Types of Power Press, Applications of Power Press – C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press

Power Press – C Type, Pillar Type

It is used for bulk production from cold working of ductile materials like mild steel with rotating flywheel acting as energy storehouse to operate ram to impact on the workpiece. It is used to operate various functions with bed, plate, bolster and ram. Knock out mechanism is used to eject the furnished work piece from power press. Proper cushioning must be there beneath the bolster, when heavy effect is given to the workpiece. There are different types are available in the market such as c type and pillar type for sheet metal machining work is used in manufacturing industry. C type is designed in such a way for continuous production with accuracy. The frames are of solid steel fabricated with suitable cross ribbing. The clutch gives continuous strokes for mass productions. Crank shaft is made of special alloy steel and fitted in with gun metal bushes for smooth working and longer life. Table and ram are perfectly aligned to each other to get high precision power press execution.

Power Press – Types & Applications

Various applications are applied like bending, curling, piercing, deep drawing etc. Automation makes the power press faster, which is the main requirement of production industry now a day to save money and time. Thus research and development is going on for these heavy machinery to make them more effective for the functions, high production, least wastage of raw material and easy operation with best protection guards to secure the operator’s life along with technical enhancements like speed of the power press, width of the stock etc. continuous feed of the stock is a complex process which requires to be streamline and easy to be done in proper manner. Accuracy is required for better production through power press; otherwise it can create the defective piece leads to wastage and production loss. It also has a great advantage when you require more complex shapes formed into the sheet metal. It is defined as mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic. It consisting mechanical parts, clutch and brake assemblies, electrical systems, tooling or dies, safeguarding controls, material handling etc. hydraulic power press is designed on Pascal’s principle that pressure throughout a closed system is constant. OSHA and ANSI standards are defined for safety measures.

Safety Controls for Power Press

It is a machine needs to handle carefully by skilled operator with proper training. A little mischief can lead to a serious accident if not taken care. Thus need to take care of hands, fingers, arms and other body parts while operating the machine. Proper safeguards, frequent inspections, employee training and regular press maintenance are vital to the prevention of any injuries. The operator must take care where stock is inserted, held or withdrawn by hand. It is designed in such a way which eliminates the possibilities to place any body parts in contact with hazardous moving parts. Operator must know the importance of safeguards and never remove or alter with the safeguards. Extensive training on different types of press machine can make the person more skilled to handle power press efficiently without any injury.

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