The Machine Tools Industry in Oman

The machine tools industry in Oman is gaining traction in the market. Several factors are contributing to this. Some of the issues that have been identified include skilled workers in the industry, the high cost of labour, and the speedy growth rate of the economy. In addition, the oil prices have had a significant impact on the construction industry in Oman.

What is the Growth rate of Machine Tools in Oman?

Despite the economic challenges, Oman has managed to maintain a strong position in the machine tools industry. A highly educated workforce and stable wage rates add to Oman’s competitive advantage.

The machine tools industry in Oman has a long engineering tradition and supports excellent resources for R&D. Electric and Electronic product manufacturing units are the main end users of machine tools. SMEs are also involved in the industry, which is expected to contribute to significant growth in the years to come.

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In January-May of this year, the Oman machine tools industry showed a significant growth of 40 per cent. The industry will continue to expand at a moderate rate in the coming years. However, the demand for machine tools will increase in incoming orders in 2023.

The automotive sector remains a key focus industry. It accounts for the largest share of passenger car production in the region. It will benefit from Industries 4.0, which will make processes more flexible and client-oriented.

Why Bhavya Machine Tools is the Most Trusted name for Machine Tools in Oman?

Bhavya Machine Tools is one of the most trusted names in the machine tools industry of Oman. We offer a range of products including laser systems and hand held laser machines. These systems are ideal for businesses that want to offer high quality products and are looking for a reliable supplier. These machines offer users a number of advantages, from their ability to print bar codes to their ability to engrave or mark on different metals and plastics.

Machine Tools

Our laser marking system that offers an excellent quality laser beam, as well as an easy-to-use user interface. This model can be used to mark plastic, metal and larger workpieces.

In Conclusion

Oman’s industries are currently expanding steadily. Industries also need items made using machine tools because they help produce consistent products. In order to abrade, mould, grind, sculpt, cut, drill, and nibble metals or other hard materials, these instruments are used. They also help to increase total productivity while decreasing the quantity of human work required. The market for metal forming industrial machinery in Oman has mostly been driven by the defence, aerospace, and automotive industries because of the high demand for fabricated metal goods in these sectors. Therefore, during the course of the projected period, product demand is anticipated to be driven by the growth of the aforementioned industries.

FDI in the Machine Tools Industry in Qatar

FDI in Machine Tools Industry in Qatar has been impacted by various microeconomic factors. One of the main microeconomic factors that are affecting the market is the increase in the cost of raw materials and labour cost. In addition, one of the major factors that are affecting the market is the demand for automobiles. In fact, the automotive sector is the largest market for the Machine Tools Industry in Qatar.

Why Automotive Segment Holds the Largest Market Share for Machine Tools in Qatar?

Among the various segments in the machine tools market, the automotive segment occupies the largest share. This segment is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.63% during the forecast period. This segment is gaining momentum due to the rising demand for light vehicles and vehicles with higher fuel efficiency. This segment is also expected to expand rapidly in the next few years.

The precision engineering sector is growing rapidly, with a high need for manufacturing customized products. This sector is also experiencing rapid growth due to the growing demand for sensors, lasers, and optics. The need for medical technology has also increased.

What are the Uses of Machine Tools in the Different Industries of Qatar?

Various machine tools are used for cutting, forming, drilling, grinding, abrading, nibbling and sculpting metals. These are used to make metal components for industries. These tools are usually operated by a human operator.

The metal forming machine tools market is expected to grow during the forecast period in Qatar. This market is driven by the growth of the automobile, aerospace, and transportation sectors. These industries are expected to increase their product demand, which in turn, will drive the growth of the metal forming machine tools Qatar market.

In the Qatar., the market is expected to grow significantly due to the increase in demand for electric cars. In addition, the increased investments in the EV sector will also drive the product demand.

machine tools that has changed global production

Machine Tools are Powered by Electricity or Hydraulics

Unlike their venerable antecedents, machine tools are powered by electricity or hydraulics, rather than by human muscles. The most impressive feature is that they are able to perform complex tasks, ranging from machining to cutting to grinding. They have a wide variety of applications in the automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and defence industries. They are also useful for small and medium sized local businesses. Unlike other equipment, machine tools are able to be repaired or replaced in a relatively short period of time. In fact, machine tools have become the backbone of the manufacturing industry, replacing hand operated tools and manual assembly methods.

Impact of Machine Tools Initiatives on FDI Inflow

FDI inflows play an important role in economic growth in Qatar Country. FDI inflows increase the supply of funds for domestic investment and enhance technology transfer. In addition, they help to increase foreign exchange earnings for developing nations.

There are a number of different factors that can affect the supply of FDI to a machine tools industry in Qatar.

MNCs enjoy a range of advantages that are not available to domestic firms. For example, MNCs can adjust their production activities in response to changing market conditions. They also enjoy a lower risk profile because their interests are aligned.

Various initiatives have been introduced by the Qatari government to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow. These initiatives aim to boost economic growth and establish a knowledge-based economy.

Qatar has a legal framework that is conducive to private investment and entrepreneurship. The government takes measures to protect competition and ensure a free and efficient economy. In recent years, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has been intensifying its efforts to protect competition and prosecute business misconduct.

The government of Qatar has also enacted legislation that promotes Public-Privt Partnerships. These partnerships allow foreign investors to finance national infrastructure development projects. These partnerships are beneficial for foreign investors because they allow them to obtain a tax exemption for their investments. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has launched an initiative to provide loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

In addition, the government has a number of incentives for foreign investors. One incentive is a ten percent corporate tax exemption for a period of twenty years. Another incentive is a price preference for goods produced with Qatari content.

Machine Tools

In Conclusion

During the past decade, the Qatar country’s economy has benefited from the high oil prices. It has also been generous with foreign aid disbursements.

Qatar has the world’s largest offshore North Field. The government has developed the resource aggressively, borrowing heavily to develop the gas fields. This has helped put the country on a firmer financial footing.

Qatar’s ruling family is large, but fragmented. Members of the ruling family hold the most prominent ministerial posts. The government has also embarked on an ambitious campaign to modernize the agriculture sector. It has also set up a general tax authority.

The Machine Tools Industry in Bahrain

Currently, the Machine Tools industry in Bahrain is dominated by the Automotive segment and the Metal cutting segment. According to the reliable sources, the Metal cutting segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. The Precision engineering segment is also expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period.

Automotive Segment Dominates the Machine Tools Market

Among the various industries in the global machine tools space, the automobile industry is a strong contender. In fact, the automobile industry is a key driver of the machine tools market in Europe. Aside from the obvious automotive, the machine tools industry also benefits from the growth of the electric vehicle industry. The most obvious reason is the need for efficient manufacturing tools to support the rising demand for electric vehicles.

The European machine tools market has been around for centuries and is in an advanced stage of development. The machine tools industry in Europe is divided into six major segments. The Automotive and automotive component segment dominates the market in terms of revenue and is the driving force behind the machine tools industry’s overall success. Other segments include Electrical and Electronics, Energy, Aerospace, and Metalworking.

Bhavya Machine Tools

Precision Engineering Segment in Machine Tools is Expected to Grow at the Fastest Rate in Bahrain Industrial Market

Various industries have a need for precision engineering machinery. This segment is expected to experience high growth in Bahrain over the forecast period.

The precision engineering machines are used to manufacture a wide range of products. These machines enable production units to increase production speed and accuracy. They are considered an economical solution for mass production. In addition to enabling increased production speed, they provide manufacturers with high quality-control power. Using advanced precision engineering machinery also helps in minimizing labor and setup costs.

Advancements in the technological field have led to the development of software that tracks real-time machining activities. This allows managers to make informed decisions and reduces downtime. It also enhances machining processes, driving accuracy and efficiency.

The aerospace industry is one of the major end-users of machine tools in Bahrain. This industry has observed an increase in the use of cutting tools. The rising use of CNC controller technologies in this industry has also contributed to the growth of the market.

Also, Bhavya Machine Tools has extensive experience developing and producing machine tools for a wide range of industries, and we are widely regarded as one of the top machine tool manufacturers for the Bahrain market.

