Contribution of the Press Brake in the Machine Tools Industry

This is a machine tool used for bending and forming of sheet metal and plate material. Markings are made on the material to be bent and pressed by the machine using a matching die.

Press Brake for General Industrial Applications

The main application of the brake press is in bending of sheet metal. Other applications include the production of metal brackets, making of cabinets, cutting of sheet metal to make plates and even cutting of plastic material.

Different types of equipments are classified based on the mode of force application.

  • Hydraulic presses use a hydraulic fluid system to apply force on the material. The user is able to regulate the speed of the piston stroke as may be required. Hydraulic presses have various advantages such as ;
  • Higher operation capacity
  • They are vibration free
  • They are efficient in their operation
  • Produce better products
  • Lower energy consumption
  • They are much safer to use
  • Pneumatic presses use compressed air for their operation. Compressed air is forced into a cylinder with a piston attached to the pressing tool. Once the compression stroke is finished, air is evacuated from the cylinder while the shaft is attached with return springs which return it back to resting position. The main advantage of pneumatic systems is their speed of operation. This also enhances their output.
  • Mechanical press brakes are motor driven. They have a clutch system that engages the fly wheel and powers a set of gears to move the ram vertically. They are credited for accuracy and speed.

Sheet Metal Forming With the Press Brake

Products made through the forming process include metallic desks, filing cabinets, vehicle bodies and even beverage cans. The best material to use is the low carbon steel, titanium or even aluminum.

While undertaking the forming process, it is always important to consider the formability of the sheet metal. This is the ability of the metal to withstand change of shape without tearing.

Types of dies for press brake and output

With the correct die design, it can be used for various sheet metal jobs;

  • The V die is made to different widths for different bending angles, and used for a wide variety of materials.
  • The rotary twisting die is cylindrical in shape and has an 88 degree notch on its axis. It serves as the anvil over which the sheets are bent.
  • Offset dies bend double angles in one stroke creating a Z shape.
  • Hemming dies are also commonly used to make specialized shapes.


The press brake is a machine tool that has gained high popularity in the manufacturing sector due to its applications. It is mainly used in sheet metal bending and formation. There are various types of systems such as the hydraulic, the pneumatic system and even mechanical. The difference between them is based on the system used to power the vertical ram.

Various types of output are available from the systems depending on the type of die that is being used. Types of dies include the v die, the rotary twisting die, offset dies, and even the hemming dies.

Meeting the Challenges in the Production of Electronic Enclosures and Automobile Parts with Ease of Pressure Related Press Device

Press Device in Electronic Industry

A power press device is one that is applied for shaping a work piece in terms of applying pressure. This device is found to be supportive in different sectors such as automobiles, electrical and electronic companies and especially a basic press apparatus is found to be suitable for auto machine workshops to perform a range of machining activities on metal sheets such as cutting, pressing, curving, into different shapes and sizes. As far as electronic industry is concerned, the formation of enclosures stays important requisite. A power press is employed to make different elements made of metal pages and production of enclosure is one of the interesting jobs that can be performed in terms of stamping action. The electrical enclosures are then applied as junction boxes in telecommunication industry.

C Type Power Press and its Benefits in Production of Automobile Parts

Power press apparatus is available in Pillar type and c type version with economical machining designs. C type press apparatus is made of solid and durable steel material equipped with a rolling key pattern clutch that helps to bring out ceaseless pressing strokes; hence, this equipment can be depended on for mass production. The presence of revolving crankshaft keeps the device work on uniform strokes. The C type press is a single action press gadget which is a user friendly choice when it comes to operations. This equipment is suitable in several manufacturing sectors such as steel and aluminium utensils, automobile parts and defence engineering components. Automobile is composed of a range of smaller and complicated metal parts. A c type press apparatus is applied to make complicated shapes made of metal for automobile construction. In addition, some of the salient features of C type press apparatus are,

Salient Features of C Type Press Apparatus are,

  • Suitable for long term usage
  • Guaranteed accuracy of machining
  • Reliable tool for pressing and bending requisites
  • High speed performance with low noise
  • Made of quality metals that will not get influenced by atmospheric influence
  • This equipment is available in custom design
  • Above all consumes very low amount of fuel.

Selecting a Press Device Based On Pressure Requirement

A power apparatus for metal shaping requisite can be classified in terms of the working principle such as the single action, double action and triple action presses. However, the mechanism of every type of press apparatus depends on the pressure given on the crankshaft. A crank is like an arm to the apparatus that helps in responding to the rotating motion received from the shaft. The forced applied by the crankshaft mechanism is linked to the speed of the press mechanism. For example, C type power press apparatus can be preferred for operating on heavy duty materials as the crankshaft can bear good level of pressure and withstand the same. A  Pillar type power tool is built with cross ribbing, and the clutches are designs with rolling keys and this device is useful for a flawless and high-end reliability and hence, can be preferred for moderate pressure requirement.


