Perform Mechanical Operations on Shafts, Pipes and Other Materials Using Advanced Lathe Machines

The lathe machine is one of the most utilized tool in the world. They have developed overtime from simple to more sophisticated Computer Numerical Control (CNC), turret, capstan, all geared among others.  They are widely used in mechanical workshops, automotive industry and in maintenance workshops.

Machining Operations on Pipes and Shafts Done Using Lathe Machines

Convectional devices perform various operations on shafts and pipes. One main function is turning which entails the precision reduction of diameter of shafts and pipes. Facing entails the reduction of shaft length. It also performs threading on pipes and shafts. By adjusting the settings, one can cut imperial threads (UNF, UNC, BSW and BSF) of different pitches, ISO threads, ACME threads, internal and external threads and many other types.

Other functions done using the lathe machine include; drilling, boring (enlarging an existing hole on a shaft), taper tuning, form turning (producing a specific shape on a shaft), cutoff (cutting a shaft into different parts) and knurling (making impressions on a shaft).

They used to manufacture many cylindrical components such as bolts, nuts, bush bearings, shafts, pipes and many other mechanical components.


Achieving Precision and Accuracy of Mechanical Operations Using Geared Lathe Machines

These are very accurate as the transmissions from the motor to other controls are done through gearing systems. This achieves high precision and enables to cut heavy duty shafts.

Features of CNC Lathe Machines and How They Enhance Machining Operations

These are computerized and most functions of the operator are computer controlled. The operator programs the lathe to perform a set of functions based on the input parameters.

The operator enters the initial work piece size, depth of each cut, operations to be done (turning , threading, facing etc) and the final work piece size. It will automatically cut the shaft to the required parameters. It incorporates automatic feed control, tool changing systems and automatic spindle speed adjustments.

Technological Advancement in Lathe Machines and How They Enhance Shaft and Pipe Machining Operations

These are sturdy in their construction and are able to handle heavy loads and operate with less noise. They have high precision as compared to other lathe. CNC are automatically controlled and also achieve high precision.

The turret, capstan and CNC lathe machine are manufactured to handle high production volumes and have specialized features that allow easy work mounting, centering and precision machining.

Current it have many advanced features that enhance the production process. These include; self centering 3 jaw chuck, four jaw chucks, spindle speed control, automatic feeding, automatic braking and many safety and ergonomic features. The bed size, bed swing for most lathe equipments have increased in order to enable the large diameter shafts.


Lathe machines are used in most production workshops for shaft and pipe cutting. CNC and all geared have special features which make them very effective in machining centers and high production environments.

Why do Moderate Construction Projects Deserve Mobile Concrete Mixture?

Modern Construction Industry and Construction Equipments

Construction process includes variety of activities hence, time consumption is quite long. To make the work proceed faster unlike conventional activities, several friendly equipments have been introduced by machinery industries.

The Advent of Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer is applied to prepare concrete mix and it is equipped with a revolving barrel and motor to activate the mechanism. The ingredients are dumped into that barrel and the equipment rotates the barrel to complete the mixing action. This is available either as transferable and stationery model and found to be of greatest use for fast works.


Benefits of Concrete Mixer

The cement mixing device can mix different ingredients and stays helpful in delivering ready mix to make the building process relatively quick. The motor turns the barrel’s position and once the barrel completes the mixing action it is shifted to tilting position to pour out the ready mix.

Building Equipments for Moderate Construction Projects

Concrete Mixer is available in portable form with manual and motor operated options. We supplies concrete blending equipment hopper with and concrete mixer without hopper, 10/7cft concrete with hydraulic type mixer, slab trolley with rails, etc. Investors have multiple options to select the mixer based on mechanism.

Weight Batcher from Bhavya Machine Tools

Weight batcher is an interesting component that can be equipped with concrete mixing equipment for moderate to large construction projects. It stays very effective to obtain the right amount of ready mix concrete in terms of weighing process and we offer weight batcher with double hoppers.

Weight Batcher from Bhavya Machine Tools–A Perfect Solution to Avoid Material Wastage

Weight batcher supplied by us can hold the capacity of up to 250 kg is used to get the desired amount of ready mix and this method will certainly avoid excess mix to get dried. Hence, chances of wastage are meagre while investing for weight batcher.

Half Bag Concrete Mixer

Half bag concrete mixer stays convenient to obtain concrete mix with good uniformity. These are equipped with loader bucket which has the capacity to make the mixing process in an effective way.

