Types of Power Press and Press Brake

Types of Power Press and Press Brakes Used in Industries

Presses are the most widely used forms of sheet bending machines in the world. The press machines of present day are multi tasking devices that can be used for cutting, bending and shaping various kinds of sheet metals. With advancements in technology, today different kinds of press equipments both in standard as well as customized specifications have come up in the market, which have simplified the metal bending tasks in different industrial sectors. Some of the popular forms of press machines used in industries today are mechanical, hydraulic press brake, C type , pillar type and arbour press.

C Type Power Press and Pillar Type Power Press

These are used in large industries that demand the use of heavy machinery and equipments. There are mainly two types depending on their frame design – C type power press and pillar type power press. The C type is designed like a C shape with an intention to maximize the floor space for the workers allowing them to move around easily at the workplace. Available with extra features such as wheel stands and pressure gauges, these are usually employed for straightening, drawing and assembling work. On the other hand the pillar type power press consists of two pillars and bed at center and is usually used for tough bending applications. The design of these machines ensures that they provide additional stiffness especially on the points where maximum stress and jerks are possible while eliminating chances of deflection and therefore giving comparatively more economical results.

Mechanical Press Brake

The traditional forms of press brake used in industrial productions are the mechanical press brakes. It uses a mechanical-friction clutch operated by a mechanical foot pedal or treadle for its operation. These mechanical clutches give the operator control of the machine stroke by mechanically inching and slipping the clutch. The clutch engages the flywheel that is operated by means of an electrical motor to power a crank mechanism that moves the ram vertically to give out an efficient metal bending application. It can be got in different sizes ranging from smaller units with few square inches of work areas to huge machines with work areas tens of feet square and therefore are employed in diverse applications ranging from production of parts as small as ire terminals to as large as a truck frame.

Hydraulic Press brake

These are widely used in industries today. They are operated by the means of two synchronized hydraulic cylinders and therefore employ for efficient and faster metal bending applications in industries. The customized hydraulic presses are the most popular versions of press brakes used in industries. These are efficient, robust and precision machines usually designed by the manufacturers according to the requirements of the clients so that they can be effectively applied to their industrial requirements for faster and high metal productions. As compared to the mechanical flywheel-driven presses, hydraulic brakes produce accurate high quality products and are much safer machines in which the motion of the ram can be easily stopped at any time in response to a safety device called light curtain. With right type of die design, these hydraulic press brakes can be employed for various kinds of metal shaping and bending applications to produce metal parts of customized shapes.

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