Be it automobile industry or electronics, core particles have to be designed in various shapes and sizes, hence, selecting a press apparatus in accordance with the shaping dimensional requirement and the pressure capacity of the crankshaft will stay an ideal option.

How Drilling Functions are manifested for Accuracy in Wood work and Furniture Making?

Why Boring Requisites Need Accuracy?

Boring or drilling functions are of various sorts and the dimensions vary in different industrial sectors. Piercing is done for different requisites such as for fixing two work pieces or preparing the work material for core purpose. Drilling equipment is the right option for precise boring and the same process is found in several industrials such as metal, heavy metal and wood, heavy duty materials, plastic, etc. As far as in wood is concerned, either the process is applied in heavy furniture making where model such as a radial drilling device will be suitable to handle large and heavy wood work pieces which cannot be pierced easily with a basic component. In addition, earlier days the demand for manual support seemed higher in order to bore, with the advent of spindle component and rotatable radial arm features machines are relied for easier wood piercing works.

The List of Interesting Piercing Applications in Different Industries

  • V-Belt Driven drilling –It is mainly applied to pierce the work materials for creating holes and can be used on a range of materials. V belt driven equipment comes with different specifications which vary in the boring competence, spindle nose and column diameter.
  • A radial drilling machine is also an ultimate choice for different works. In addition, it is a flexible device which can be chosen based on different dimensions and capacities.
  • An all geared drill tools is a completely automated device where it is no more required to change the dimension of piercing of the work piece if more piercing or tapping or screwing is required on the work material.
  • For heavy duty operations, a radial drill or all geared radial will stay the best options.
  • A pillar drill tool is a perfect device for wood works and for shaping or sanding also.

How to Obtain Perfect Accuracy with All Geared Drilling Machines?

These components are available with unbelievable technologies and specifications. There are no more requirements for man power assistance like in earlier days. With several automated functionalities equipped with latest drilling machine models, the ease of this and related tapping, screwing purposes can be obtained with a single device. Moreover, before ordering for a piercing device it would be better to consider the below suggestion for precision, accuracy and durability. Some of the important suggestions are,

  • A radial drill device can be chosen to obtain accuracy of boring in heavy duty metals. In addition, it is an automated device where man power requirement is very less.
  • In addition, imported radial drill equipment from a professional country like India will take you to experience numerous benefits like smart working, durability, quality, reasonable pricing, etc


Finding a genuine manufacturer of drilling equipment or a drill device supplier is not tough thing to proceed with provided the investor need to be updated about the types of boring equipments available and the possibilities in custom made designs as well. This will make the search easier. Moreover, with the help of online search one can find the list of manufacturers and the machines offered by them. Thus, contact a reliable equipment designer and reveal the industrial requisites to obtain a perfect apparatus.

Does Sheet Bending Tools Relatively Reduce Man Power Assistances?

Sheet Bending Process Cost during Earlier Days

The bending activity over metal sheets is an imperative machining work in several industries with which a metal work piece sheet is changes in its geometry without any change being made in its volume. This method also adds more strength and grip of the metal sheet. In earlier days, the process of stiffening different sizes and dimensions of metal plates was carried on with the help of hand operated tools, wherein manpower was considered a mandatory demand. In addition, the cost of sheet stiffening was considerably higher as the industries need to pay for the labour and the tools as well. More over hand operated tools also could not withstand for long term work. Hence, when compared to the various types of sheet bending machine apparatus available today, the cost of man power has been relatively reduced and the machineries also found to be available in custom design and at cost effective pricing.

Manifestation of Technological Excellence in Designing Sheet Bending Equipment

With innovative models of metal page stiffening devices, the art of shaping different types of metals have been strategically improved. Today, manufacturers are prepared to offer custom designs in accordance with the pre-determined geometric shapes. The operation mostly works on the principle of punch die and the tooling differs with respect to the angle of stiffening required. However some of the technologies that have been implemented in apparatuses for different angle bend requirements such as,

  • V die metal shaping – A bending utensil that is equipped with V shape punch tool helps to punch the work piece to the same shape
  • Edge bending- A wiping die is employed here which helps in obtaining curve angles above 90 degrees.
  • Rotary bending works almost like edge stiffening, however this works with a cylinder which acts as the die.

And the punching significances vary widely in accordance with the requirement. In addition, these equipments are applied in a wide range of industrial sectors such a boiler tanks, air conditioning channels, making of sheet metal lids, pressure vessels, wind mills, etc In addition, these apparatuses require low maintenance and they are highly resistance to corrosion, abrasion, flaw less dimensional outputs and above all meet the standards of reliable and durable tools.