Growing popularity for Construction Machines

Since, the impact of infrastructure development is felt seriously from global perspective; the demand for smart and friendly equipments is increasing everywhere. Similarly, these tools are also preferred because working with these machineries reduces the cost considerably.

Nuances in choosing suitable construction device

It is very important to consider the project level and the respective requirement. Bhavya Machine Tools is a right place to find equipments for smaller to moderate projects and they supply by evaluating the speed required.  For more information, visit –


We offers equipments for wide range of industries. As far as machines are concerned, investors can find variable options to manage moderate to large construction works and instruments supplied by them are made of high quality materials and stays reliable for long term usability.

How to Choose Power Tools that Saves Core Machining Expense and Maintenance Costs Considerably?

Usability of Power Tools in Drilling and Welding Process

Power tools are machinery components that can work with extra source of energy and they are the reliable choice for small to moderate core machining operations.

Significance of Power Tools

These are available in different types and sizes and they make the core industrial operations of metal industries to get complete finishing. Power tools are cost effective and save machining expense in a great way.

Stud Welding Device and its importance

Stud welding works in terms of the heat produced by the power source equipped with the device. This power source then helps to fasten the welded stud into the work piece. Wherein, the weld stud might be bolt or nut that will be embedded into the work piece by welding process.

Power Source for Stud Welding Power Tool

Stud welding device is equipped with control circuit with adjustable weld time option. This option assists in controlling the required welding process and the welding time from milliseconds to seconds. It is a very economic welding option to fix bolts and nuts to the desired location.

D C Rectifier-The cost effective alternative for Welding

D C Rectifier is a suitable alternative for traditional welding equipment. It is widely preferred for precision and high quality welding purpose and applied at large for welding high pressure pipeline fabrication process. We offers this machine with the power capacity between 300 to 600 amps.

Regulator Type, and Spot Welding –For Low Maintenance Costs

The required power level can be regulated using the regulating handle equipped with the device. Spot welding process stays a significant component for welding in many industries. It is applied in steel, stainless steel and other metal industries where two work piece materials are blended at specific spots.

Butt type of Welding

Butt welding is the process by which two metal work pieces are joined together with a welded metal place by using pressure variation. This equipment is very effective for economic and strong welding options.

Different Types of Welding Components for Complicated Welding Jobs from Bhavya Machine Tools

Sub merge arc welding equipment, mini welding, bandsaw butt welding, wire butt welding, MIG/TIG welding , seam welding are some of the different types of portable welding equipment supplied by us. These equipments are reliable and made of high grade raw materials and investors can see very less amount spent on maintenance.

Portable Drilling Equipments offered by Bhavya Machines

We supply different types of compact welding and drilling machines at affordable price and they stay perfect for economic drilling operations. For drilling 6mm to 230 mm they have series of drilling equipments like light duty and heavy duty drill, straight and angle grinder equipment.


Power tools such as welding machine, drilling and grinding equipments saves time and cost than its respective conventional methods. Bhavya Machine Tools is the right place to find portable and medium sized power equipment at reliable costs.

Designer Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Made Easier with Woodworking Machinery

Machinery for Wood Work

Machining wood work piece boards to obtain straight, angular, and many more shapes with accuracy requires the support of appropriate tools. With the advent of AutoCAD and relative software machineries are designed in innovative ways to obtain workshop equipments with ease.

Production of Fashionable Wooden Components

Wood works are preferably done in furniture and construction industries. As people expect convenient and flexible option in furniture, more complicated and innovate wooden furniture are made and wood work instruments stay very supportive to obtain wood work piece into the desired shapes, curves, angles and in different dimensions.

Innovative Equipments to Produce Complicated Designs in Wood

Woodworking tools are available with versatile mechanisms. There are many devices that can be illustrated to handle complicated machining with wood work piece. Surface planner modular, chain mortise, bandsaw device, bench grinder and many more equipments are designed by manufacturer.

Wood working machinery for furniture making purpose

Jig saw for coarse machining process with wood work piece, double auto mould to work on two sides simultaneously and for making angular moulds, auto mould for efficient moulding operation, chisel mortise for drilling operations, router device to make grooves, and many more options are available to continue with furniture designing.

