Air Compressor Technology That Has Delivered Efficiency in Manufacturing

When your air compressor is unreliable, then your business will suffer due to recurring inefficiencies in the equipment and downtimes. It is always advisable to invest in high quality and energy efficient air compressors for the various industrial applications that you may have.

Important Considerations for an Air Compressor

The performance of an air compressor must match with the tools it will power and the required air volume in standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM). Commercial and industrial users rely on high performance air compressors to power their manufacturing equipment and processes. The standard rule while looking for the best compressor system is to choose equipment that delivers 1.5 times more than the maximum requirement of your tool or machine.

Multi Stage Air Compressor


The single stage compressor will have one or more cylinders each producing compressed air with same output pressures. The two stage compressor has two or more cylinders where the first cylinder feeds compressed air to second cylinder for more compression to be achieved.

Lubrication System

Oil lubricated compressors are heavier and larger than the oil free types. This model is installed with an oil monitoring system to ensure oil levels do not fall very low. Oil free versions are applicable where portable compressors are required.

Control System

Manual start and stop systems are used where there is no need for continuous air flow. Constant speed control is important where there is frequent air demand in short periods of time.

Two Stage Air Compressors

The two stage air compressor features several innovations that guarantee efficient running, reduce power consumption and help in keeping the operation costs to a minimum. These include;

  • High performance electrical wiring on all cables and convertors
  • 316 stainless steel tubing and casings that deliver longer life and better corrosion resistance.
  • Very high levels of oil separation and filtration that keeps out all dust and other contaminants
  • Heavy duty bearings with high load carrying capacity.
  • State of art oil coolers and after coolers to completely minimize thermal stress.
  • Premium high quality motor that is well housed to protect against dust and moisture.
  • Heavy duty isolator mount that effectively reduces impact of vibration during machine running.
  • Equipped with a centrifugal cooling fan that maintains the operating temperatures at all times and prevents accumulation of moisture in the system.

This design is suitable for high demand and high performance systems for powering tools that run continuously for extended periods.

Multistage Air Compressors

Multistage compression involves compression of air or the gas into two or more cylinders rather than using a single cylinder. It operates with reciprocating compressors when pressures of 300 kpa and more are desired. The main benefits derived from using this type of air compressor include;

  • High power savings
  • The system is able to limit the gas discharge temperature
  • Limit the pressure differential per cylinder
  • Prevent vaporization of the lubricating oil and also prevent ignition when temperature gets too high.

The multistage air compressor is used in various industries such as PET manufacturing, air blast industry, pneumatic manufacturing systems and busy auto repair services.

Air compressors technology continues to advance with the latest development being on the use of the variable speed drive (VSD) design where energy savings of up to 30% have been achieved. Bhavya machine tools also supplies high quality compressor accessories along with the energy efficient air compressors.