathe machine was invented. It is used to remove undesirable material to form specific shape in a metal. It was successful in reducing 50 per cent of human labour work due to which it became very much popular in workshops and since then there were many improvements brought in a lathe machine which added versatility to it. The applications are not limited to only one industry. There are various luxurious items made of metals which we use in our day to day life. It is used to shape, cut and twist those metals which make the process of manufacturing those products quite easy and quick. The size and functionality may vary from small lathe to huge lathe with lot many features. There are many types of lathe available like light duty lathe, medium duty heavy duty lathe machines, CNC lathe etc. The selection depends on the job to be accomplished in a workshop. For example a jeweler or a hobbyist may use a small lathe to complete their metal shaping jobs but if an industrial product is to be manufactured, then a huge and fully featured lathe machine is required. Before you buy It, you need to have complete information about different parts and how they work.

Lathe Machine and its Parts

Basically, there are 6 main parts which are briefed below:-

The Bed – It is a rigid and stable platform which is an aligning surface to place the material which is to be shaped. The headstock is on the left hand side and tailstock is on the right hand side of the lathe bed when the machine is viewed from the front side.

Headstock – The headstock turns the work piece by holding the spindle and drive mechanism. The spindle is rotated through a motor-driven belt or directly by a motor. The headstock can adjust speed adjustment with the help of gears or sliding pulleys which are mounted in its rear.

Tailstock – The tailstock allows accurate machining because it supports work which is time consuming, for example turning long pieces straight. A drill chuck is mounted in the tailstock for better results.

Carriage – The carriage moves left and right through manual operation of a hand wheel or driven by a lead screw. At the base of a carriage is a saddle that mates and aligns with the bed ways. It provides mounting and motion control components for cooling.

Cross Slide – The cross slide is placed on the top of the carriage to provide movement perpendicular to the length of the bed for cutting the work piece.

Lead Screw – As the headstock turns, the lead screw enables automatic feed and makes cutting possible.

Thus, the above mentioned are the basic parts. The machine can be upgraded as per the job to be completed in a workshop. The smallest lathe machine can be found with a watch maker whereas, the largest lathe machine with many features can be found at industrial workshops. So, the selection depends on the job to be completed. Still, there are few things which should be considered before selecting for your workshop which are given below:-

  • Consider the spindle in the lathe you are buying. The spindle comes in standard and non-standard sizes, so you need to select which suits the requirement of your job as spindle is the core to the operations.
  • The bed capacity is very much important as it will determine the size of the material on which you can work on.
  • Different speed is selected for different jobs to be performed. If you are cutting a metal, you might need high speed but if you need to carve a metal which requires high accuracy, then you might prefer to work at a medium speed. So, make sure you can adjust to different speeds.
  • Be careful with cheap lathe machine as it might be consisting of cheap parts which may wear out very soon.

If you are planning to buy  and require having more information on it, visit

Bhavya Machine Tools Supplies Latest Technology Shaping Machines for Industrialists of New Era

Higher production requirements of the industries are compelling the industrialists to update their manufacturing equipment with latest technology which gives higher and also faster production rates. Team at Bhavya have very well understood this requirement of industrialists of the new era and therefore are constantly striving hard to offer efficient models of tools which can give efficient production while helping them to meet their bulk production requirements in lesser time with less labor. The customized tools offered by Bhavya are flawlessly designed taking into consideration the parameters which work best for their clients to meet their custom requirements depending on their infrastructure and production needs at their industries.

The modern industrialists want machineries for reliable, safe, easy and durable operations. As the cost of labor is going up, they now require equipment with more automatic features so that their production requirements can be met with lesser efforts and labor required. The managers at Bhavya work to satisfy this requirement of the modern industrialists. They thrive to provide tools which can operate automatically with lesser labor or efforts required while giving the users convenience of use with higher production rates. One such example of the latest technology offered by Bhavya is a V belt driven shaping machine offered by it. This is a high-end tool designed for best resistance to corrosion with a superior grade and well ribbed cast iron material built structure. It is a multitasking developed for cutting steel, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals in different curves, angles and shapes. This energy efficient machine tool can be easily installed, operated and maintained by the industrialists at lesser operating and maintenance costs.

