A World Without Machine

Are you fascinated by the world of machine? Can imagine a world without machine? It might be tougher question to answer than you think, as many people don’t actually know to which extent we are dependent on it.

One can’t even lead a day without machine as people are habituated with cozy lifestyle. One requires alarm clock to wake them up, computers or any machinery to make their work easier. The life would be difficult to manage in its absence as the human efforts will increase substantially. The human nature often suffers from boredom due to physical work and repetition of work process, and it may result in error or discontinuation of work. Thus, invention of machine became necessary to undertake various production activities smoothly.

Plato rightly quoted, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’.
Though the invention and evolution of machines was not a cakewalk journey as it require persistence. It also required a deep study and proper execution of science and technology respectively, to invent anything which can reduce human efforts.

Now, the question is how it began?

The agricultural revolution began by 18th century; it was a period of technological improvement and increased crop productivity. Soon, the food production started increasing, so as the population and their ever-increasing demands. The manufacturing companies have observed a significant evolution; it started its journey with manually operated machine, grew to semi-automatic and reached to make it fully-automatic.

It became high time for producers to produce machines in bulk and speedily to cater the needs of millions of people in the world for varied purposes like for construction, steel rolling, automobile, and the list is never-ending virtually.

Dependency on industries
One can witness that every manufacturing industry depends on another for tools or equipment.

For instance, a constructing company requires tools which are made by manufacturing industry. It depends on one who produces the steel and other alloys and that factory depends on mining, and the process continues in this manner.

Machinery in Modern Age

Bandsaw Machine BMB-1

One requires well-designed machines which can work without interruption and accurately to make mass production so that it can cater the needs of various manufacturing companies.

For example, lathe is very important in any industry as it used for cutting, deforming, cutting, knurling and drilling of tools to create objects which have symmetry about the axis of rotation. It is known as mother of machine tools because it maneuvered to the invention of other machine tools.

Today, the lathe machine is available in varied series and types for diverse utilities. It is used in ship building, steel rolling, mining, power plant, etc.
Another major transformation is Bandsaw machine. It promotes uniform cutting and smooth finishing in woodworking, metalworking and lumbering. It has made cutting easier and faster with the help of its blades.

Prior the origination of drilling machine, the holes were usually made by hammering a drill quickly and repeatedly on a material. The radial drilling machine was introduced for drilling medium to large and heavy work pieces such as various metals. Thus, machines have become an integral part of any industry; the constant transformation in it has made the production activity, a speedy and hassle-free operation.

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