The Importance of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Critical Component Manufacturing

Laser cutting of metal is not a new method; it has been there for the past many years. Nevertheless, there is still some perplexity about which laser is better for what application. Though metal cutting can be done through water-jet or plasma machines, the importance of fiber laser cutting machine for critical component manufacturing cannot be ignored.

Why is a fiber laser cutting machine is important in critical component manufacturing?

Today, manufacturing industry requires accurate and swift production, and therefore, contemporary technology loaded operations are quite popular. Different tools are required for different purposes and hence changing the tool takes a lot of time. This turns out to be a costly affair for industrialists. The fiber laser cutting machine has been a preferred way for critical component manufacturing.

The biggest benefit of such technology is the machine doesn’t get in touch with the materials and therefore, there is no question of wear and tear of it. Furthermore, the renewing costs of the tool is nil. There is a big market for laser machines in manufacturing processes and industrialists now realize the advantages of shifting to the latest technology of laser.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Benefits of fiber laser cutting machine

  • The maintenance costs are reduced and so are operating costs as there are no mirrors or moving parts involved while generating light sources
  • The electrical efficiency is higher as compared to other machines that ultimately brings down the maintaining cost
  • The speed of fiber laser cutting machine is high during the cutting of thin materials
  • It cuts reflective materials in such a manner that back reflection isn’t a problem

Fiber laser cutting machine for metal

The accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine for metals is higher than any other tool used for the same process. It is said that its accuracy is twelve times finer than plasma cutting and fourteen times sharper than water cutting. Hence, for most of the companies who believe in quality products would understand the importance of fiber laser cutting machine for critical component manufacturing including the most complex or complicated elements.

It is not exaggerated to say that such machines are worldwide accepted for their accuracy and quality. It can cut a lot of materials including plastics, glasses, woods, metals, and many more.

Nothing but the best

When you have set your mind for choosing fiber, you should consider a particular model which does not just include the manufacture’s analysis but also parameters. A lot of criteria are kept in mind with their combinations to choose upon the best available option of fiber laser cutting machine for critical component manufacturing. Selecting a proper tool would give you the best return on investment and, therefore, you should avoid selecting the tool blindly. If needed, you can also take opinions from experts in the industry rather than wasting money on improper machines.

It is for reasons as mentioned above, fiber laser cutting machines have become the leaders in metal cutting industry, and with the latest technology, the quality will only increase. The machine, in the future, would come with better precision and quality that you can surely bank upon.

Coronavirus Pandemic Implications on the Global Machine Tools Market

The coronavirus outbreak has created several challenges for many industries and businesses around the world. A majority of the leading countries of the world have been forced to take strict actions like complete lockdown to prevent the coronavirus disease to spread further. Considering the fact that there is no vaccine available for this disease, lockdown, and social distancing is the most beneficial steps to stop the coronavirus spread. However, this step has formed a challenging environment for several industries like aviation, tourism, hospitality and more. On the other hand, several industries like pharmaceutical and FMCG are facing the pressure of high production. This has forced companies to expand their manufacturing facilities and invest in high tech machinery.

Coronavirus Disease – Present Scenario

As per the medical experts, coronavirus typically affects respiratory tracts of humans, mammals, and birds. It is often. COVID 19 outbreak was first identified in China in December 2019 and at present, it has affected more than 6,00,000 people across the world. All the leading countries of the world are in the process of developing vaccines to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. As of now the WHO and regulatory authorities have asked people to follow safety guidelines like social distancing, self-isolation and frequent handwashing or cleaning the hands with hand sanitizer.

Coronavirus Disease

Global Machine Tools Market Trends

Machine tools are an integral part of engineering and construction projects and they are widely used in the operational manufacturing units. As a result of numerous applications of machine tools in various industries, the machine tools market was valued at approximately$62.6 billion in the year 2018. APAC region is witnessing a steady growth in industries such as automotive, construction and energy. In these industries, machine tools are widely used in applications like turning, grinding, boring and broaching. The growth of these industries is fueling the demand for machine tools. As a result, the APACregion had the maximum market share of 54.80% in 2018.

Effects of coronavirus on Machine Tools Market

Coronavirus outbreak has harmed many industries and businesses globally, but if we talk about the machine tool market, the damage is not as severe as other industries. The most important reason behind this fact is that the demand for machine tools is not limited to one or two industries. Machine tools are widely used in a wide range of industries.

If we look at the automotive industry, most of the companies around the world have reduced or stopped their production so the demand for machine tools in this particular sector has gone down. However, pharmaceutical and FMCG industries are experiencing a high demand for essential products. Be it an MNCor a mid-sized company, this situation has forced everyone in these industries to expand their manufacturing facilities and invest in equipment with the latest technology to meet high production requirements. As a result, machinery manufacturers are also facing high demand for various machines used in these industries, which has increased the demand for machine tools in this sector.

Besides, the lockdown in many leading countries around the world has affected the production of machine tools in those countries. Because of that, the countries which are less affected by the coronavirus and continuing international trade of machinery are having a great opportunity in different regions around the world.

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