Press Brake – Types of Press Brakes, Applications of Press Brake

Press Brake
Press brake is also known as “Brake press” or “Break” is a machine tool for bending sheet and plate material. It is described using two parameters – working length and force or tonnage. Who can operate the machine would depend on one’s knowledge and skill about this cannot be done by an ordinary and inexperienced person in the field.

Types of Press Brake

It is defined in several categories based on applied force like mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and servo electric press brake. A mechanical press is advantageous in terms of speed and accuracy. Pneumatic and servo-electric machines, on the other hand are used for lower tonnage work or applications. Furthermore, hydraulic brakes are used to produce high quality products that are reliable and use little energy.

Applications of Press Brake
Press-brake forming is an art, and greatly dependent on operator skill. Therefore, it is expected that varying levels of quality and productivity are to be achieved by two different operators. Consequently, inconsistent results are also accepted and need more attention for consistency. Higher differencing parts are reworked, scrapped or simply passed to the next stage.

It is very useful for sheet metal bending. The produced sheet metal afterwards will then be useful for a wide array of applications in the manufacturing industry. These produced sheet metals are used in home appliances, vehicles, in heavy equipments, these sheet metals are sure to be functional on everyday lives of people. But before the right sheet metals are formed, sheet metal benders should first consider the right die design to produce the right sheet metal. These are used in many different forming jobs with the right die design like V dies, rotary bending dies, acute angle dies, radius dies etc. In a mechanical press, energy is added to a flywheel with an electric motor. A clutch engages the flywheel to power a crank mechanism that moves the ram vertically. Accuracy and speed are two advantages of the mechanical press brake. Hydraulic press brake operates by means of two synchronized hydraulic cylinders on the C-frames moving the upper beam.

Mechanical press brake offers a rigid ram level and easier to overload and difficult to bring ram close to material for scribed line work. Skilled operator needed to slip clutch for adjusting. Mechanical brake presses don’t enable you to adjust the stroke length. One must complete the revolution and cycle the machine completely.

Hydraulic press brake is safe and more expensive. These types of brakes are slower and have more precision bend work with better control when inching down and setting up for your bend, they can return to the top any time. These are easy to operate and provide simplified and easy controls for optimum output with better operator efficiency. Bhavya Machine tools is a leading manufacturer in India offering high quality and machinery tools with advanced features. Visit for further information.

Drill Machine – Types of Drilling Machines, Applications of Drilling Machine

Drill Machine
It is used for drilling holes in different materials. It’s also called as drill press used in drilling various sizes of holes in any surface area and to a precise depth. They have revolutionary changed the industrial work of every kind to make the complex task very simple. Fine quality equipments with latest technology and standards have made the machining work more precise and accurate. These are in high demand across the world due to effective precision machinery work and cost effective price and maintenance. There are varieties of drilling machines for different applications.

Types of Drilling Machines

Drill machines are categorized as pillar drill machine, radial drill machine and drilling cum milling machine. Pillar drill machines have rigid structure and vibration free machining. 13-20-25mm pillar drill machine and 38-40mm pillar drill machine are used in different industries worldwide. RAM from special alloy steel pipe of more thickness gives more strength bearing capacity. These are very common and parts are also easily available. These are available in various dimensions of drill head, base plate and capacity. All geared radial drill machine comes in several models with highest degree of accuracy. All geared drilling machine comes in various capacities for drilling various radius ranges. The bearing shafts and main assemblies are force lubricated and gears are induction hardened and the spindle is hardened and ground. Radial drills are of three types. One is plain radial drill where the drill spindle is always vertical and may not swing over any point of the work. Drilling cum milling machine is two-in-one functioning machine works for drilling and milling operations.