Machine Tools

Metal Cutting Segment to Grow at the Highest CAGR in Bahrain

During the forecast period, the metal cutting segment is expected to register the highest CAGR in Bahrain. The segment is primarily used to cut different types of metals for various purposes. These metals include aluminum, magnesium, nickel and copper.

The demand for metal cutting tools has increased significantly due to the growing automotive industry. The demand for metal cutting machines will also increase due to the growing energy-efficient technology adoption.

In addition, the rapid industrialization in advanced countries such as China and India has led to an increase in the manufacturing sector. This has also led to the increase in the demand for precision parts. Digitalization has helped reduce the lead times and increase productivity. It has also helped in lowering the overall cost of production.

Furthermore, the automotive industry is also a highly in-demand market for component suppliers. The rise in the demand for light vehicles has also increased the need for new welded automotive components.

And Bhavya Machine Tools as exporter of machine tools in Bahrain and different other countries is fulfilling this growing demand keeping in mind the evolving technology and customer demands to give the perfect machine tools for every industrial needs.

Drivers of the Machine Tool Market in Bahrain

During the period from 2021 to 2022, the machine tool market is expected to witness a considerable growth rate. This growth is primarily influenced by the rising demand for machine tools for production of metals, oil, aerospace, and automotive industries. Moreover, the market is expected to witness an increase in the volume of production and manufacturing capacity. In addition, manufacturers are investing in new machines to meet the rising demand.

Moreover, as Bhavya Machine Tools is one of the leading machine tools exporters and suppliers in Bahrain and all over the world, our machine tools are used for grinding, abrading, and cutting metals and other stiff materials. These tools provide various advantages, such as reduced scrap, uniformity of production, and bulk production. These tools are widely used in the aerospace industry and in the electronics industry of Bahrain.

The Bottom Line

Machine tools have a wide range of applications in the automotive industry. The demand for electric cars is increasing, boosting the use of these products in U.S., Canada, and Mexico. In addition, the automotive industry is experiencing an industrial revolution, leading to the use of advanced technologies and more number of cutting-edge machine tools.

Machine Tools Market in Latin America

The machine tool for working metal exports in Latin America reached millions in 2022. These exports experienced steady but slow growth during the period between 2020 and 2022. Brazil was the largest exporter of machine tools in Latin America, accounting for a significant percentage of total exports. Brazil’s share in the Latin American machine-tool for working metal market was very high in terms of percentage in 2021.

Power Tools

The Power Tools Market in Latin America is growing at a rapid rate, thanks to the booming healthcare industry in the region. The healthcare recovery is expected to drive growth in the chemical and other industries, generating large demand for Power Tools Market products. To help investors assess the market potential, this report provides an overview of the leading companies. In Latin America, Bhavya Machine Tools will dominate the power tools market in the near future.

Although Bhavya Machine tools is one of the leading companies that account for the majority of market shares, there are several other manufacturers. These companies own substantial shares of the market, due to the nature of the industry. Regional and local manufacturers account for the remainder of the market. However, they have a significant presence in the region owing to their strong brand image, geographical reach, and customer base. Nevertheless, the competition in the region remains intense. Therefore, it is important to study the key trends impacting the Power Tools market in Latin America.

Conventional Machines

The Latin American machine tools market is anticipated to grow at a significant rate over the next five years, driven by increasing technological advancements. Some of the leading contributors to the growth of the market include Brazil, Nigeria, Colombia, and Peru. These countries are experiencing rapid urbanization and development of their infrastructure, which will help the market grow at a high rate during the forecast period. To better understand the trends in the market, it is crucial to identify the drivers and restraints that will determine the future growth of this industry.

While Latin American countries were slow to promote industrial exports, they did eventually start to take advantage of their low labour costs. The most prominent exporter in the region was Brazil, which produced and sold automobiles to other less developed countries, as well as parts and components to industrial countries around the world. As a result, these countries took advantage of their lower labour costs to set up assembly plants, and these factories began to proliferate along the northern border of Mexico and in Central America and the Caribbean.

CNC Machines

The computer numerical control (CNC) machines market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% in Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa during the forecast period. The market is driven by the increasing commercial demand for CNC machines that have advanced features such as automatic tool changers and multi-axis machining technology. The demand for CNC machines is rising among large manufacturing units as these machines can perform multiple tasks such as cutting, drilling, deformation, and facing.

The automotive industry is set to grow at a fast pace in the coming years, driven by the increasing rate of automated automobile production. Rising concerns over global warming have prompted the development of alternative energy sources such as solar and water, which in turn is driving the market growth. CNC machines are actively used in the power generation sector, where wide-scale automation is required to ensure maximum efficiency. Further, the automotive industry is one of the most lucrative sectors for the CNC machines market in Latin America.

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines

Heavy Construction Equipment

The heavy construction equipment market in Latin America is poised to grow at a healthy pace in the coming years. The region is experiencing significant growth across different sectors, with a particular emphasis on the construction sector. A number of factors are driving the market, including the recovery of the construction sector, the growing number of private-public partnerships, and the rapid urbanization of the region. Drilling, Milling, Lathe and other machines are among the most popular heavy equipment used in different industries and n sites, with end-user industries ranging from oil and gas to mining.

The Bottom Line

The heavy construction equipment and machine tools market in Latin America is expected to grow at a significant CAGR of 6.8% during the forecast period. Demand for these machine tools is increasing in major emerging markets such as Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, due to rapid urbanization. Urbanization in these countries has spurred investment in infrastructure development, including huge construction projects in Chile and Colombia. In addition to these projects, key market players are developing advanced machines to meet the growing demand.

Coronavirus Pandemic Implications on the Global Machine Tools Market

The coronavirus outbreak has created several challenges for many industries and businesses around the world. A majority of the leading countries of the world have been forced to take strict actions like complete lockdown to prevent the coronavirus disease to spread further. Considering the fact that there is no vaccine available for this disease, lockdown, and social distancing is the most beneficial steps to stop the coronavirus spread. However, this step has formed a challenging environment for several industries like aviation, tourism, hospitality and more. On the other hand, several industries like pharmaceutical and FMCG are facing the pressure of high production. This has forced companies to expand their manufacturing facilities and invest in high tech machinery.

Coronavirus Disease – Present Scenario

As per the medical experts, coronavirus typically affects respiratory tracts of humans, mammals, and birds. It is often. COVID 19 outbreak was first identified in China in December 2019 and at present, it has affected more than 6,00,000 people across the world. All the leading countries of the world are in the process of developing vaccines to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. As of now the WHO and regulatory authorities have asked people to follow safety guidelines like social distancing, self-isolation and frequent handwashing or cleaning the hands with hand sanitizer.

Coronavirus Disease

Global Machine Tools Market Trends

Machine tools are an integral part of engineering and construction projects and they are widely used in the operational manufacturing units. As a result of numerous applications of machine tools in various industries, the machine tools market was valued at approximately$62.6 billion in the year 2018. APAC region is witnessing a steady growth in industries such as automotive, construction and energy. In these industries, machine tools are widely used in applications like turning, grinding, boring and broaching. The growth of these industries is fueling the demand for machine tools. As a result, the APACregion had the maximum market share of 54.80% in 2018.

Effects of coronavirus on Machine Tools Market

Coronavirus outbreak has harmed many industries and businesses globally, but if we talk about the machine tool market, the damage is not as severe as other industries. The most important reason behind this fact is that the demand for machine tools is not limited to one or two industries. Machine tools are widely used in a wide range of industries.

If we look at the automotive industry, most of the companies around the world have reduced or stopped their production so the demand for machine tools in this particular sector has gone down. However, pharmaceutical and FMCG industries are experiencing a high demand for essential products. Be it an MNCor a mid-sized company, this situation has forced everyone in these industries to expand their manufacturing facilities and invest in equipment with the latest technology to meet high production requirements. As a result, machinery manufacturers are also facing high demand for various machines used in these industries, which has increased the demand for machine tools in this sector.

In Conclusion

Besides, the lockdown in many leading countries around the world has affected the production of machine tools in those countries. Because of that, the countries which are less affected by the coronavirus and continuing international trade of machinery are having a great opportunity in different regions around the world.

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Air Compressor Technology That Has Delivered Efficiency in Manufacturing

When your air compressor is unreliable, then your business will suffer due to recurring inefficiencies in the equipment and downtimes. It is always advisable to invest in high quality and energy efficient air compressors for the various industrial applications that you may have.

