Evaluation History of Power Press for Its Significant Placement in Present Machine Tool Industry

The power press is an important machine tool which is used to change the shape of a workpiece. In the ancient times metal was shaped manually using a hand hammer. Later on big hammers were used to press large quantities of metal at a time, or to press thick metal pieces. A helper was specially required to swing the sledge hammer while the smith positioned the workpiece. Thereafter steam power and wind mills were utilized to operate the large steam hammers. Later on due to electrification, most of the power presses now use electrical power or hydraulic power to obtain the required pressure. At the same time various types of dies were also discovered for use within it. Moreover, advanced methods and highly accurate equipments were also invented. Today these are mainly categorized based on their mechanism such as mechanical and hydraulic.

Power Press

It available nowadays is used for various metal forming operations like deforming, bending, pressing, and cutting the metal workpiece into the required shape and size by applying the necessary pressure or force. It has a stationary bed and a powered ram that can be driven towards the bed or away from the bed to apply force or required pressure for numerous metal forming tasks. They are mainly used for carrying out large scale production tasks. It is an effective tool used to transform sheet metal into finished metal objects. They are normally classified according to their power systems, capacity, and mechanism. They can also be grouped as per the kind of construction and type of frame. The method of power transmission from the place where it is generated, to the place of its utilization; is also a factor for classifying it. To Know more about power press and its features, visit – http://www.bhavyamachinetools.com/sheet-metal-machine/power-press/c-type.html

Power Presses

These days, these are driven by a mechanical force or a hydraulic system. The power system or the source of these power presses may be an electric motor or an engine. The mechanical power press may utilize several types of drive mechanisms such as the crankshaft, eccentric, knuckle joint, etc. These drives help to transform the rotational movement of the motor into a linear movement of the ram. A fly wheel is also used to energize the machine. These presses have drives that are capable to provide a large force at the end of the strokes; hence they are useful for various punching and stamping operations. Further, it utilize a large piston and cylinder for driving the ram. This system has the ability to provide longer ram strokes as compared to the mechanical machine. Although it works relatively slower, they can continuously apply the required load. These presses may have various types of movements, depending on the number of slides operated independently.


Today, the power press is manufactured globally and widely used in several industries like automobile, aircraft, telecommunication, electrical, construction, defense, shipping, engineering, railway, textile, agriculture, etc; hence it holds a significant place in the present tool industry.

Pros & Cons While Selecting Indian Lathes & Imported Lathe Machines

The lathe machine is the most common tool in a workshop. It is mainly used for producing objects that have symmetry about their axis of rotation; as well as for precisely machining comparatively hard materials. Earlier lathes were simple and few models were available in market. While a large variety of complex lathes are now manufactured. The growing competition has also resulted in producing the latest range of lathe devices across the world, including India. As a result, buyers get confused and face difficulty while purchasing a suitable lathe. Today lathes are purchased to either set up a new unit or for expanding the activities of an existing workshop. Thus the below mentioned pros and cons will help buyers while selecting Indian lathes and imported lathe.

Indian Lathes

These days there is a great demand for Indian lathes. This is because they are very precise, easy to use and highly effective. Moreover they are available at reasonable rates and have a long working life. Further these lathes are sturdy machines as they are made from top grade materials to meet the standard quality levels; and hence require less maintenance. Another pro of an Indian lathe is that before installing and integrating a new lathe into the existing production unit; you can get onsite consultation and personal advice from the experts of the local company. They can even provide detail replies for any technical queries; and their team of highly trained staff can visit your workshop anytime before and after delivering the machine. The customers are also offered comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer, instant after sales support and onsite training to properly use the new lathes. Also, maintenance and repair services are readily available. Besides this, a large spare parts inventory is also available in order to quickly repair the related tools with original components made by the local company. One more advantage is that buyers can visit a local showroom to personally see the various models and check the specifications of the lathe. Lastly Indian lathes are less costly than the imported machines. Whereas the con is that, the most recent and fully computerized models of lathes may not be manufactured by the Indian firms. Visit Bhavya Machine Tools to know different types of Models are manufactured in India.