Applications of Drilling Machine
Drill machine made from quality materials, using advanced technology have low maintenance and high performance with higher precision machining work. Various models provide convenience and versatility. These machines are used in industries like manufacturing, metalworking, woodworking, masonry and construction as well. Apart from drilling holes, drill machine is featured of performing various tasks like tapping, spot facing, reaming, counter sinking and counter boring etc. Tapping is a process to hole in pipelines under pressure. Spot facing application is furnishing finished circular surfaces around the top of a hole for seating the washer or the bolt head. Pillar drill machine is used to drill holes in concretes, rocks, heavy duty machines, metal sheets, plastic, wood, glass and other material. It has durable bits which extends the efficiency and performance in heavy load conditions. The height and penetrating assembly of the drilling machine can also be adjusted.

Radial drill machine is a machine, where drilling head is mounted slide along a radial arm which can be rotated, raised or lowered on a vertical mast to adjust the position of the drill above the work piece. The radial drill machine is much known for its precision, accuracy and efficiency. Radial drills are designed for very precision and accurate work ensuring smooth rotation of column and avoid angular deflection of spindle axis. It is of very much robust construction for heavy duty drilling. Minute inspection with accuracy is required while operating radial drilling machine. The drill table is placed on a solid foundation to hold the heavy work. When the piece of work is secured on the drill table, the drill spindle may be placed over any part of the work without moving the latter.

Drilling cum milling machine is used for both drilling and milling function on the work piece. Bhavya Machine Tools is one of the prime machine tools manufacturers in India provides all types of drilling machine and other machinery tools with reasonable quote.

Sheet Metal Machine – Types of Sheet Metal Machines, Applications of Sheet Metal Machines

Sheet Metal Machine
Machine tools are the devices used to cut, drill, press, and shear the hardened materials into specific forms. Metal Forming Machine are used to cut, press, bend and form sheet metal into different shapes and sizes. Various metals are used for this process. Aluminum, brass, copper, steel, tin, nickel etc are used for various automobile, medical and other industries.

Types – Sheet Metal Machine

Sheet Metal Machinery are applied in different applications and industries. Several types of power press are available like C type power press, pillar power press, hydraulic, punch press, H type power press. Hydraulic press use hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force uses hydraulic equivalent of a mechanical lever. Hydraulic power press is commonly used for hydroforming.

Sheet bending is a type of sheet metal machine use to form heavy and large right angle and curved folds on the sides of the trunks. Steel body fly press is also a categorical bending tools used for particular press work with higher centre distance, accuracy and efficiency. Arbour press is used for general engineering workshops, automobile workshops and garages. Other types are swaging, small and imported sheet metal equipments are used for various industrial applications.

Applications – Sheet Metal Machine

Power press are widely used in various industrial purposes in automobiles and other industries to acquire enormously high precision press operation, table and ram are aligned to each other. Hand operated sheet bending device has cast iron body, complete with handle, bending bar and bending blade to curve folds on the sides of the trunks. Hand operated rack and pinion type arbour presses are used for driving mandrels in and out of work also used in inserting and removing bushes, bearing etc. Press brakes are used in many different forming jobs with the right die design like V dies, rotary bending dies, acute angle dies, radius dies etc. In a mechanical press brake, energy is added to a flywheel with an electric motor.

A clutch engages the flywheel to power a crank mechanism that moves the ram vertically. Accuracy and speed are two advantages of the mechanical press brake. Hydraulic press brake operates by means of two synchronized hydraulic cylinders on the C-frames moving the upper beam. Press brake is a fundamental tool to get steel forming industry. Thus growing needs of metal and steel have increased the usage of sheet metal machinery in various industrial applications. If you are looking for good quality tools like lathe, drill, sheet metal, SPM & heavy, shearing, Tool room, Construction and wood working, you must visit for further information and advanced features with tools.

Tool Room Machines – Types of Tool Room Machine, Applications of Tool Room Machines

Tool room machines are the machines used in grinding, shaping and cutting wood, metal and other materials in various industrial applications. Grinding machine, milling machine, shaping machine, slotting machine, bandsaw machine and hackshow machines are some of the tool room machines are very useful in industries.