Important Considerations for an Air Compressor

The performance of an air compressor must match with the tools it will power and the required air volume in standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM). Commercial and industrial users rely on high performance air compressors to power their manufacturing equipment and processes. The standard rule while looking for the best compressor system is to choose equipment that delivers 1.5 times more than the maximum requirement of your tool or machine.

Multi Stage Air Compressor


The single stage compressor will have one or more cylinders each producing compressed air with same output pressures. The two stage compressor has two or more cylinders where the first cylinder feeds compressed air to second cylinder for more compression to be achieved.

Lubrication System

Oil lubricated compressors are heavier and larger than the oil free types. This model is installed with an oil monitoring system to ensure oil levels do not fall very low. Oil free versions are applicable where portable compressors are required.

Control System

Manual start and stop systems are used where there is no need for continuous air flow. Constant speed control is important where there is frequent air demand in short periods of time.

Two Stage Air Compressors

The two stage air compressor features several innovations that guarantee efficient running, reduce power consumption and help in keeping the operation costs to a minimum. These include;

  • High performance electrical wiring on all cables and convertors
  • 316 stainless steel tubing and casings that deliver longer life and better corrosion resistance.
  • Very high levels of oil separation and filtration that keeps out all dust and other contaminants
  • Heavy duty bearings with high load carrying capacity.
  • State of art oil coolers and after coolers to completely minimize thermal stress.
  • Premium high quality motor that is well housed to protect against dust and moisture.
  • Heavy duty isolator mount that effectively reduces impact of vibration during machine running.
  • Equipped with a centrifugal cooling fan that maintains the operating temperatures at all times and prevents accumulation of moisture in the system.

This design is suitable for high demand and high performance systems for powering tools that run continuously for extended periods.

Multistage Air Compressors

Multistage compression involves compression of air or the gas into two or more cylinders rather than using a single cylinder. It operates with reciprocating compressors when pressures of 300 kpa and more are desired. The main benefits derived from using this type of air compressor include;

  • High power savings
  • The system is able to limit the gas discharge temperature
  • Limit the pressure differential per cylinder
  • Prevent vaporization of the lubricating oil and also prevent ignition when temperature gets too high.

The multistage air compressor is used in various industries such as PET manufacturing, air blast industry, pneumatic manufacturing systems and busy auto repair services.

Air compressors technology continues to advance with the latest development being on the use of the variable speed drive (VSD) design where energy savings of up to 30% have been achieved. Bhavya machine tools also supplies high quality compressor accessories along with the energy efficient air compressors.

Innovations in Machine Tools that has Changed Global Production

It is said that few organizations can prosper without innovation. This has been very profound in the field of machine tools which has gone in leaps and bounds through innovation leading to tremendous improvements in the production capacity and overall efficiency in production and manufacturing. Some great innovations include;

machine tools that has changed global production

Computer Numeric Controls

Impact of computer-controlled machines such as on the lathe and machining centers has been the biggest of all in manufacturing. Today, CNC technology has allowed development of machines that are highly productive, flexible, and with the ability to integrate different production processes onto one machine.

The current challenges in use of this technology have shifted from the machine capacity to the ability of technical staff to set up, program and effectively operate these machines to maximize their capacity.

Innovations for Extending the Cutting Tool Life

All manufacturers are looking for a competitive edge in their manufacturing operations. Machining operations are brutal and heavy energy consumers. One of the factors that contribute to tool damage is temperature generated during operation. A key innovation that has led to extended tool life is the coolant fed tool where the coolant is pumped through the tool to very near the tools primary cutting point. This has led to longer tool life from enhanced lubrication and reduced friction, higher speeds and feeds as well as the flushing action to remove developing chips.

Greater Throughput

Through elimination of manual feeding systems to automated feeding and calibration, there has been improved accuracy in machining and cutting performance, therefore reducing the need for secondary operations after achieving good surface integrity. These secondary operations include reaming, boring and grinding which are also costly.

computer-controlled machines such as on the cnc lathe machine

Easier Installation Procedures and User Friendliness

Installation and operation of equipment as well as the ease of programming has also been an area of innovation. The development of machine tool from manual operated equipments to use of programmable logic controls to advanced computerized systems has influenced heavily on the global production and supply of these equipments as well as the production industry.

Noise Dampening Elements

With the current efforts to reduce noise levels in the engineering field, manufacturers are placing efforts of noise control from the source, which is very important in machine tools. Damping is a technique where equipments such as chutes, hoppers and machine guards have a bitumastic material stuck to the surface, which can reduce noise levels from 5 – 25 decibels during machine operation. Machines feet, gearboxes, pumps are mounted on rubber bonded cork to reduce transmission of vibrations of the machine.

Safety Considerations

Some ergonomic factors in machine tools design include operator interface height, operator access, safety mats, emergency stops, visibility and ease of maintenance. Innovative designs have been developed which factors all these attributes while still achieving the required output of the machine.


Innovations in machine tools design has been broad and directed towards maximum efficiency of the equipment. Development of computer controlled equipment, measures for extending the cutting tool life, enabling greater output efficiently, user friendliness and safety concerns have been the key areas of innovation. These have led to great positive change in production and manufacturing and the trend is set to continue.


Machine Tools – Journey from Mechanical to Electronics and Beyond

In the history of machines, the range of evolution is something beyond our imagination. Whenever something new technologies come to the market, users can get something better and smarter than the previous versions of the machine. Change is the only constant thing in this universe, and that can be proved strongly when you look at the world of machine tools. Typically, machine tools are machines that are used to give proper shape and design to the metals by cutting, grinding, shearing, and boring them. The machine tool also uses some other techniques for the deformation of the metals as per the needs of the industry. With the advent of modern technologies, the journey of machine tools becomes more interesting. It goes from mechanical to electronics and then beyond that.

machine tools

Getting Something Easier

In the history of machine tools you can find instruments like bow drills, potter’s wheel and others. These were used in the period known as BC. With the passing course of time, people understand that the more complex a machine can be the better production it can offer. With this realization, a separate industry of machine tools builders is formed who are specialized in making and selling advanced kind of machine tools only. Then they tried to build separate machine tools for different industries like textile, medical, engineering, automobile, and many more others. All these industries now can get parts and components as per their individual needs.

Proof of Technical Advancement

When you follow the journey of machine tools to understand the pattern of its evolution, then you have to understand the factors that work behind this progress. The transformation of machine tools from simple to the complex ones is the proof of technical advancement. Earlier there were mechanical tools, and most of them need human help to be run. With the development of the technologies, now you can have electronics machine tools that do not need any human assistance to perform. There are semi-automatic/fully automatic machine tools that can work in a better way than their ancestors.

Save Time save Money

The main motto of this transformation is to save the time and money of the users. The factories that have advanced machine tools do not need to employ too much manpower to operate those machines. These electronic machines can get their power from other sources than human muscles. There are electrically or hydraulically run machine tools that can perform 20 times faster than the older versions. Thus, these machines can save the time and money of the owners to a great extent.

More Précised Production

Since the human effort becomes almost nil in these machines, the production becomes more and more seamless. Machines hardly make mistakes. Therefore, you can expect perfect and accurate shaping or designing of various components of other machines and manufacturing equipment. To obtain a more précised production in the factories owners must need the specific machine tools. That is why the evolution of these machine tools becomes highly significant in the modern era where perfection is mandatory.

The Checklists While Dealing with Online Machine Shop

Online shopping is a great alternative to regular walk in shopping for various reasons. Listed here is a list of the many advantages of using the online Bhavya machine shop to buy quality machine tools for your organization.

The Quality policy; the company is committed to delivering the highest quality products through upholding of quality management systems after sales services and focus on the customer.