Various other examples of high-end machineries offered by the firm include CNC lathe, drilling cum milling, the modern tool room, C-type power press,  capstan lathe, tool & cutter grinding and many other forms of equipment which are successfully being  used in industries across the country. For further details visit

About Bhavya Machine Tools

Bhavya Machine Tools is an ISO 9001:2008 certified tools manufacturing company in India. The company specializes in supplying lathe, drilling, V belt driven shaping, shearing, pillar and C type power press and machines for tool room, construction, metal and wood working industries. For further details please contact us at +91-79-4024 2800, +91 – 79 – 3007 4560 or visit our office located at

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Bhavya Machine Tools Delivers Lathe Machines for Industries and Institutes across India

Lathe machine is wonderful equipment used to shape objects with symmetrical physical properties about the axis of rotation. Various actions like cutting, knurling, sanding, drilling or deformation can be easily and quickly performed on a work piece using a modern lathe unit which is now-a-days available with highly automated features. It is not only the industries that require lathes even institutes like engineering colleges where education on machines, their parts and uses is given to the students require lathes for practical demonstrations in their workshops. We are specialist in delivering lathe for colleges and institutes. The firm has already marked its presence in various states across the country by supplying high-end device including lathes to the well known institutes spread across several states including Karnataka, Bihar, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Haryana, Kerala and many more.

Where to Get the Best Lathe Machines?

The developers and team working at Bhavya are highly proficient and experienced developers who since several years have been designing state-of-the-art lathe equipment for industrial use. They very well know the requirements of their clients very well and therefore build their machines with most desired features so that the clients can get the most satisfactory and reliable services for longer working periods of time. The primary goal of the team at Bhavya is to offer their clients the flawlessly designed lathe machines with tight tolerances. The MAX and RXZ Series models of lathe of Bhavya are perfect examples of such. They are multipurpose devices that are incorporated with the latest technology and simple to use features which give the users improved performance and at the same time ease of use. Lathe toolsa offered by Bhavya scatter across a wide continuum of specifications and types which include light duty lathes, heavy duty lathe, extra heavy duty lathes, roll turning lathe, slant/flat bed CNC lathe, all geared lathe and much more. For those looking to buy lathe equipment for their industry or institution, can visit to know more.

About Bhavya Machine Tools

Bhavya Machine Tools is an ISO 9001:2008 certified tools manufacturing company in India. The company specializes in supplying lathe, drilling, V belt driven shaping, shearing, pillar and C type power press and machines for tool room, construction, metal and wood working industries. For further details please contact us at +91-79-4024 2800, +91 – 79 – 3007 4560 or visit our office located at

A-601, 6th Floor, Sapath-4, Opp. Karnavati Club,

S.G. Highway Road, Satellite,

Ahmedabad-380 051,

Gujarat. (India).

Bhavya Machine Tools Present the Series of Lathe Machines

light duty lathe machineLathe Machines are one of the important workshop tools used in creating the symmetry about an axis rotation. It is used to equipment the comparative hard materials. We are leading manufacturer and exporter of lathe are offering a wide range of lathes for various industrial applications.


We offers Below Exclusive Range of Lathe Machines:


Light Duty & Medium Duty Lathe Machine – highly durable, sturdy and easy to operate and made from corrosion resistance material for long lasting applicable in electronics, electrical and automobile industry where need the limited work features of lathe.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine – This highly efficient lathe from Bhavya Machine tools is best applicable to the metal working, wood turning and metal spinning. High quality and state of the art technology lathes are presented in MAX Series & YBX Series in various models varies with the factors height of center, width of bed, max. Swing, spindle, travel and other parameters.

Roll Turning Lathe Machine – This extra heavy duty lathe is made up of high quality iron and steel having accurate dimension, abrasion and corrosion resistant with high tensile strength useful in power plants, ship building , repairing shops, paper mills, oil and mining etc industries.


All Geared Lathe Machine – We offers wide range of all geared lathe machines including light duty, medium duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty. The gear box with lead screw & feed shaft increase the capacity of machining.

Imported Lathe Machine – It including universal all geared imported lathe, Gap bead all geared lathe, high speed all geared lathe CDS A, high speed all geared lathe CDS B offered by us are highly demanded as per the industrial need.


Imported CNC Lathe – Imported CNC lathe are computer auto control lathe device for machining the hard metal, wood and material for high end required accuracy. This is available in 3 various models : A) Flat Bed CNC Lathe CKE6130i B) Flat Bed CNC Lathe CKE 6150Z C) Slant Bed CNC Lathe. For further details visit –

About Bhavya Machine Tools

We are leading tools manufacturer in India offering diverse models of workshop, sheet metal, wood working, automobile & garage, plastic & printing, welding, food processing, sheet bending, shaping, lathe, automatic CNC milling, press brake, power press machines etc. For more details contact at

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