Types of Tool Room Machines

Grinding machines are used to grind metals and other materials. Milling machine is used to accurately shape metal and other solid materials. Shaping machines are used for shaping straight and flat metal surfaces. Slotting machine is useful to shape or cut metal and wood materials. It can make slots on heads of blank machine screws, wood screws, bolts and automobile components. Bandsaw machines are used to cut a variety of irregular or curved shape materials. Hackshow machine is used to cut wood, metal and other materials very smoothly.

Applications of Tool Room Machines

The high quality grinding machine also referred as a grinder used in grinding with abrasive wheel as a cutting tool. Various types of grinding machines have different applications like belt grinder is used to process metals and other materials with the aid of coated abrasives. Belt grinding is used in finishing, debarring and stock removal. Bench grinder is used in roughing and finishing operations. Cylindrical grinder is used in making precision rods with multiple grinding wheels. Surface grinding machine with wash grinder is applied to the workpiece, which is moved back and forth past the grinding wheel on a table that has a permanent magnet for use with magnetic stock. Surface grinding machine can be manually operated or have CNC controls.

Milling machines are classified in two forms, horizontal milling machine and vertical milling machine. Milling machines are available in three types based on operation. Manually operated milling machine, mechanically automated milling machine and digitally automated CNC milling machine. Milling machines are used for simple to complex cutting, drilling and shaping applications. Turret milling machine is a subcategories of vertical milling. Turret milling has a quill, allows the milling cutter to be raised and lowered in a manner similar to a drill press. Turret milling cuts in the vertical (Z) direction by raising or lowering the quill and by moving the knee.

Bandsaw machine is used to cut long bars into different shapes in various industries like automobile, electronic, electrical, wood working and others. Bandsaw is a power tool used to band of metal with blade. Bandsaw is used in woodworking and metalworking for cutting irregular shapes, curved shapes or straight cuts. There are two types of bandsaw machines are available in the market like horizontal bandsaw machine and double column bandsaw machine. Shaping machines are used for shaping straight and flat metal surface like for steel cutting, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals cut in different curves, angles and shapes. Tool room machines made from high quality materials/parts with rugged constructive formation from expert machine tools company always give assurance and trust for long durability, flexibilities, low maintenance with accurate and precision functions, easy operations with many inbuilt features are prime attractions to buy tool room machines from reputed manufacturers. Bhavya Machine Tools is one of the leading machinery tools manufacturers and exported in India providing all types of machines for better functionalities. For further details you may visit –

Types of Lathe, Applications of Lathe Machines

Electro mechanical machinery are high in demand as the world progress with new technologies. Growing demand for technology development in the machine tools sector have developed competitive machinery like drill machines, sheet metal machines, shearing machines, press brake, tool room machines, constructions machines, wood working machines and power tools etc.

Lathe Machine

These are the machines to create objects that have symmetry about an axis of rotation and used for precise machining to the comparative hard materials. Thus this tool rotates the work piece on its axis to perform variety of operations like cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling for metal working, wood turning and metal spinning etc., with wide range of other applications in the field of power plants, steel rolling mills, tool rooms, paper textile and oil industries.

Types & Applications of Lathe Machines
These are available in varieties for different functions and features with compact and lighter models. The durability of these machines is very high as they are made for robust tough environment from high quality spare parts. Different types are used for different applications in different industries. Light duty lathe machines are very compact, robust, and designed for long duration workability on this machine. Medium duty is a higher version with enhanced lathe functioning in the industries like ship building, mining and for textile industries build with modern technology. Heavy duty are built from world class heavy duty parts for long lasting work capability with high functionality, flexibility and durability features. Extra heavy duty incorporate latest technology and features for high tolerances applications in steel, power plants and mining industries.