  • Customer service; you get access to a live chat service with support on standby to sort out all your queries. You can also call or email and get immediate assistance.
  • High technology standards; the company has a team of highly qualified professionals who are involved in the development of machinery and equipments. The company products meet the workmanship standards.
  • Efficiency; the equipment are manufactured for optimum power consumption while delivering maximum performance. All equipment has robust design, with stability and performance enhanced. The equipment is also durable.
  • Clientele include learning institutions, as well as private and government bodies. The company has been able to retain this market share due to their innovation, quality and service delivery.

online machine shopTerms and Conditions in Online Shops

  • Information used in making online transactions is held in strict privacy and is only used for the company reference in orders processing. The information may also be used to help the company better their services.
  • Online registration is optional during purchase but it helps if you intend to make repeated online purchases. Registration also makes the purchase process simpler and easier.
  • Security; data security is very important in all online transactions. At Bhavya online shop, sufficient effort has been made to ensure transactions are secure.
  • Secure sockets layer “SSL technology has been used to ensure data is not hacked during transmission. Order information is transmitted in encrypted format and only accessible to the company staff.
  • In credit card payments, the SSL technology creates a very high level of encryption making the online money transfer very effective.
  • Product return policy is in place in case you feel not satisfied with the product. Returns are done within seven days of purchase and the company makes a full refund of the payments within 15 days. Product can also be exchanged for another in case you prefer another model.

Shopping Services

As a customer, you receive your products within seven days of order if we have the product in stock.

You are notified in case of extra shipping charges before shipping is done.

For international purchases, the only documents that you require are a copy of the purchase order, payment documentation such as swift transfer and the dispatch instructions.

  • Payments can be done on a “cash on delivery” terms which are available on every product.
  • The company handles claims of damages during transits as soon as they are launched.


Bhavya machine tool is one-step ahead in machine technology. The efficient online shopping and payment system has enabled global supply of their machine tools while making the purchase process very user friendly.

How Industrial Efficiency and Bulk Productivity can be Achieved?

Research and development has led to the availability of many new and better products across many industries throughout the world. This has resulted in designing and producing a vast range of innovative machinery including tool room units for the local and global market. Hence, a broad variety of tools are now produced in order to fulfill the growing needs of various manufacturing industries.


How to Choose Right Tool Room Device?

Today there are several tool room equipment manufacturers in India and abroad. Each tool is built to perform a particular function and different models with specific characteristic are readily available at reasonable rates. Although all the producers supply good products; there are always certain distinctive features, even in the same type of equipments, manufactured by different producers.

Hence, choosing the right tool room device is definitely the key to control the overall costs. It helps to minimize input and maximize output; mainly in terms of expenditure, quality and quantity. First of all one should select a reliable and reputed tool manufacturer. The selected machine must have various salient features such as: user-friendly design, robust structure, higher dimensional accuracy, noise less, low maintenance, economical components etc.

Essential Characteristics of Tool Room Equipment

Other essential characteristics include: top grade materials, highly secure, flexible, perfect timing, simple to operate, rust free, precise settings, corrosion resistant, longer working life, higher cutting capacity, vibration free, globally adaptable, highly tolerant, better surface, faster setup time, lesser wear and tear, standard parameters, higher tool life, uniform output, better finishing, consistent speed, fully tested, highly efficient, constantly updated, higher throughput, good quality spares, durable parts etc.

Some of the most versatile and widely used tools include the milling, bandsaw, grinding, shaping and slotting machine.

Milling Machines

Milling machines are utilized for easy and complicated cutting, shaping and drilling operations. There are two categories of milling equipments such as horizontal milling and vertical milling. These are available in three models; namely manually operated milling equipment, mechanically automated milling  and digitally automated CNC milling.


Bandsaw Machines

Bandsaw machines are utilized for cutting long metallic or wooden pieces into various irregular or curved shapes. It has a horizontal metal band and a blade. Basically two types are available such as horizontal bandsaw and double column bandsaw.


Grinding Machines

The grinding device is a tool used to grind the workpiece into different shapes and sizes, using an abrasive wheel. It involves precisely chipping the metal to finish the rough metal surfaces into smooth objects. Both manual and hydraulic grinders are easily available.


Shaping Machines

Shaping machines are utilized in several industries to shape straight and flat metal surfaces made from steel, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals; into various curved or angular shapes. A slotting unit is a tool used for shaping or cutting materials and for making slots in objects made from wood, metal etc.


In Conclusion

Hence, the chosen tool room machine must be versatile, safe and efficient in order to control costs and achieve optimum value for money.

5 Important Revisions in Traditional set up of Press

Traditional Press Setup

Traditional press brake setup was found to be with hydraulic principle and the usage can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Later as years went on Greeks introduced some changes into the provisions considering suitability and ease of working. However, inception of electronic or motorized tool was also introduced during traditional times in which electric servo motors were used in addition to pulleys and belts. Scott Ottens, Manager of Amada America Inc, observes about this bending tool that “In Hydraulic system there will be acceleration. It takes a little bit of time to get up to speed where in an electrical system it is almost instantaneous”

Traditional Press Setup

Why setup of equipment is mandatory?

Traditional press brake setup was found to be with hydraulic principle and the usage can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Later as years went on Greeks introduced some changes into the provisions considering suitability and ease of working. However, inception of electronic or motorized tool was also introduced during traditional times in which electric servo motors were used in addition to pulleys and belts. Scott Ottens, Manager of Amada America Inc, observes about this bending tool that “In Hydraulic press brake system there will be acceleration. It takes a little bit of time to get up to speed where in an electrical system it is almost instantaneous”

mandatory Setup or tooling alignment

Why setup of equipment is mandatory?

Setup or tooling alignment is a mandatory aspect if you are looking for precise work for long term. There are certain kinds of mistakes which can be identified as general issues in metal working apparatus like press brake. However, these things depend a lot in setting up the arrangement of device parts.

Mechanism and Machining alignment in conventional Press Devices

Revisions Required

1. Tool Selection for Process

Tool Selection for Process

Selecting of tooling options is one of the mistakes that need to be reduced when it comes to obtaining precision in tooling work. It will also have impact on the working bed, hence the tooling components has to be consistent without bends or flanges as frequent operations may worn the components and may lead to cause bends or damages on the working beds. This could be one of the mistakes that lead to imperfect press mechanisms.

2. Creation of set up procedures

Set up procedure depends a lot on overall specifications. Every aspect of assembling has to go in tune with one another to reach maximum compatibility. For example,

Creation of set up procedures

  • The Ram gibs should be maintained in parallel position to avoid twisting movement. This will lead to cause imperfect machining and would become tough to reach perfection.
  • The return pressure should be maintained without increasing ram stroke.
  • Strictly following the recommended clearance for gibs is yet another way of achieving successful set of connections.

3. Failure in Lubrication

Failure in Lubrication

Lubrication is one of the major issues found both in earlier times as well as today. Successful working of equipment depends on how the operator follows instruction for lubricating all the moving parts of the apparatus. The manufacturers have a big role to play in this because a good manufacturer should provide all the instructions concerning lubrication and other maintenance features.

4. Layout strategy 

Layout strategy with incorporating equipment set up

Layout strategy deals a lot with incorporating equipment set up, maintenance of equipments and following the recommendations in the same way as provided by the manufacturer.

5. Ram Set Up

Ram Set Up

Ram provision is one of the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to imperfections in brake technology. It has to be compatible with the work material load as overload can lead to deflection of ram. If overloading ends up in machining deflection it can be set right only through re-machining the work material placing platform or bend and the ram. However, this can become a hectic process and disturb production.


Press Brakes are important equipment which had been in existence since earlier times. However, successful production can be reached by avoiding the above mentioned list of common errors.

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DMTG Promotion for Turning

Bhavya Machine Tools Presents DMTG Milling Machines

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The Vertical Machine Center – Advanced Milling Techniques that Deliver High Quality Workmanship

Milling requirements have been changing in accordance with the industrial requisites. There are innovations made in milling specifications and vertical center is one among them that is suitable to obtain rigid and flexible milling in fragile work materials.

Development of the Vertical Machine Center

Complex machining operations cannot be performed by conventional milling. There are specific tools designed today to make the milling perfect. A vertical machine center is a option that can be applied to obtain precise milling in complicated work materials including ceramics, cavities, intricate cores, etc.

Essential Features of the Vertical Mill for Peak Performance

We offer this with exclusive specifications including cooling system, working lamp, and alarming lamp, spindle blowing device, foundation bolts and pads. The heat exchanger offers improved functionality. The automatic chip flushing makes it easy to remove wastes immediately during the milling operation thus leaving space for flawless machining.

