Sheet Metal Machine – Types of Sheet Metal Machines, Applications of Sheet Metal Machines

Sheet Metal Machine
Machine tools are the devices used to cut, drill, press, and shear the hardened materials into specific forms. Metal Forming Machine are used to cut, press, bend and form sheet metal into different shapes and sizes. Various metals are used for this process. Aluminum, brass, copper, steel, tin, nickel etc are used for various automobile, medical and other industries.

Types – Sheet Metal Machine

Sheet Metal Machinery are applied in different applications and industries. Several types of power press are available like C type power press, pillar power press, hydraulic, punch press, H type power press. Hydraulic press use hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force uses hydraulic equivalent of a mechanical lever. Hydraulic power press is commonly used for hydroforming.

Sheet bending is a type of sheet metal machine use to form heavy and large right angle and curved folds on the sides of the trunks. Steel body fly press is also a categorical bending tools used for particular press work with higher centre distance, accuracy and efficiency. Arbour press is used for general engineering workshops, automobile workshops and garages. Other types are swaging, small and imported sheet metal equipments are used for various industrial applications.

Applications – Sheet Metal Machine

Power press are widely used in various industrial purposes in automobiles and other industries to acquire enormously high precision press operation, table and ram are aligned to each other. Hand operated sheet bending device has cast iron body, complete with handle, bending bar and bending blade to curve folds on the sides of the trunks. Hand operated rack and pinion type arbour presses are used for driving mandrels in and out of work also used in inserting and removing bushes, bearing etc. Press brakes are used in many different forming jobs with the right die design like V dies, rotary bending dies, acute angle dies, radius dies etc. In a mechanical press brake, energy is added to a flywheel with an electric motor.

A clutch engages the flywheel to power a crank mechanism that moves the ram vertically. Accuracy and speed are two advantages of the mechanical press brake. Hydraulic press brake operates by means of two synchronized hydraulic cylinders on the C-frames moving the upper beam. Press brake is a fundamental tool to get steel forming industry. Thus growing needs of metal and steel have increased the usage of sheet metal machinery in various industrial applications. If you are looking for good quality tools like lathe, drill, sheet metal, SPM & heavy, shearing, Tool room, Construction and wood working, you must visit for further information and advanced features with tools.

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