Roll turning lathe machine made from quality materials for tensile strength and resistivity to adverse conditions and high productivity results across Iron & Steel, metal industries to re-grind roll mills. It is also useful in plastic and metal die-making in various industries like sugar, paper, cement and heavy engineering industries. All Geared are made from supreme quality parts with durable structure used for sanding, drilling, cutting for wood turning, metal spinning, glass working in various industries. Light weight all geared are also available in the market with enhanced features. These all machinery are made in few of the developing countries and exported to the countries where they are in demand. Many a times industries also import these equipments with extend features and accessories for better productivity, easy operation and maintenance at cheap rate. Imported lathe machines are categories based on the applications and features as universal all geared and high speed all geared lathe machine. Imported CNC with various features for different segments are categories as Flat bed CNC lathe and Slant bed CNC lathe. Bhavya Machine tools is a leading Machine tools manufacturer in India, dealing in all types of machinery tools. For further details, you may visit

Sheet Bending – Hand Operated Sheet Bending Machine, Flat Sheet Bending Machine

Sheet bending machine is used to bend or straight the metal sheets and strips. Hand operated sheet bending is very much useful for sheet metal bending with accuracy. Many other features along with bending are punching, cutting and sheering. These are available in manual, automatic or programmable control of operations. For cold liner bending to design various shapes for the parts, a special devices with a rotary bending beam are used which have many specific features of shape bending. To bend and straightening the parts of boilers, converters, high pressure vessels and pipes for more than 400 mm diameter, rotary-roll bending devices are used.

Another type of bending machine like flat sheet bending machine is also available in the market, which is applicable in the bending of flat sheets to make curved plates. This is used to curve plates with min. diameter of 1.2m. This is useful for your bending needs. Another type of bending equipment is hydraulic sheet bending for large productivity. These are available in different bending capacity from 1200mm to 3000mm sheet length. Synchronized operating hydraulic cylinders mounted on the rear side of the units are to make enough execution for the balance between ram and table. The sheet metal bending machine hydraulic cylinders hooked up to the hydraulic unit with the operating pressure of 20 MPa and control pedal depressed, the punch beam is in the uppermost position. When the control pedal is pressed, the control valve shifts and oil starts to flow into the working space of the hydraulic cylinders.

The Sheet Metal Bending tools can be transported at any distance by any means of transportation. Atmospheric fallout protection must be ensured by transportation. The plate bending is suitable for designated profile roof panel, which is strong, durable, and fashionable. Its products are widely used in a variety of buildings. Thus there are various types of bending equipments are available in the market. You can get the quality sheet bending machine as on your requirement. For more information on various types of tools like hand operated, bandsaw, milling, turret milling and CNC lathe etc, you may visit for further information.

Machine Tools – Bandsaw Machine, Milling Machine, CNC lathe, Turret milling

Lathe machine is used to create symmetrical shape of metal. It is used for precise shape of hard materials. This is widely used in paper mills, power plants, shipping and mining industries and oil industries. Bandsaw machine is applied for irregular and to curve the shapes for wood working and metal working. It’s creating uniform cutting for evenly distributed tooth load. It cut the metal and wood with better accuracy and high cutting speed.CNC lathe is another important tool. The full form of CNC lathe is computed numerically controlled lathe is an electronic machine for shaping wood and other materials by rotating drive.

This makes no errors in comparison with manual machine. A turret milling is useful for accurately shaping metal and many solid materials. It ensure durability and reliability. Their versatile features and higher cutting capacity leads to better efficiency. These are created using best quality components to meet maximum load conditions. Sheet bending machine which is designed for accurate and economical bending of standard and special design forms. It is used for punching, cutting, bending and shearing sheet metal. Press brake is mostly used for bending metal sheets and plates.

A wood working machine is a special type of equipment that is designed to process wood. It is used for various operations such as cutting, drilling, grinding, shaping, joining, finishing etc. Panel processing equipments for used for bulk manufacturing of wooden products. construction tools like concrete mixer, hydraulic type mixer, concrete mixer without hopper, half bag concrete mixer, weight batcher, slab trolley with rails etc. equipments are primarily used for performing various construction related tasks. Such there is a wide array of tools available in market for granular micro work to giant metal shape cutting, shaping, welding and bending work.