The One Stop Destination to find Wide Range of woodworking machinery

We supplied workshop equipments to support machining operations on different work piece materials. They have plethora of woodworking machines made from high quality metals and supply to different parts of the world with complete customer support.

Pioneering Wood Machining Tools Supplied

We supply equipments for specific and multiple machining purposes. They have specific devices to carry out exclusive machining options such as thickness planer with auto mould, surface planer with circular saw attachment, tilting arbour spindle moulder, chisel mortise and many more.

Machinery to Produce Wooden Boards of Overall Precise Thickness

We offers Thickness Planer with auto mould, a compatible equipment to make wooden boards with precise thickness. This device is customized with either 2 or 3 planer blades and auto mould system to keep the wood work accurate.

Machinery for Economic Mortising Jobs

Mortising jobs play significant role in many wood works. Though machining options are available for easy mortising, yet, wastage, precision and expense features remain challenging for moderate and huge production requirement.

Difference between Chisel and Chain Mortiser

Chain Mortiser economy model supplied by us stays perfect for precise cavity creating jobs and it supports the operator for easy operations. Chisel Mortiser is used for industrial drilling operations and it is supplied with standard components like drill chuck, 3 phase electric motor, etc that makes the equipment to come out with enhanced performance.

Machinery to Form Grooves in Wood Piece

Roture machine is a versatile option applied to cut grooves. A high speed router stays effective to complete bulk work. Similarly, router can also be preferred to obtain different patterns in wood work pieces.

Supportive Machinery for Workshop Activity in Furniture Industry

We offers wide range of supportive device for wood works such as edge trimmer for trimming operations, edge bander for banding process, multi boring to drill multiple heads, post forming for protecting the wood surface of the furniture, dust collector to collect the granules of wood and stays supportive for overall maintenance.


Wood works especially furniture making is a creative job and finding a machinery to support work word will be a reliable option to experience precise productivity.

Safety Norms to be Followed while Applying Slab Trolley with Rails and Tower Hoist

Construction Made Easy with Innovative Mechanisms

Apart from Concrete mixer, batch plant, weight batcher, there are special equipments available today to make the construction work faster. These equipments are suitable to handle heavy or big level of construction projects.

Machines Available for Transit of Concrete Mix to different levels of construction

For higher level of building requisites like multi-storied buildings, big commercial complexes and multiplex and similar projects shifting of concrete mix remains a difficult task; however, with innovative components like tower hoists and Slab Trolleys with Rails the process of transiting has been made very reliable, fast and easy.

Slab Trolley with Rails and its advantages

Slab Trolley is a versatile equipment used to transit ready mix concrete from one location to other. However, this equipment operates in horizontal direction and stays very helpful to make over building work that takes place in single plane. Slab trolleys can hold up to 0.3 cubic meters of ready mix concrete.


Safety Norms while working with Slab Trolley

Slab Trolley operational safety norms is a mandatory operational requirement which have to be strictly followed in construction sites.

Benefits of Tower Hoist

Tower cranes used for transiting concrete mix and apart from that there are certain significant advantages with tower hoists such as easy to mobilize, cleanliness during operation, reduces the cost of hiring vehicles used to transit ready mix component. Similarly, while analysing the environment and health safety this equipment stays a suitable option to avoid risk of polluting the site.

Safety Issues to be Taken Care of while Installing Tower Hoists

Erection and commissioning of tower hoists is a complicated process and to obtain a safe operation it is mandatory to seek the help of experienced professionals. Similarly, personal safety while handling the operation is more important as well.

Personal Protection requirements to stick with while working with Tower Hoist

Working with tower hoist or tower cranes is a risky job indeed if personal protection and operation instructions are not followed as instructed in the manufacturer manual. Similarly authorised regulations are also imposed with code of practise in order to maintain safe working environment.

Importance of Maintenance Aspects

Maintenance is considered mandatory to work with tower hoists as well as slab trolleys. Proper and periodical examination is compulsorily required to avoid sudden failure of cranes; hence, these types of construction equipment have to be operated with experienced operators who will also take care of the maintenance part.

Erection Procedure

Erection of the crane should be carried out with the help of skilled and experienced people as it requires good training. Similarly, it is mandatory to follow the manufacturers’ guidance notes before starting with the application.

Construction Machines Supplied

We are pioneer in supplying machineries for wide industrial applications. For ease of construction, builders can find excellent equipments available at affordable price.