List of Bending Tools that reduces Man Power Cost

  • A hand operated metal plate device made of heavy duty materials and stays a best option to handle mild steel pages. This gadget is very flexible to operate with little manual support in terms of the operating handles equipped in this machinery.
  • A hand operated trunk curvature equipment is a suitable apparatus to handle curving operation of more than the normal 90 degree angle.
  • A steel body fly press yielding helps in punching various sizes of holes in work piece metal pages.

These are some of the important bending requirements that can be operated with less man power.

Tips to Choose Bending Components

While investing on a stiffening tool, there are some significant points which can be considered for better production prospects such as,

  • Get in touch with a reliable manufacturer or distributors of tools.
  • Make online enquiry from more than one manufacturer to get an idea about reasonable pricing
  • Choosing an Indian distributor will stay an ideal option for buying cost effective and durable device
  • Understanding the latest specifications and die components available for machines is very important so that the investor can order a custom die design as per his industrial requisites.


Sheet bending devices have transformed the necessity of man power to a great extent. The investor in turn can experience the flexibility of ordering a machine as per his production requisites.

How Glass Work Pieces are transformed into Employable Materials with Lathe?

Features of Lather which make us Wonder

A lathe apparatus is a workshop friendly device with which a range of machining processes can be done such as cutting, drilling, turning, deformation, etc This device can be purchase based on the core industrial requirements and in accordance with the specific features it is embedded with, such as,

  • A lathe apparatus can be applied on a wide range of material surfaces such as metal, glass, wood, plastic, etc
  • A variety of functions can be handled with this equipment such as, screwing threads, tapering, drilling holes, knurling surfaces, crank shafts, etc
  • This device is provisioned with rotating operation whereby the work piece can be rotated to proceed with a number of cutting and shaping actions.
  • There are different designs of equipment provided by manufacturers of today where the consumer will feel the ease of selecting a particular design deciding over the rotating speed of the machine and the performance required for the respective industry.

Thus, the above flexible features in device make us wonder about its multiple functional capacities and the trend in designing innovative designs.

What are the Risks and Challenges Faced in Glass Shaping Work?

Lathe for glass shaping work is the most complicated jobs of all. Such fragile materials have to be shaped with precise handling as even minor variation in handling might result in breakage of the material, hence, choosing a lathe for glass works should also mean that safety aspects are also justified because there are possible risk factors in glass work lathe such as,

  • With glass the risk of man held glass work piece is very less as it is equipped with two head stocks, one for holding and another for turning the work piece. However, handling the working tools for heating the material needs to be done with proper safety precautions and attention.
  • Optical surface creation over a glass material is a challenging job for which watchfulness is completely required. Even minor mistakes may result in great loss. Some CNC lathe for glass cutting will be equipped with diamond tipped tool for creating optical material from glass hence, they will stay a suitable option for such works.
  • Lenses of complex varieties are created with this method, however careful attention toward each machining activity is recommended while handling as well as while delivering the product.
  • Wearing safety goggles, hand gloves will stay one of the basic options to avoid risks.

How does a Lathe Transforms Heavy Duty and Delicate Materials into Employable one?

Lathe apparatus are designed in different shapes pertaining to the work material range, weight and quantity. However, implementing an accurate lathe component in harmony with industrial needs will fetch good results. For example,

  • A basic light duty lathe machine will stay a suitable option to handle light weight materials.
  • Heavy duty materials like metal blocks, rods or large wood logs can be managed only with specific design such as heavy duty apparatus or a medium duty apparatus.
  • A light duty is also the best kit to handle light materials with accuracy of machining. Thus transforms a heavy duty material to an employable one.
  • An all geared is a wonderful invention as it can be applied for wide functions in different industries such as mining, paper industries, power plants, etc.
  • A roll turning gadget is applied to make rolling mills, drying cylinders for paper industries, etc
  • A universal all geared can be preferred for noise free machining works.
  • Extra heavy duty is applied for heavy duty materials which needs tough performance for precise machining.


Buying a lathe machine is sure to fetch several benefits apart from the specific king of machining job required. Hence, while investing on a machine it is better to compare the specifications of the apparatus in accordance with the present work, negotiation of risk factors, and for future works also.

How Grinding Equipment Helps for Rapid Metal Chip Removal Application and for Obtaining Precise Surface Quality?

The Need for Smooth Finish in Metal Work Piece

Metal sheets with fine surface finish remain one of the important pre-requisites in many industries. However, obtaining a smooth and precise surface appearance on a metal surface is not easily done with man power support. With the advent of innovative devices for specific machining functions, especially chip removal can be done to the expected level. This equipment is one of the favourite tools of apparatus manufacturers as it is an important and flexible appliance that stays a prominent requirement in handling a range of materials such as metals, plastic, glass, etc. Any work piece for instance is set for machining to transform the same into predetermined shape and dimension as per respective industries. When it comes to metal industry, the surface quality of the metal sheet have to be attained with appropriate measurement  to prepare the work piece stay eligible for making another product. Hence, the role of grinding apparatus is felt a mandatory one.