Imported Lathes

On the other hand buyers can opt for an imported lathe if they need a high end device for their workshop operations. Moreover, they are compact and completely automatic, include many enhanced features, and are highly accurate, efficient and long lasting. Another pro of imported lathes is that they are usually equipped with the most advanced technology, need less resources and are relatively faster. However, the con is that they are relatively expensive. Also original spares and expert technician may not be available to repair the imported machine. Further, in case an imported lathe breaks down; an alternate equipment may not be immediately available. Hence unit downtime will affect the production unit.


Thus based on individual requirements of the buyers they can either select an Indian lathe or imported lathe.

How to Choose Right Bandsaw Machine for Woodworking & Metal Shaping

The bandsaw is one of the most important equipment in any workshop. It is also regarded as an ideal tool for accurately cutting different types of materials that includes wood, metal, plastic, etc. In fact, besides cutting curves a bandsaw can also be utilized for performing many other functions such as shaping various metal objects; splitting a big workpiece into smaller pieces; and re-sawing large pieces of wood to form thin strips. Currently a wide range are manufactured globally and readily available in the market. Hence the following description will guide the buyers to choose the right machine for woodworking and metal shaping.

Types of Bandsaw Machine

Generally there are two types; the first one is the horizontal. They are actually meant for cutting large pieces of wood and metal in various kinds of manufacturing units. And the second type is the vertical; which is mostly used in small workshops for cutting smaller pieces of wood, metal, etc. Further the two basic things to keep in mind before deciding the right is the throat of the machine, and depth of the cut. The throat refers to the distance from the blade of the saw up to the vertical frame of the saw. This distance actually denotes the width of cut that can be executed by it. The throat of the horizontal variety is normally greater than the throat of the vertical ones. For example a 12 inch bandsaw, refers to the size of the throat of that machine. Moreover, the depth of cut refers to the distance from the table up to the upper blade of the equipment. This depth primarily indicates the thickness of the workpiece that can be cut using that particular one. However, certain models may have a smaller depth of cut, and also include an additional riser that can be attached to the machine in order to extend the depth of the cut.

How to Choose Bandsaw Machine?

Another factor to take into account when you choose a bandsaw equipment is the size of the motor. Usually the horizontal variety and industrial models have a relatively larger motor with variable speeds. On the other hand the vertical ones and smaller models include a low capacity motor. Heavy duty motors with variable speed can be used for woodworking. While slow speed motors can be used for cutting small metals and plastics. Besides this, a buyer should opt for a robust device that has a steel or cast iron table which is around 15 inches in length as well as width; and that can be slanted up to 45 degrees for angular cuts. Further it wheels should have tyres, and a brush for cleaning the wheels. Also prefer a equipment that includes a point for connecting a vacuum cleaner to gather the dust.


Therefore all buyers should consider the above mentioned points as they will help to choose the right bandsaw machine for woodworking and metal shaping.

Benefits of Buying Machine Tools from Indian Manufacturers

The machine tool industry is regarded as the backbone of any industrial economy. It is basically the source through which a broad variety of industrial products and consumer goods are manufactured. India is a developing nation with a rising economy, and its value is largely estimated by its manufacturing capabilities. The rapid industrialization has played an extremely important role in transforming India as a manufacturing hub of the world. Today, the Indian tool manufacturing sector receives a number of incentives from various government agencies. Moreover, constant efforts are made to develop and maintain the growth of the country’s equipment sector in order to remain competitive in the local and global market. As a result various types of device are now manufactured throughout India to meet the growing demand of the national and international clients. Tools are regularly used in various industries such as automobile, general engineering, energy, railway, defense, etc.