List of Construction Equipments

Apart from concrete mixing device, We also provide concrete transit tools like vibrating plate compactor, tower hoist channel and angle type, slab trolley with rails, concrete block machine and further more information visit- They supply tower hoists with varying height and load capacities.


Construction equipments make the work faster however, safety norms have to be followed strictly for uninterrupted operation.

What are the Specifications to Check for Before Buying Air Compressor Accessories for Automobile Factories?

Air Compressor and Its Significance

Air compressor is a device that stays very significant when there is electrical to kinetic energy conversion is required. It works by utilizing compressed air which is sent with maximum force where large amount of kinetic energy is released.

Uses of Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy released from compressor is applied for activating different mechanisms.  Kinetic energy conversion principles of compressors are also used for majority of cleaning operations.

Increasing Industrial Applications of Compressors

The compressing action can be operated as per the industrial operation requisites. The compressed air is evaluated in cubic feet and increase in compression leads to obtain good power source.

Compressors in Automobile Industries

Automobile industry finds wide variety of applications with the help of air compressors. Starting from application in manufacturing unit to washing, processing, assembling, etc the importance of compressors is felt high as it is also preferred for power saving option.

Beneficial Aspects of Air Compressors for Automobile Sector

Some of the beneficial and important applications are,

  • Used for many pneumatic control operations.
  • Used for filling vehicle tubes.
  • Used for driving assembly tools.
  • Used as Lifting Tool and many more

Different Types of Compressors

Air compressor, single and two stage compressor, vertical air compressor and multi stage compressor are some of the notable and most widely preferred automobile machines. Wherein, single stage and two stage compressors differ in terms of the pressure range the respect models can offer.




How to Find Suitable Pressure Device with respect to Industrial Usage?

Compressors can be purchased based on the pressure requirement. Single stage compressor can produce low pressure and two stage pressure equipment can generate high pressure level hence, the latter stays a suitable option in automobile and engineering workshops.



Low cost Pressure Requirement

Vertical air compressor can generate high volume air at low investment. It is widely applied in paper, textile, electronics, and chemical and gas industries. It is considered the most economic of all compressor models and suits industries where large volume of air is required.

Bhavya Machine Tools, a Perfect Destination to buy Compressors

We supplying machinery for wide range of engineering industries. There are different types of pressure device offered by them wherein, it is flexible to find pressure equipment with desired level of pressure releasing capacity.



How to buy pressure device for automobile factories from Bhavya Machine Tools?

We provide different types of pressure devices for automobile industries. A two stage air compressor and multi stage compressors are perfect for automobile sector. High pressure compressed air from 150PSIG to 175 PSIG and from 500 to 1000 PSIG can be utilized from the above models respectively.

Specifications to look for

Before buying pressure compressor device the investor also needs to check for the operational capacity, structure, and guarantee and accessories availability as well. We will stay a reliable destination to get cost effective and high performing machinery.


Air compressors applied in automobile industries should have moderate to high pressure releasing capacity. Bhavya Machine Tools is a right place to find high, moderate and low pressure generating tools.

Different Types & Features of Shearing Machines –

Bhavya Machine Tools offers hydraulic shearing, foot operated shearing, Roll Driven Slip out Type Shearing machine and under crank shearing device. Every shearing component is designed to meet trimming needs of different work materials; hence, depending on the type of material that has to be cut a shearing equipment model is selected.

We are leader in manufacturing and supplying workshop friendly equipments from India to many parts of the world. equipments brought from Bhavya are known for its quality, tensile strength and high working performance. They offer wide range of shearing machines at affordable cost. It has specific merits when it comes to working principle. Buying a suitable tools that matches the cutting requirements is the right way to invest and here is the right place to find one. Further more information visit –

What makes Mechanical Press Brake Special?

Press brakes are depended on in engineering industries for sheet bending requirements. It shows higher performance and speed production for large engineering requirements. However, buying a press from a reputed manufacturer is more important than just investing for the sort of bending requisites and We are one among the best options. Bhavya Machine Tools is a machining equipment manufacturer in India and they have been supplying a range of workshop devices at relatively good quality and cost. We offer both Mechanical and Hydraulic press brakes.

Machining Equipment manufactured by Bhavya Machine Tools are known for excellent construction and best performance. In addition, buying machinery from this manufacture offers advantages like low maintenance and less labour cost. Get more information about different types of Press Brake, visit –