Sheet Bending Machine, Types of Sheet Bending Machine, Applications of Sheet Bending Machine

Sheet Bending Machines – Types and Applications

Metals need to be casted into different shapes and sizes for various applications in different industries. They are normally very hard and therefore could not be bent or shaped easily. For bending and shaping of metals, a special category of unit is used called sheet bending or metal bending machines.

Types of Sheet Bending Machines

Different kinds of sheet bending equipments in various configurations are now available in the market. There are highly sophisticated models used in industries for bulk processes as well as those that are used in low production processes in small work shops or tool rooms on a work site. Some of the popular kinds are press brake, bending roller, shearing and power press metal forming.

Applications of Sheet Bending Machines

Sheet bending machine is mainly used to deform or shape metals into desired shapes and sizes. The metal is subjected to higher stress causing it to deform because of disturbance in its yield and tensile strengths. Here a strong force is applied on a metal part to be shaped causing it to deform in a particular direction. For metal to be casted into customized irregular shape, a sequence of operations are to performed on the metals with these sheet bending.

Press brake is one of the most important variant of sheet bending machine tool used for bending metal sheets and plates into customized shapes. Different kinds of press brakes are employed for metal bending applications in industries. Mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic press brake models are most famous. Different metal forming jobs like curling, angled shaping, bending, bottoming, seaming, hemming etc. are possible with any of these press brakes by the use of various kinds of dies. Bending roller can be used for bending and straightening sheet metal covers and parts of boiler tanks, pressure vessels and converters where as shearing tool like mechanical and hydraulic shearing can be employed for cutting sheet metal to size out of a larger stock. Large sheets, bars and plates of metallic and non-metallic materials can be easily and accurately cut into different shapes with the help of shearing machine. Another important variant of sheet bending machine, called power press is the best metal bending equipment with which most accurate metal cutting, bending and shaping tasks can be executed for bulk industrial processes.

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