Understanding the Importance of Chip Removal in Automobile and Electronic Sectors

Surface is a complicated work which will be considered perfect only when the desired precision is obtained. Chip removal is one of the results obtained with the application of surface. However, or removal of chip from the metal surface can be defined as a process in which the grains present on the surface of the metal piece is removed completely to transform the work piece ready to be used for making another product. Electronic products and automobiles require thin metal products and metal work pieces respectively which can be grinded to precise measurement and dimension only with the help of suitable tools.

How Rapid Grinding Concept has changed the Requisites for Man Power Support?

In earlier days, surface granulating was almost done with hand operated tools; hence, manufacturers had to bear more expense and time to complete the work. However, with different types available today, the need for man power has considerably reduced. Only few people are required to operate the gadget and too bring the work piece to the tooling platform. In addition, with man power support, manufacturers were able to apply the process for limited number of work pieces only, but with latest machine designs like hydraulic surface appliance, surface smoothening process can be done on rapid speed and on relatively unimaginable number of work materials. In addition, manual surface apparatus is also available that requires less man power and this device runs with a manually operated chuck.

Tips to Invest in Ultimate Machinery for Precise Surface Quality

Investing in core work shop machinery like a grinding apparatus requires good knowledge about the types of grating apparatus available in the global market. Especially when it comes to the applications of this tool in automobile and electronic industries are really amazing and some of the important tool implementations which have to be considered are,

  • A cylindrical grinding engine is a perfect choice to apply for surface activities in automobile industries
  • Finishing of gearing wheels with the help of cylindrical grinder apparatus in automobile industry.
  • Car manufacturing sector will find many advantages with the help of suitable grinding machine for automobile.
  • Engineering industries find a series of this applications with the help of mincing apparatus for engineering.
  • A cylindrical grinder, vertical surface grinder, and cutter grinder gadgets are some of the important models that are applied in electronic industries for precise option.
  • Centerless grinding equipment is applied for obtaining rapid mincing process.


Grinding apparatus is an evergreen requirement in a range of important industries such as automobile, electronic and heavy metals. However, while investing, it is better to consider the production speed of the machine and the precise that can be obtained for better future production prospects.

Understanding How Metal Processing Requisites Elaborated With Milling Device

Metal Processing- A Job with Tough Requisites

Processing a solid material like metals contains tough requirements as it is not easy to obtain precise dimension without the help of machining device. A milling apparatus is the one that is manufactured to shape a range of solid materials like metals, wood, etc. Depending on the frequency of milling requirement industries can prefer to buy either automated or CNC or geared milling tool. This mechanism is applied for a range of machining activities such as grinding, drilling, boring, tapping and angling. Equipped with suitable tool heads, this equipment can be expertise for several work shop activities mentioned above. While shaping a metal work piece the selection of tooling device is more important as heavier metals need strong equipment and lighter materials should not be processed with strong tools. Hence, a milling apparatus is the ultimate option for cutting or shaping harder materials as well as lighter materials as the cutting tools can be flexibly managed.

The Challenges Faced in Shaping Different Metals

Metals are of different varieties. Some are lighter even when they are available in larger quantity and some are heavier even when the thickness is less. Hence, without the help of suitable drilling apparatus shaping a metal work piece cannot be done precisely. Considering the dimensional requirements of many industrial sectors, milling gadgets are designed in a range of ways such as, Kindly Visit –

  • A geared milling apparatus will stay a suitable choice for managing multiple tasks with accuracy.
  • Vertical geared milling equipment can be oriented vertically in accordance with the work surface.
  • A universal gear drive mill can be preferred for rapid machining and accuracy. In addition, milling gadgets with gear box works more efficiently and can remain a suitable mechanism choice for productivity and long term use.

How Milling Device is considered an Extreme Solution for Metal Shaping?

When compared to the earlier metal shaping methods, milling appliances of the present day have transformed the expectations over metal shearing and seminal purposes. It is no more a harder work even for heavy duty metals. In addition, the advent of computerised numerical technology or CNC method milling kits has been transformed into more efficient tools. For example, CNC milling machine can be chosen to handle automated milling related operations with the help of numerical control wherein, the operator can control the functionality of the device by monitoring its performance over the computer screen. In addition, when comparing CNC and labour-intensive milling apparatus have many differences in terms of operation. A CNC has to be operated with an experienced machinist who can handle several tasks without additional man power requirement. Other milling devices need the support of more than one operator but certainly unlike earlier days.


With the introduction of several machining such as the milling apparatus, the prospect of shaping metal work piece has been transformed to a flexible and flawless one. Hence, investing in a suitable milling device is surely a profit for the investment.