Benefits of the Vertical Mill over the Horizontal Mill

Horizontal milling device is equipped with horizontal spindle or horizontal arbor wherein it performs rotary function and mills at different angles on the work piece. The structure of the horizontal machine has been designed in such a way that rapid milling operation can be done.  Vertical mills are advantageous over horizontal mills as they can work with die sinking. Hence, it is applied in variety of operations including forging, coining, casting, etc.


Safety Features of the Vertical Milling Machine

The spiral chip removal system and automatic chip flushing makes and the heat exchanger supports to remove metal chips spontaneously. This is one of the important safety aspects as chips that emerge out in milling operations might wound eyes, skin, etc. However, wearing personal protection equipments will remain advantageous to avoid possibilities of safety issues.

Design of the Vertical Bit Machine

It is designed to provide precise and high speed milling. It also matches materials that have high tolerance. For precision, accuracy and stability, it remains the right choice as some of the intricate milling operations like forming cavities in casting materials are not possible with conventional mills or horizontal mills.

Range of Applications

It has wide range of capacities. It provides high speed milling on hard materials however sustains precision in milling. It can be applied to obtain precise finishing in tough material including cast iron, hardened steel, etc. The spindle blowing makes way for high speed spindles performance and subsequent accuracy in milling.

Availability in the Market

It has been found to be very effective in work shop to obtain final finishing in milling operation.  We offer vertical center made of high quality material. We provide excellent specifications including alarming lamp and ATC will keep the device perform flawlessly and accurately at


Vertical machine center is a versatile and improved form of vertical mill. It is a suitable device used to make holes in complex materials like ceramics.

India is Growing as Global Hub in the field of Manufacturing Machine Tools

Machine tools manufacturing Industry is a very planned and important industry today. Indian manufacturing industry has grown many fold be it automobiles, aerospace, defense, electric machinery. For a country to progress, to become influential it must progress in technology. Today technology and industry play a very important role in our lives. Take a look around yourself, almost everything is machine made or machine operated.

Machine Tool Industry Market in India

At present the machine tool industry in India is worth two billion US dollars and is estimated to boost to 4 billion dollars according to ( IMTMA) Indian Tool Manufacturers Association. Globally, in the field of production India ranks 13th. There are about 450 industrial units manufacturing tools, parts, accessories, attachments and parts. The organized sector has about 150 units and 70% of the production output is by the key ten manufacturing units.

Growth of Machine Tool Industry Market

Since 2002 industry has experienced an excellent rate of growth. This happened because the main global industries outsourced manufacturing to India which in turn led to increase in demand. Now the Indian industry is exporting to various countries. As the government is laying emphasis on more investment in this tool industry, it is sure to grow and become the global hub for manufacturing tools.

A wide range of metal cutting and metal forming equipments are being manufactured by the Indian machine tool industry. They are making manually operated machines as well as computer numerically controlled machines. More people are now opting for superior numerically controlled machines as less man power is needed for these and the output is enhanced.

Different Machines in Machine Tool Market

Indian industry is also designing and producing machines for special purpose like TPM friendly machines, handling systems, robotics etc. These have integrated the sophisticated and complex features of technology from  many advanced countries. Value added low cost machines are also made to meet specific requirements of customers.

The main raw materials needed by the machine tools industry like ferrous, non ferrous metals (steel and aluminum) are easily available in India. Moreover, India has a stable foundry industry to support industry for complex and good quality castings. As compared to global industry India is the 6th largest producer of castings.

The Bottom Line

The machine tool manufacturing industry of India has experienced a major change in its views. It is known for its low cost but high quality products. The pillars of the complete manufacturing industry are the equipments manufacturers as capital goods are produced by them. The growth of equipments industry has a huge impact on the whole manufacturing industry.

Some of the machines manufactured are lathe machines, drill machines, shearing machines, wood working machines, press brakes, tool room machines, sheet metal machines, power tools, machines accessories, welding machines, automobile and garage machinery etc. These machines and tools are being exported to many countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Dubai, UAE, Daman, Saudi Arabia etc.

Indian machine tools manufacturing industry is an extremely innovative industry where products are manufactured by the transferring technology from a leader of technology.

Why do Moderate Construction Projects Deserve Mobile Concrete Mixture?

Modern Construction Industry and Construction Equipments

Construction process includes variety of activities hence, time consumption is quite long. To make the work proceed faster unlike conventional activities, several friendly equipments have been introduced by machinery industries.

The Advent of Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer is applied to prepare concrete mix and it is equipped with a revolving barrel and motor to activate the mechanism. The ingredients are dumped into that barrel and the equipment rotates the barrel to complete the mixing action. This is available either as transferable and stationery model and found to be of greatest use for fast works.


Benefits of Concrete Mixer

The cement mixing device can mix different ingredients and stays helpful in delivering ready mix to make the building process relatively quick. The motor turns the barrel’s position and once the barrel completes the mixing action it is shifted to tilting position to pour out the ready mix.

Building Equipments for Moderate Construction Projects

Concrete Mixer is available in portable form with manual and motor operated options. We supplies concrete blending equipment hopper with and concrete mixer without hopper, 10/7cft concrete with hydraulic type mixer, slab trolley with rails, etc. Investors have multiple options to select the mixer based on mechanism.

Weight Batcher from Bhavya Machine Tools

Weight batcher is an interesting component that can be equipped with concrete mixing equipment for moderate to large construction projects. It stays very effective to obtain the right amount of ready mix concrete in terms of weighing process and we offer weight batcher with double hoppers.

Weight Batcher from Bhavya Machine Tools–A Perfect Solution to Avoid Material Wastage

Weight batcher supplied by us can hold the capacity of up to 250 kg is used to get the desired amount of ready mix and this method will certainly avoid excess mix to get dried. Hence, chances of wastage are meagre while investing for weight batcher.

Half Bag Concrete Mixer

Half bag concrete mixer stays convenient to obtain concrete mix with good uniformity. These are equipped with loader bucket which has the capacity to make the mixing process in an effective way.

Growing popularity for Construction Machines

Since, the impact of infrastructure development is felt seriously from global perspective; the demand for smart and friendly equipments is increasing everywhere. Similarly, these tools are also preferred because working with these machineries reduces the cost considerably.

Nuances in choosing suitable construction device

It is very important to consider the project level and the respective requirement. Bhavya Machine Tools is a right place to find equipments for smaller to moderate projects and they supply by evaluating the speed required.  For more information, visit –


We offers equipments for wide range of industries. As far as machines are concerned, investors can find variable options to manage moderate to large construction works and instruments supplied by them are made of high quality materials and stays reliable for long term usability.

How to Choose Power Tools that Saves Core Machining Expense and Maintenance Costs Considerably?

Usability of Power Tools in Drilling and Welding Process

Power tools are machinery components that can work with extra source of energy and they are the reliable choice for small to moderate core machining operations.

Significance of Power Tools

These are available in different types and sizes and they make the core industrial operations of metal industries to get complete finishing. Power tools are cost effective and save machining expense in a great way.

Stud Welding Device and its importance

Stud welding works in terms of the heat produced by the power source equipped with the device. This power source then helps to fasten the welded stud into the work piece. Wherein, the weld stud might be bolt or nut that will be embedded into the work piece by welding process.

Power Source for Stud Welding Power Tool

Stud welding device is equipped with control circuit with adjustable weld time option. This option assists in controlling the required welding process and the welding time from milliseconds to seconds. It is a very economic welding option to fix bolts and nuts to the desired location.

D C Rectifier-The cost effective alternative for Welding

D C Rectifier is a suitable alternative for traditional welding equipment. It is widely preferred for precision and high quality welding purpose and applied at large for welding high pressure pipeline fabrication process. We offers this machine with the power capacity between 300 to 600 amps.

Regulator Type, and Spot Welding –For Low Maintenance Costs

The required power level can be regulated using the regulating handle equipped with the device. Spot welding process stays a significant component for welding in many industries. It is applied in steel, stainless steel and other metal industries where two work piece materials are blended at specific spots.

Butt type of Welding

Butt welding is the process by which two metal work pieces are joined together with a welded metal place by using pressure variation. This equipment is very effective for economic and strong welding options.