Machine Tools from Indian Manufacturers

Following are the several benefits of purchasing tools from Indian manufacturers. First of all Indian companies now have the latest manufacturing facilities and modern infrastructure that helps to produce top quality products. Moreover, the Indian manufacturers incorporate the most modern machinery and hence they can produce highly complex machine components and superior. Another major advantage is the significantly lower costs of production in India. Besides this the Indian manufacturers use various raw materials that are made locally. For example all the castings, CNC controls and electrical equipment, sheet metal parts, mechanical components, machining parts are made locally; and assembly, fitted in house by expert technicians. Hence the unit that are produced by the manufacturing companies in India are relatively cheaper as compared to device made in the other developed nations of the world. Click Here to check various Indian tools offered at Bhavya Machine Tools.

Machinery from Indian Manufacturers

The superior quality is the most important advantage of purchasing machinery from Indian manufacturers. Moreover, the design of the machines is regularly improved to enhance the production process, ensure higher volumes and maintain continuous flow of production. Another advantage is the comparatively less wear and tear, and easy maintenance of the Indian devices. Besides they are highly reliable, accurate and effective. The Indian machines also offer an overall benefit in terms of service related factors. The required spare parts and skilled technical service personnel are readily available and are also relatively cheaper. Good after sales service is also provided by the Indian companies. Moreover the services are constantly improved by offering regular training to the service engineers. Today India has a well established supply chain system and fast delivery is now provided to both domestic and overseas customers. Further, the growing demand for highly advanced instrument and the ever increasing competition has resulted in the production of highly sophisticated tools by the manufacturers from India. Today the Indian manufacturers can supply both standard and custom machines as per the specific needs of the buyer.


Hence many buyers now prefer to buy tools from Indian manufacturers.

Useful Buying Tips for Drill Machine & Radial Drill Machine

A drill machine is primarily utilized to drill a variety of wooden and metal items. It is also commonly applied in construction work, drilling foundations, breaking boulders, quarry work, etc. These are easy to operate and highly reliable. They can precisely carry out multiple functions such as drilling, boring, reaming, lapping, counter boring, tapping holes, etc. Today, a wide range of tools, including the radial drill are manufactured throughout the world. As a result, the buyer sometimes gets confused while purchasing a drill device. Besides, some people are not aware about the specific equipment that will exactly meet their particular needs. Hence the following buying tips are provided in order to help the customers take a better decision.

Drill Machine

As a buyer you should first gather the details about the different makes and various models of drill machines that are readily available in the market. Then you can simplify your choice by determining your specific requirements. Moreover, you should also concentrate on the main characteristics of the equipment, such as the size of the drill head, the base plate, as well as the drilling capacity, drilling depth, and drilling power. Further, you should also ensure that the drilling head can be adjusted, in order to accurately position it on the work piece. Besides this, you should opt for that is built using good quality materials, so that it lasts longer. Another major factor to keep in mind is that the chosen unit should operate smoothly and silently. This is because equipments that make a loud noise disturb the people working nearby, and it may also increase the wear and tear of the device. Moreover, one of the most important elements to consider is that the equipment should have easy to access control buttons that are simple to operate. Visit Bhavya Machine Tools to check various models of drill machines.

Radial Drill Machine

It is usually categorized according to the length of its arms. So, make sure that the selected radial drill will be able to accommodate the largest size of work pieces. Further, you should select a radial drill depending on the size of the material that will be drilled. Moreover, you should even consider the range of movement that will be required for the radial arm. Another point is the level of accuracy; this will ensure that the drilling tasks will be perfectly executed and thus provide optimum results. The last and most important factor is the cost of the equipment. Hence, in order to get a drill machine within your budget limits you should compare the price of similar models offered by several manufacturers and various suppliers; and then prepare a final list of the suitable companies. In case you want to buy a large number of device you should try to get them at a relatively lower price.


Hence the above mentioned useful buying tips for drill machine will help you to get the best possible equipment as per your requirements.

5 Most Important Machine Tools For Any Workshop [INFOGRAPH]

Nowadays, several types of workshop machine tools are manufactured in many countries around the globe. These tools are commonly used for different purposes in a wide range of industrial segments such as woodworking, automobile, electrical, construction, etc.

