Does Sheet Bending Tools Relatively Reduce Man Power Assistances?

Sheet Bending Process Cost during Earlier Days

The bending activity over metal sheets is an imperative machining work in several industries with which a metal work piece sheet is changes in its geometry without any change being made in its volume. This method also adds more strength and grip of the metal sheet. In earlier days, the process of stiffening different sizes and dimensions of metal plates was carried on with the help of hand operated tools, wherein manpower was considered a mandatory demand. In addition, the cost of sheet stiffening was considerably higher as the industries need to pay for the labour and the tools as well. More over hand operated tools also could not withstand for long term work. Hence, when compared to the various types of sheet bending machine apparatus available today, the cost of man power has been relatively reduced and the machineries also found to be available in custom design and at cost effective pricing.

Manifestation of Technological Excellence in Designing Sheet Bending Equipment

With innovative models of metal page stiffening devices, the art of shaping different types of metals have been strategically improved. Today, manufacturers are prepared to offer custom designs in accordance with the pre-determined geometric shapes. The operation mostly works on the principle of punch die and the tooling differs with respect to the angle of stiffening required. However some of the technologies that have been implemented in apparatuses for different angle bend requirements such as,

  • V die metal shaping – A bending utensil that is equipped with V shape punch tool helps to punch the work piece to the same shape
  • Edge bending- A wiping die is employed here which helps in obtaining curve angles above 90 degrees.
  • Rotary bending works almost like edge stiffening, however this works with a cylinder which acts as the die.

And the punching significances vary widely in accordance with the requirement. In addition, these equipments are applied in a wide range of industrial sectors such a boiler tanks, air conditioning channels, making of sheet metal lids, pressure vessels, wind mills, etc In addition, these apparatuses require low maintenance and they are highly resistance to corrosion, abrasion, flaw less dimensional outputs and above all meet the standards of reliable and durable tools.

List of Bending Tools that reduces Man Power Cost

  • A hand operated metal plate device made of heavy duty materials and stays a best option to handle mild steel pages. This gadget is very flexible to operate with little manual support in terms of the operating handles equipped in this machinery.
  • A hand operated trunk curvature equipment is a suitable apparatus to handle curving operation of more than the normal 90 degree angle.
  • A steel body fly press yielding helps in punching various sizes of holes in work piece metal pages.

These are some of the important bending requirements that can be operated with less man power.

Tips to Choose Bending Components

While investing on a stiffening tool, there are some significant points which can be considered for better production prospects such as,

  • Get in touch with a reliable manufacturer or distributors of tools.
  • Make online enquiry from more than one manufacturer to get an idea about reasonable pricing
  • Choosing an Indian distributor will stay an ideal option for buying cost effective and durable device
  • Understanding the latest specifications and die components available for machines is very important so that the investor can order a custom die design as per his industrial requisites.


Sheet bending devices have transformed the necessity of man power to a great extent. The investor in turn can experience the flexibility of ordering a machine as per his production requisites.

Written by Yash Shah

This blog written by Mr. Yash Shah is about machine tools including workshop machinery, wood working machines, sheet metal machinery provided by Bhavya Machine Tools, a leading distributors of machine tools in India.