Different Types of Welding Components for Complicated Welding Jobs from Bhavya Machine Tools

Sub merge arc welding equipment, mini welding, bandsaw butt welding, wire butt welding, MIG/TIG welding , seam welding are some of the different types of portable welding equipment supplied by us. These equipments are reliable and made of high grade raw materials and investors can see very less amount spent on maintenance.

Portable Drilling Equipments offered by Bhavya Machines

We supply different types of compact welding and drilling machines at affordable price and they stay perfect for economic drilling operations. For drilling 6mm to 230 mm they have series of drilling equipments like light duty and heavy duty drill, straight and angle grinder equipment.


Power tools such as welding machine, drilling and grinding equipments saves time and cost than its respective conventional methods. Bhavya Machine Tools is the right place to find portable and medium sized power equipment at reliable costs.

Safety Norms to be Followed while Applying Slab Trolley with Rails and Tower Hoist

Construction Made Easy with Innovative Mechanisms

Apart from Concrete mixer, batch plant, weight batcher, there are special equipments available today to make the construction work faster. These equipments are suitable to handle heavy or big level of construction projects.

Machines Available for Transit of Concrete Mix to different levels of construction

For higher level of building requisites like multi-storied buildings, big commercial complexes and multiplex and similar projects shifting of concrete mix remains a difficult task; however, with innovative components like tower hoists and Slab Trolleys with Rails the process of transiting has been made very reliable, fast and easy.

Slab Trolley with Rails and its advantages

Slab Trolley is a versatile equipment used to transit ready mix concrete from one location to other. However, this equipment operates in horizontal direction and stays very helpful to make over building work that takes place in single plane. Slab trolleys can hold up to 0.3 cubic meters of ready mix concrete.


Safety Norms while working with Slab Trolley

Slab Trolley operational safety norms is a mandatory operational requirement which have to be strictly followed in construction sites.

Benefits of Tower Hoist

Tower cranes used for transiting concrete mix and apart from that there are certain significant advantages with tower hoists such as easy to mobilize, cleanliness during operation, reduces the cost of hiring vehicles used to transit ready mix component. Similarly, while analysing the environment and health safety this equipment stays a suitable option to avoid risk of polluting the site.

Safety Issues to be Taken Care of while Installing Tower Hoists

Erection and commissioning of tower hoists is a complicated process and to obtain a safe operation it is mandatory to seek the help of experienced professionals. Similarly, personal safety while handling the operation is more important as well.

Personal Protection requirements to stick with while working with Tower Hoist

Working with tower hoist or tower cranes is a risky job indeed if personal protection and operation instructions are not followed as instructed in the manufacturer manual. Similarly authorised regulations are also imposed with code of practise in order to maintain safe working environment.

Importance of Maintenance Aspects

Maintenance is considered mandatory to work with tower hoists as well as slab trolleys. Proper and periodical examination is compulsorily required to avoid sudden failure of cranes; hence, these types of construction equipment have to be operated with experienced operators who will also take care of the maintenance part.

Erection Procedure

Erection of the crane should be carried out with the help of skilled and experienced people as it requires good training. Similarly, it is mandatory to follow the manufacturers’ guidance notes before starting with the application.

Construction Machines Supplied

We are pioneer in supplying machineries for wide industrial applications. For ease of construction, builders can find excellent equipments available at affordable price.

List of Construction Equipments

Apart from concrete mixing device, We also provide concrete transit tools like vibrating plate compactor, tower hoist channel and angle type, slab trolley with rails, concrete block machine and further more information visit- They supply tower hoists with varying height and load capacities.


Construction equipments make the work faster however, safety norms have to be followed strictly for uninterrupted operation.

How can You Find & Buy Your Required Machine Tools Online?

Machine Tool Search is not limited to Local Area/Local Market-Machine Tools Global Market

Machine tools are used for a wide range of uses such as shaping, cutting and grinding metal in workshops. They therefore have a wide application in the manufacturing industry. When searching for tools for your workshop or manufacturing plant you should not limit yourself to buying locally only but rather you should search also on the Machine tools global market to get the best deals available. Prices of machines vary a lot depending on the region of purchase. As a US based company the best buy for you machines will be in Asia or Japan where there is mass production of machine equipment therefore prices tend to be lower.

Machine Tools Global Market is available online for Lathe Machines, Drill Machines, Slotting Machines, Milling Machines and Sheet Bending Machines etc

The internet savvy world that we live in today has created tremendous opportunities to execute online trade. As a result you can easily order and purchase your machine tools online through accessing websites of various global tool manufacturers and distributors. The online mode of purchase provides you the convenience and flexibility of going through a number of catalogues to identify the right type of machine for your factory or workshop. You can order for machines such as milling machines, lathe machines, sheet bending machines and drill machines among many others and have them delivered securely to you. The Machine tools global market offers you limitless range of purchase options hence enabling you to promptly find the right machine tool.

How to deal with Local/Global Machine Tools Manufacturers before & after you purchase them online

When you decide to go online, you must know exactly How to buy machine tools online by identifying the right quality brand that will give you the best price for maximum productivity so that you don’t waste your money. You can opt to buy new or used machine tools online depending on your preference and budget but ideally new machines are the best to avoid high maintenance cost and inefficiency of used machines. You can also search online for auctions where you can competitively bid for your machine tools. After identifying the machine tool you want to purchase you should confirm the specifications and then make your order and pay according to the terms of the seller. After making your purchase, your machine tool will be delivered to you and upon receiving it, you should confirm the specifications and if there is any defect you should communicate to the manufacturer immediately for assistance.

Visit Bhavya Machine Tools to know more about Machine Tools.


Machine tools are vital tools especially in the manufacturing industry which is the main driver of the machine tool market. It is projected that as more countries continue to develop and industrialize then the machine tools global market is expected to experience high demand and growth. Now more than ever there is a need to know How to buy machine tools online and take advantage of best deals available.

Right way of Setting up Your Workshop with Machine Tools

Setting up your own workshop with tools can be time consuming and it involves big money. But when you have a workshop set up according to your requirements it makes working more enjoyable.

To set up your workshop you need to know which unit you require and how to place them in the workshop for maximum benefits and output. One needs to keep certain points in mind and follow some rules.

  • Big room or Building –The room or the building where you plan to set up the workshop should be big and spacious for all the equipment to fit in. So, plan the layout of the place before you bring in the units to be installed.
  • List of Tools you plan to Install – Make a list of all the equipments you want to install in the workshop. Make a scale drawing of the floor plan with foot print of all the machines with space to move around it. Also make an estimate of the space required for handling the material.
  • Sufficient Lighting and Electrical outlets – The machines require ample electric current to work so the wiring should be able to handle the load. 120V tools will require 20 Amp circuits but other like welders and air compressors will need 40 Amp and 220 circuits. The building must have sufficient outlets for lighting and electrical connections to avoid using extension cords.
  • Well Ventilated space – During the process of cutting and sanding a lot of dust is produced so to avoid discomfort the room must be well ventilated and airy. It will be good even when you use adhesives and paints.
  • Size of the Door – Have a minimum three foot roll-up door for the main entrance. This will help you to take out big job objects after finishing the projects.
  • Ceiling Height – A minimum ten feet high ceiling is required for the workshop as you will need to move around big sheets of work pieces.
  • Portable or semi-portable Machines – If the place is not big enough to accommodate full size then opt for portable or semi- portable models of the units. Buying multipurpose devices is a good idea as you can do more than one job on one machine, instead of buying single purpose.
  • Storage Cabinets – Have sufficient storage space to keep all small parts, fasteners etc. in an organized way.
  • Peg Board Panels – Install peg board panels on walls behind workplaces to hang hand tools and other small items so that they are easily reachable during work.
  • Storage Space – Buying the raw material in bulk saves a lot of money and time. It is always good to have extra material on hand while working on a project. Plan a storage space to keep the extra material.
  • Buying the Equipment – Buy the right equipment from a good supplier and a manufacturer of repute. Make sure you get warranty on the machines and also the spare parts should be easily available when required.

Visit Bhavya Machine Tools to know more about Workshop with tools.


When the work place is well organized and well planned, neat and tidy it becomes easy to work and the end product is also of good quality. The right equipment placed in the right way in a pleasant environment makes working a pleasure.