This infograph give you information about the most important machine tools for any workshop including milling, grinding, shaping, bandsaw, hacksaw machine. For the best equipment at the competitive price, visit – http://www.bhavyamachinetools.com/

BhavyaMachineTools - Inforgraphic

Set Up Procedure for Mechanical and Hydraulic Press Brake

Introduction – Press Brake

It is a kind of bending machine used for bending sheet metal into a predetermined shape. The bending depends upon the shape of the punch and the die. These are being widely used in metallurgy, aircraft and ship building, production of container and many other metal products.

Working principle of Press Brake

Mechanical Press BrakeThe metal sheet to be bended is placed between the punch and the die. The punch and die are placed in such a way that they are aligned in the same vertical axis and the shape of the punch matches that of the die. The metal sheet is clamped at both ends to prevent it from slipping during the bending process. After fixing the metal sheet, pressure is exerted on the punch which bends the metal sheet or plate against the die. The force applied is measured in tons and the capacity of a machine is measured in terms of tonnage. Depending on the means of application of pressure, they are classified as

Mechanical press brake

Hydraulic press brake

Pneumatic press brake

Press Brake set up

It set up refers to the work carried out by the operator to change the settings of the device according to the job. Every part will not be of the same size and shape. When a new part is to be pressed, some changes must be made in the device to get the shape of the metal sheet or plate as per the design. This set up procedure must be done very carefully because it directly affects the quality of the product. The operator must not take much time in setting up the machine as this may affect the production.

Key to set up Mechanical Press Brake

The key points in setting up it are listed below

· The operator must go through the drawing completely and know the type of material, the dimensions, blank size and the angle required.

· The type of tool should be selected depending upon the dimensions (internal radius in particular). For example, if the inside radius is less than the thickness of the material, bottom tooling can be used.

· The pressure or force required for the particular job must be determined.

· The position of the tool on the bed is selected based upon the tonnage. If maximum tonnage of the machine is to be used, then the tool must be positioned at the centre. If it is less, then the position of the tool can be offset.

·The selected tool must be installed at the determined position. The tool installation is the most time consuming procedure.

·While installing the tool, a safety tag must be used while placing the punch over the die.

·The die and punch must be aligned correctly and the distance between them must be set to get the exact slide length.

·The pressure or force to be exerted must be set by trial and error method to get the exact pressure required for the job.

·A test bend must be made on waste material to check the settings. If the settings are correct, the production can be started immediately.

Key to set up Hydraulic Press Brake

It is similar to that of the mechanical regarding the selection and position of tooling. Some additional points to be taken into consideration while setting up it are listed below

· The hydraulic oil must be clean and the level of the reservoir in the oil must be checked.

·The tool which is selected must be installed as per the manufacturer’s instruction.

·The distance piece must be set to compensate for the difference in penetration between punch and die.

·The slide length of the punch should be set using the controls.

·A test bend is carried out and if not satisfactory necessary changes must be made in the device.

·Most of the hydraulic devices are electronic controlled and so the operator must be familiar with the controls used for the set up of the machine.

Note: Even if the set up is perfect, the production won’t be efficient if the tool is worn out. Worn out tool must be sent to the manufacturer for re-conditioning.


Industrial Press brake are used in many industries and they come in various sizes and types for specific jobs. With the development of automation engineering, CNC Brake press have been developed which are computer controlled and the set up of the equipment can be done in a short period of time. The accuracy of the bend depends upon the set up of the equipment; so much care must be taken while setting up the device. Even if it takes a little longer to set up the equipment, the production should not be started until the operator is confident about the set up of the machine. Click Here to get more information on Press Brakes.

How does a Hydraulic Press Brake work to give a Customized Sheet Metal Bending Operation?

It is important equipment for the industries having jobs related to the metal shaping or bending. Two types are popular among metal fabricators – the manually operated press brakes and the press brakes which operate on the hydraulic power. The sheet metal bending whose action is sourced from hydraulic power is commonly referred as a hydraulic press brake.

