Power Press for Sheet Metal Industry

Power Press for Sheet Metal Industry

It is a sheet metal machine for cutting, shaping and compression of sheet metal with press mechanism is called as power press. Pressure is applied to shape and impression on material body. Different types are used for various functions like mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, c type, pillar type etc. These are used in sheet metal machinery works, engineering and industrial applications. High quality power press machine gives the best, accurate and most enhanced safeguards with advanced safety controls. It needs to handle carefully by expert and trained operator for mass production with rotating flywheel, which operates ram acts on metal sheet workpiece. Different parts have numerous functions with bed, bolster, ram and plate.

Power Press – Parts & Applications

It is used in various applications for bending, curling and deep drawing. Automation makes this mechanism speedier. There are various parts used in mechanical like the frame, clutch, crank shaft, flywheel, gears, table & ram. Frame is made up of steel construction, fabricated from rolled steel plates with suitable cross ribbing. The clutch is rigid with well support, gives continuous strokes for mass production. Crank shaft made up from special alloy steel for close accuracy set in bronze bushes for easy working with accuracy for long duration. Flywheel made up from high quality cast iron, which store and release adequate energy for the pressing operations and smooth running. Gear are made from steel cast or fabricated. Gear teeth are produced by precision hobbling equipment. Table & ram are made from high quality heavy duty cast iron & properly seasoned. Table and ram are perfectly aligned to each other for high accuracy & precision press operation. The lubrication system is also most important in power press to lubricate the sliding surfaces and moving parts. Inclining mechanism is found in inclinable type power presses for easy det and locked in. Hydraulic is used at auto service station, repairing workshop, removal of old bushes and mounting new bushes, in industrial works like straightening, pressing, embossing, drawing, bending and broaching. Even hydraulic press is used in breaking and joining of steel, iron, plastic, rubber and plywood. The hydraulic press is made from frame, cylinder, hand pump and power pack. All types are heavy machines with safety controls. Operator must go through the safety guidelines and extensive training under the expert handler before real working on it. He should check all check list well before to start the machine to avoid any malfunctioning or accident and if found anything wrong with the safety controls, immediately stop the device properly and call expert to start for smooth functioning. The operator should be very careful while executing power press and take care of all safety parameters. We are one of the leading tools manufacturers and suppliers in Gujarat, India providing all types of equipments like lathe, drill, SPM & Heavy, sheet metal, shearing, press brake, tool room like bandsaw and milling, construction, wood working and accessories. If you are looking for quality tools from leading tools manufacturers in Ahmedabad, you must visit us at www.bhavyamachinetools.com for best quote of your required machinery..

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