Growing Demand of Machine Tools in Rajkot for Various Industries

Rajkot is a city in Gujarat where industries have existed since the olden days. There are different industries in Rajkot like auto parts industries and machine tools industries. And with the increasing population, the demand for different tools like drilling and tapping machines in Rajkot has risen. As mentioned below are the different points that will explain how the demand for machine tools have increased over time in the industries of Rajkot.

Rajkot – An Industrial Hub – Past & Present

Rajkot is considered the industrial hub as there are various industries in the city. The industries and tools have revolutionized by the time, and here mentioned are the development of tools in the industries from past to present.

Machine Tools Used for Industrial Hubs in Past

Back in the days when modern equipment was not introduced in India, the olden tool like lathe machine in Rajkot was used for cutting, drilling of metal/materials. Another machine which was used in the past was the bandsaw machine. This bandsaw machine in Rajkot was used for various objectives like woodworking and cutting of metals in industries. Milling machines in Rajkot industries were used in the past before different automatic industrial types of equipment were introduced in the industries of India. Age-old machines like woodworking machines in Rajkot were used by industries. In the past, industrial hubs have used more labourers than machine tools as it was more convenient than using tools for different industrial purposes, especially in cities like Rajkot where industrial manufacturing was executed on a high level.

Machine Tools Used in Industrial Hubs At The Present

Most of the industries have adopted modern equipment/machine tools in cities like Rajkot at present. Radial drill machine is among the new tools utilized in industrial hubs. The use of radial drill machine in Rajkot is seen in industries where the drilling process is required. All geared lathe machines in Rajkot are used as an advanced technology of the olden lathe machine used in the past, and the process of this machine is similar to old ones, but with more accuracy and working ability init. Among the technological advancement in the industrial hubs, other machines like CNC machining center and slotting machines in Rajkot are used. The role of this slant bed CNC turning centre in Rajkot is for turning of metal sheets. More machines like V-belt drive lathe machines in Rajkot are considered as a new type of lathe machine. As a matter offact, the industrial hubs have developed a lot by the time, which is definitely beneficial for cities like Rajkot.

Growing Industries Have Risen Demand of Machine Tools in Rajkot

The demand for different machine tools has increased by time in cities like Rajkot. As the production level is increasing, and it is difficult for the laborers in industries to work rapidly, demand for grinding machines in Rajkot is increased for grinding purposes executed in different industries. Other machines like a hacksaw machine have increased lots of demand by the time. The reason for the rising demand for the hacksaw machine in Rajkot industries is for metal cutting. Machines like flatbed CNC lathe in Rajkothave a high demand for different processes in various industries. High technology machines like fiber laser marking machine in Rajkot and fiber laser cutting machine in Rajkot are highly demanded.

The demand for the hydraulic press in Rajkot industries is increasing day by day, and along with all these machines, sheet metal machines in Rajkot are highly used by various industries. Not only this but the machine-like press brake machine in Rajkot is highly required in industries. With all the machines, shaping machines and shearing machines in Rajkot industries are also used by the industrial hubs. As the production level is increasing, one can definitely see the drastic change in demand for various machine tools in the future as well.

The industries in cities like Rajkot are booming, and different machine tools are highly required for various processes. The demand for machine tools like ironworkers and bending machines in Rajkot has increased. All the above are the different tools with rising demand in the growing industries of Rajkot.

Growing Demand of Machine Tools in Rajkot for Various Industries

A History of Lathe Machine

A lathe is a machine which is used to execute different operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning, with the certain tools applied to the lathe to create an object with the suitable symmetry and measurable axis of the object. Down mentioned is the detailed information of lathe machine from its history to its features and benefits.

History Of Lathe Machine Invention

The origin of lathe machine invention started in the 13th century when the Egyptians first designed a two-person lathe. Later after some years, the Romansimproved the Egyptians lathe machine by adding a turning bow. Now it is a famous saying that”improvement in technology with time is sustainability”. Hence, the precision metal lathe machine is developing since the 13th century. But, during the medieval period, when the industrial revolution had taken place, the European lathe machine was on a hike, and it was also considered as the mother of all machines.

Revolution In Machine Tools

The Revolution in the heavy-duty lathe machine is progressive, for example, the turning tool which once used to cut few metals sheets can now cut down the maximum amount of metal sheets. The chamfering tool can more properly angle the cutting edges of materials, and the machine’s tool has fully revolutionized as the thread cutting tool, and internal thread cutting tool has also improved since the industrial revolution.

Why Lathe Machine

Who Invented The Lathe Machine And How?

In the year 1718, a Russian engineer Andrey Nartov was the first lathe machine manufacturer, who developed one of the first lathes, which was a cutting tool with carriage support and a set of gears. The lathe machine was the first-ever machine tool, which started the utilization of equipment in industries. As the supply of different metals were high in the European countries during the time of the industrial revolution, a machine was required for the workers, which can decrease the workload and increase the speed of metal cutting and processing. Therefore the high-speed lathe machine was invented. The engine lathe machine not only helped in the fast production but was also beneficial for the accurate shaping of the metals for steam engines and other inventions during the industrial revolution.

Lathe Machine – A Mother Of All Machine Tools

Lathe machines are known as the mother of all machine tools for a specific reason, which was that the heavy-duty lathe was the first machine tool which led to the invention of other machine-based tools. During the industrial revolution, lathes evolved into hydraulic lathe machines which had thicker, more rigid parts. At the time of late 19th and mid-20th centuries, individual electric motors were introduced to the lathe which was also called as American lathe which replaced line shafting with the power source. When the mid 20th century started slowly the era of CNC lathe machine started, in which the control of lathes and other machine tools were operated via numerical control, this numeric control of machine was computerized, and the machine tool was also called computerized numerical control (CNC) lathe. And from then manual and CNC lathes both exist in the manufacturing industries.

V Belt Driven Medium Duty Lathe Machine

Advance Lathe Machines – Features & Benefits


A CNC lathe is an advanced light-duty all geared lathe machine designed to adapt the modern version of tooling and processes. In the dro lathe machine, metal parts are shaped by utilizing different machine tools. A turret machine is used to hold the indexes. In addition to all features, the slides present in the turret lathe allows the movement of metal parts in multiple axes.


The major benefit of toolroom lathe is that even the extremely detailed parts or components can be made using the specific CNC lathe machining techniques. The setup of the mini bench lathe machine is done easily. The CNC lathe machines can automatically work with the help of computer guidance. The major benefit of the high-speed precision lathe is that it can be used for mass production. All above are the various points about a brief history of the lathe machine.

A History of Lathe Machine