Benefits of Buying Machine Tools from Indian Manufacturers

The machine tool industry is regarded as the backbone of any industrial economy. It is basically the source through which a broad variety of industrial products and consumer goods are manufactured. India is a developing nation with a rising economy, and its value is largely estimated by its manufacturing capabilities. The rapid industrialization has played an extremely important role in transforming India as a manufacturing hub of the world. Today, the Indian tool manufacturing sector receives a number of incentives from various government agencies. Moreover, constant efforts are made to develop and maintain the growth of the country’s equipment sector in order to remain competitive in the local and global market. As a result various types of device are now manufactured throughout India to meet the growing demand of the national and international clients. Tools are regularly used in various industries such as automobile, general engineering, energy, railway, defense, etc.

Machine Tools from Indian Manufacturers

Following are the several benefits of purchasing tools from Indian manufacturers. First of all Indian companies now have the latest manufacturing facilities and modern infrastructure that helps to produce top quality products. Moreover, the Indian manufacturers incorporate the most modern machinery and hence they can produce highly complex machine components and superior. Another major advantage is the significantly lower costs of production in India. Besides this the Indian manufacturers use various raw materials that are made locally. For example all the castings, CNC controls and electrical equipment, sheet metal parts, mechanical components, machining parts are made locally; and assembly, fitted in house by expert technicians. Hence the unit that are produced by the manufacturing companies in India are relatively cheaper as compared to device made in the other developed nations of the world. Click Here to check various Indian tools offered at Bhavya Machine Tools.

Machinery from Indian Manufacturers

The superior quality is the most important advantage of purchasing machinery from Indian manufacturers. Moreover, the design of the machines is regularly improved to enhance the production process, ensure higher volumes and maintain continuous flow of production. Another advantage is the comparatively less wear and tear, and easy maintenance of the Indian devices. Besides they are highly reliable, accurate and effective. The Indian machines also offer an overall benefit in terms of service related factors. The required spare parts and skilled technical service personnel are readily available and are also relatively cheaper. Good after sales service is also provided by the Indian companies. Moreover the services are constantly improved by offering regular training to the service engineers. Today India has a well established supply chain system and fast delivery is now provided to both domestic and overseas customers. Further, the growing demand for highly advanced instrument and the ever increasing competition has resulted in the production of highly sophisticated tools by the manufacturers from India. Today the Indian manufacturers can supply both standard and custom machines as per the specific needs of the buyer.


Hence many buyers now prefer to buy tools from Indian manufacturers.

5 Most Important Machine Tools For Any Workshop [INFOGRAPH]

Nowadays, several types of workshop machine tools are manufactured in many countries around the globe. These tools are commonly used for different purposes in a wide range of industrial segments such as woodworking, automobile, electrical, construction, etc.

This infograph give you information about the most important machine tools for any workshop including milling, grinding, shaping, bandsaw, hacksaw machine. For the best equipment at the competitive price, visit –

BhavyaMachineTools - Inforgraphic

Rising Challenges & Opportunities for Power Press Manufacturers in India

The power press is a powerful sheet metal machine. It is mainly used for cutting, bending, pressing, forming and stamping sheet metal into different shapes and sizes. This highly precise and versatile machine deforms and cuts metal by pressing it between two heavy pressure plates. The various types are classified as mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic; including the pillar type and C type unit. They are readily available in different specifications and have numerous features in order to fulfill the diverse requirements of several industrial segments. The latest models incorporate advanced technology that help to easily carry out complex sheet metal tasks at comparatively lower costs. They are corrosion resistant, very silent and vibration free; and can be continuously operated at a relatively faster speed to deliver higher output. These are commonly used in a wide range of industrial segments such as automobile, plastic, metal, rubber, wood, textile, etc. The other applications include sheet metal machining and engineering tasks, in light as well as heavy industries.

Power Press Manufacturers in India

The industrial sector in India has grown tremendously during the past few years. This is mainly due to the rapid industrialization and the ever growing demand for various types of tools in the local as well as overseas markets. As a result, a wide range of equipments including a broad variety of this tool, are now manufactured by many companies in the country. It manufacturers in India not only provide a particular type of machine, but also contribute in the growth of other related industries, and the overall economy of the nation. They even assist in providing employment to a large of number of skilled and unskilled people. Besides, these manufacturing organizations also create employment opportunities for several people in the other associated business segments.

Challenges and Opportunities

These days the manufacturers in India are competing with each other in order to increase their market share and earn more profits. Hence they focus on providing a broad range of top grade device. Subsequently a variety of power presses with standard specifications are now made in India. Besides this even customized models are produced as required. This in turn has created several challenges and opportunities for the manufacturers. Hence they need to design superior quality unit and build the latest infrastructure in order to operate the modern unit in a suitable environment. Further, the manufacturers have to follow the appropriate operating procedures and also comply with the industry standards in order to deliver high quality products. They also have to train their staff with the necessary skills to properly use and adequately maintain the latest equipment. Consequently, the manufacturers also get the opportunity to supply their equipment worldwide and thereby enhance their company’s image in the local, as well as global markets. Hence the rising challenges have created several opportunities for the power press manufacturers in India.

Rising Demand of Woodworking Machineries Across the World

Woodworking machines are highly popular and widely used equipments. They are basically utilized for performing various processes on wood, such as cutting, carving, drilling, finishing, grinding, joining, molding, sawing, sanding, shaping, etc. It help to avoid manual labor and the conventional wood working system. It also enables you to do several woodworking jobs quickly and easily. Besides this a number of industries require these equipments. Hence a wide range of woodworking equipments are now manufactured throughout the world. Further it is better to opt for superior quality units as they are highly accurate, more effective, as well as long lasting; and deliver better results. All woodworking equipments include a motor for reducing the work of the operator and increasing the production. These machines also make less noise and vibrate less compared to the manual wood operations and traditional tools. Moreover they help to create a product with a relatively smoother surface.

Bandsaw Machine

It is one of the commonly used woodworking machines. This is basically a cutting tool that includes a long metallic band with a sharp blade on one side, in order to cut the work piece. This band usually rides on a set of two wheels that revolve in the same plane, for accurately cutting various objects into straight, irregular and curved shapes. Band saws are highly useful tools especially in the timber industry.

Drilling Machine

Another type of woodworking device is the drilling machine. It is a versatile tool which is utilized for making round holes in a work piece. They may be either fastened on the floor or mounted on a stand. It is electrically powered and comprises of a drilling head, radial arm, as well as a gearing mechanism. It also provide a safe and easy way to drill holes, on a variety of surfaces and different materials.

Circular Saw

The adjustable circular saw is an essential woodworking tool which is used to cut work pieces of various depths. It primarily consists of a working table that is adjustable as well as tilting. This equipment is highly effective and used for precisely cutting a work piece. It is driven by an electric motor and includes a motor pulley and motor plate.

Woodworking Machines

These are used to process wood and produce different objects that are useful in residential, commercial, and industrial units. Today a broad variety of tools are available in the market. The various applications of woodworking machines include producing and repairing wooden furniture for homes, offices, and factories. Besides this they are also used to create several types of wooden products in different shapes and sizes. It can be used for drilling holes, cutting wooden sheets, shaping wooden pieces, finishing wooden objects, etc. These devices have a wide range of applications in several industrial segments such as automobile, construction, engineering, electrical, metal, as well as in many other heavy industries. Hence there is a rising demand for various types of machineries across the world.

Sheet Metal Machineries for Shearing, Bending & Cutting

The various sheet metal machineries for shearing, bending and cutting are described below:

Press Brake

The mechanical press brake has a sturdy frame built from high grade steel. It also consists of steel plates with appropriate thickness and machined guide ways. This strain-free equipment supports ram and bed from unnecessary deflection under tolerable loads. The power is transmitted via two individual gear drives to uniformly distribute load throughout its length. While the hydraulic press brake comprises of superior quality hydraulic components. It has two cylinders mounted at back side and connected through mechanical links. They are also synchronized for parallel motion between ram and table. The heavy duty steel frame can absorb heavy shocks caused by overloading. All edges are accurately machined and welded for durability. The power unit is fixed appropriately on the wall; hence the operator can easily reach the push button and foot switch.