Features of Hydraulic Press Brake

It uses the power of the hydraulic motor to apply force on to the metal so that it is compressed onto the die forming the shape of the die. It is shape of the die that determines the shape acquired with the metal bending process. These can carry out an automated bending process and hence are the choice of many manufacturers looking for faster and efficient bending devices for cost effective bending processes. The precision of bending acquired with it is also excellent. Moreover as they are available in user-friendly formats, it is really easy to form metals into the required shapes using these hydraulic machines.

Advantages of Hydraulic Press Brake

The main advantage of using it for metal bending operation is the flexibility it offers for the bending operations. With this, one can cast customized shapes out of different kinds of metals. Therefore employing it for bending operation will give much efficiency in work than an ordinary bending machine which can only bend or curve the metal but cannot cast out the required shape out of it.

Working of Hydraulic Press Brake in Metal Bending Operation

The bending mechanism of it is a stamping process where the metal sheet is stamped into the mould or dies for casting it into the required shape. Initially as an input, sheet metal is fed into the device which gets aligned on to the die. Then as the force is applied on to this metal with lowered press or boom the metal is stamped into the mold. Hence this casts the sheet metal as per the shape of die. Therefore it is no wrong to say that die is a crucial component of a hydraulic brake because it’s the shape of die that will determine the shape of the object formed with the sheet metal. With continuous, repetitive sheet metal pressing using the properly selected dies one can cast customized shapes easily using today’s hydraulic machines. It is possible to cast almost any shape out of sheet metal using the latest devices that come with several desired features that provide for easy and customized shaping.

For accuracy in shaping process, these are designed for vibration free operation. It can save lot of production costs for the manufacturers as they do not require manual force for operation which is usually the requirement for manual bending equipments.

The Bottom Line

Those looking to buy hydraulic press brake,  can visit https://www.bhavyamachinetools.com/hydraulic-press to find a cost effective range of reliable and modern machineries.

Make Work Easier with one of Technology’s Latest Drill Machines!

Drill machines have come a long way in history because of the value they add in numerous areas such as: infrastructure, mining and many fields that involve building, demolishing or exploring. There are various types of drills available in the market to enable consumers to have unlimited options when it comes to choosing the right one. When choosing it requires adequate information about the drilling machine and how it is able to meet the demand the particular consumer would want it to meet. There are various examples of good quality drills that have been tested and are certified to be user friendly and impressive. They include:pillar drill machine and a V- belt driven radial drilling machine.

These are able to carry out drilling thoroughly and have amazed many consumers because of the way they have been meticulously designed to perform efficiently. These equipment have systems that contain a routine spindle in a system head that is installed near a flexible radial arm that can be brought up or reduced. They are designed to make sure that they offer high quality routines that can be modified above the item while executing the drilling exercise. It can be used for exploration gaps that many machines are yet to attain. Get your hands on these machines today and watch drilling becomes easier.

Features and application that Pillar Drill Machines have

These exquisite tools have a rigid structure that offers firm support in the course of the drilling exercise which enables it to last over time making it highly durable. Its part is readily available and easy to access hence should any replacement of parts be required one needs not to worry about spending a lot of time looking for spare part for the Drill equipment. It is easy to maintain which helps the consumer save on cost while maintain and its precision parts are made of the EN-8 steel. The pillar drill machine is specially designed for fast metal removal rate which is highly favorable for extraction of ores as far as mining is concerned. The octagonal shape pillar bracket acts like a rib providing more rigidity and support that keeps it upright. It has a drive to the spindle that goes through a six-splined sleeve from the inside making it firm and hard to get damaged.

Features and applications of V-Belt Driven Radial Drill Machine

This Drilling equipment is equipped with pasts such as a closed grain cast, iron column, high quality arms, geared work head. Its moving parts are finished to close tolerance while it has a steel spindle, a pinion and a spindle ram which enables the operator to easily use and maintain it. It has exceptionally accurate drilling performance of high quality that enable the operator to execute Radial drilling in a fast and effective manner that will save time and energy which in turn increases work productivity. This device has managed to incorporate sophisticated in its designs with a touch of simplicity.

Drilling can now be an enjoyable exercise thanks to these highly innovative machines that have fully embraced technology to help the mechanical industry keep up with the modernized society.