Why and Where are Slotting Machine, Milling Machine, Bandsaw Machine, Tool & Cutter Grinding Machines Used?

Slotting Machine, Milling Machine, Bandsaw Machine, Tool & Cutter Grinding Machine

The advancing technology has brought up different kinds of machine tools for human use. There are lathe machines, drilling machines, milling machines, slotting machines, bandsaw machines, tool & cutter grinding machines, construction machines, wood working machines, automobile machines and various other kinds of machines being employed in various sectors today for faster and efficient work. These machine tools have greatly simplified, fastened the production work and also allowed higher productions at minimum energy consumption rates in the specific sectors. Let us now have a brief look on why and where the popular slotting, milling, bandsaw and tool & cutter grinding machine tools used in tool room and industrial applications today.

Slotting Machine

A slotting machine is widely used in automotive, furniture, electrical, construction and heavy industries. Its main purpose is to shape and cut hard materials like metal and wood. The slotting machines used in industries are generally the heavy duty, robust machines designed for faster and high speed metal productions in industries. These machines are widely employed for slot making applications in industries including making slots on heads of blank machine screws, wood screws, bolts, automobile components and other similar parts.

Milling Machine

Different forms of milling machine including manual, mechanical and digitally operated CNC milling machines are in use today. The main application of these milling machines is to shape metals and other solid materials to customized forms. They are normally available in different sizes ranging from small, bench-mounted devices to room-sized machines and used for various operations ranging from simple slot and keyway cutting, planning and drilling to complex contouring and die sinking applications. Generally available in user-friendly and customized features, milling machines are widely used in various tool room and machines shops applications.

Bandsaw Machine

A bandsaw machine is used to cut a variety of materials especially the metal and wood in irregular or curved shapes. In this machine usually a power tool using a blade consisting of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge is employed for cutting applications. Bandsaw machines for cutting metals are generally available in horizontal and vertical designs. There are dual column bandsaw machines which have a pair of large columns, one on either side of the work, for very high rigidity and precision cutting work in industries. The bandsaw machines are commonly used in automobile, electronic, electrical, wood working and various other industries.

Tool & Cutter Grinding Machine

Tool & cutter grinding machine is actually a special purpose machine which can be got in various specifications and models in the market. The main purpose of this tool & cutter grinding machine is to grind and sharpen a various kinds of tools and cutters used in industries. They can be used to cut drill bits, precision machine components and other industrial parts. Radius tool & cutter grinding machines and CNC forms of tool cutter grinders are widely in use today for various industrial convex, concave and spherical metal cutting applications in industries.

Written by Yash Shah

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