Shearing Machine 

The hydraulic shearing has a squaring arm on left and right side with hardened lines for even load distribution. The front gauging has stops and scales on squaring arm. The recessed table includes hardened rods to feed sheets easily. The sheet is supported by long plates; and the ramp on back side slides to allow cutting sheets outside shear area. It also has a finger safety guard that provides clear view of cutting area. The movable foot switch provides easy and convenient operation. It also has an efficient, compact power pack with least piping. The neat electrical wiring enables easy trouble shooting. Whereas the under crank shearing device is precise and robustly constructed for uninterrupted production, repeatability. It has a foot pedal, fly wheel, gear guard, self lubricating system, motor pulley, and a pair of four edged shear blades. The front and back gauge is manually operated and the finger guard in the front protects the operator. Further, the over crank shearing is accurate and works constantly and repeatedly. It consists of four edged, single segment knives for longer durability. They can be easily assembled and minimizes downtime. The scale on back gauge enables instant reading of distance between shear and back gauge.

Bending Machine 

The plate bending machine can handle heavy stresses and loads. It is highly safe, requires minimum power and reduces running cost. It is designed to deliver top quality products, increase unit durability; prevent breakdown and revenue loss. Further the section bending tool includes motorized drive for bottom rolls; foot switch control switch and reverse forward starter for easy, quick changeover of rolls; a scale for adjusting rolls; and hardened, grinded shafts.


The various applications of mechanical, hydraulic press brake; hydraulic, under crank, over crank shearing; plate, section bending includes electric panels, roofing, bus bodies, kitchen equipments, generator enclosures, steel tanks, stainless steel equipments, coil cutting industries, air condition ducts, container manufacturing, flour making, industrial structures, rail coaches, tipper trucks, wind mill manufacturing, turbine enclosures, etc. Hence these sheet metal machineries for shearing, bending and cutting are used in several industries.

Industrial Applications of Different Sheet Metal Machineries

Metals play an important part in our lives today. Think of any object around us and either it is made of metal or some part of it is of metal. Metals are an integral part of our lives today. A number of different types of machines are involved in giving shape to these metals.

Metal industries and workshops use various kinds of sheet metals to bend the hard metal sheets, or rods, of steel, brass, iron etc. and shape them according to the need. These are used in the manufacture of pipes, automobiles, buildings, decorative items, house hold items etc.

The products made by sheet metal are very specific, size and shape is precise and the quality is superior.

Different types of sheet metal machines have varied industrial applications.

  • Sheet Bending – To manufacture various products from metal these tools are used. Steel, titanium, copper and many more metals can be bent and shaped.
  • C Type Power Press – Its shape is like letter ‘C’. Industries where metal sheets need to be bent, pressed or cut with more force, power presses are used.
  • Pillar Type Power Press – It is used to cut or bend thick metal sheets when a lot of force is required. It works very fast and makes less noise.
  • Pyramid type Bending Rollers – It is mostly used in the industries making cones, wind mills, ship parts, channels for air conditioners and fabrication of aluminium and steel.
  • Hydraulic Press Brake – This sheet metal is used for very accurate bending of metal sheets and plates in many industries. It uses hydraulic pressure to bend the metal sheets.
  • Mechanical Press Brake – These are very precise and fast devices to bend sheets of metal. The flywheel works with an electric motor.
  • Hydraulic Shearing – From a large stash of metal smaller sheets of metal are cut using this equipment. Different kind of materials, metal and non metal, can be cut with it. It’s very safe to use and requires minimum maintenance.
  • Hydraulic Press Brakes – It is a strong machine used to bend sheets and plates of metal very accurately in a number of industries. As it uses hydraulic power to operate, and the ram can stop without difficulty, as and when required, so the machine is very safe to use.
  • Small Sheet Metal – These are used in small scale industries dealing in wood or metals, to cut, bend, press or form metal. Various types of small sheet metal machines are available in the market.
  • Hand Operated Metal Sheet Bending – For various bending operations, different types of these are available. It is used in big industries to cut, bend, punch, and shear metal sheets.
  • CNC Syncro Hydraulic Press Brake – These  are used in the industry for a number of operations. Metal can be formed, punched, pierced, notched etc. with these tools.
  • NC Hydraulic Press Brake – These are easy to work with, bending work can be done quite fast so it is cost effective.


Thus sheet metal machines are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. Different brands offer different types of machines with different functions. One can buy these equipment depending on the type of job work to be undertaken in the industry.

Woodworking Machinery – Efficient Solution for Wood Shaping Applications

Woodworking machinery or tools are used to cut, carve or shape wood. A tool with a motor reduces the work of the operator and increases the production. In a wood processing business these are craft the desired shape or dimensions from the piece of wood work.

Woodworking machines

These are basically workshop tools. They are either operated manually or are computer controlled. For the small scale work manual devices are excellent but computer controlled are ideal for mechanization of wood processing work in industries. Computer-controlled tools have a cutting accuracy of 0.000″ – 0.001″. These are used for intricate work that requires a high degree of cutting accuracy and it also increases the production capacity.

When working manually with wood a lot of noise and vibration is felt. This is reduced to a great deal if woodworking machines are used. The finished product is smoother and has a professional look.

Different type of wood working machines are used by craftsmen to produce works of art from wood. The time taken for any work is reduced as working with wood becomes more proficient and gives a skilled finish to the finished product. Industries involved in wood carving, cutting and shaping primarily buy these equipment.

Types of woodworking machines

Different types of woodworking unit are used in workshops and industries for jobs like wood cutting, shaping, finishing, drilling, grinding etc. It is very essential to select the appropriate type that is suitable for precision and competence required and that which will meet the desired requirements.

  • Circular saw or a table saw gives more flexibility as it can be angled for sharp or minute cuts and gives better accuracy in cutting lengthy boards. Regarded as an essential tool of any wood workshop it is frequently used for neatly cutting large pieces of wood. Cuts at an angle, straight or curved can be made using this.
  • The router is used with a tableto make fancy cuts and more professional looking woodworking easy. The wood is held with a guide and the craftsman can cut fancy work into the wood.
  • The drill press is a multipurpose woodworking unit which is widely used for drilling accurate holes or to bore holes at different angles in the work piece.
  • A jig saw machine cuts random or irregular shapes out of wooden work piece. Artistic patterns can be made using this. Jobs like making toys, carving and decoration items made from wood, can be done using this.
  • Band saw is compact in size and can be easily operated even in crowded workshops.

Wood working machines provide competence to the work, they lessen the wastage and help in accomplishing the most accurate cutting, shaping and other wood processing works in much shorter time.

Therefore, woodworking devices are an efficient solution for wood shaping applications as they make the work easier and faster. Industries dealing in wood work like furniture, timber, wooden toys etc. use these technically advanced to increase the output, and improve the quality of the product.

Significance of a Press Brake in Metal Cutting Applications

Mechanical Press BrakeA number of machines are used in the process of fabrication of sheet metal parts. Fabrication is the process of collective operations which are used to give a shape to the metal sheet. This involves a number of equipments like metal shears, laser cutting, press brakes, rollers, welding machines etc.

What are Press Breaks?

Press brake, also called break press, is a machine that is used to bend the metal sheets and plates. A considerable amount of force is applied using mechanical or hydraulic processes or both. In order to get perfect bends free from any defect, care must be taken to use proper methods. The commonly used metals for fabrication are carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Types of Press Breaks

Press brakes are available in two categories:

Mechanical press brakes – A mechanical press is faster  and more accurate as compared to other.

Hydraulic press brakes – These help to create goods of superior quality which use less power and are dependable. These are safe to use but are more expensive. For accurate bending of sheet metal and metal plates it is widely used in many industries.

Metal forming

The process of applying force on the metal to change its shape without cutting it is called metal forming. The sheets are bent or stretched into an array of complex shapes.

In the process of sheet metal fabrication, first the basic flat shape of the metal sheet is attained, the metal is then sent to machines to make the bends. The metal sheet is placed between a punch and a die. This process is called forming. According to the specifications on the prints, dies in a range of shapes and radius are used to make one or a number of bends to form the metal.

Applications of Press Breaks

In order to increase the inflexibility of a metal, and to shape the pieces of metal in shapes of one’s choice and design the metal is bent using it. Bending is a flexible process in precision sheet metal fabrication and it permits the formation of different shapes by using hammering and press brakes.To find the correct bend allowance for the compressionand stretching of the material, intricate mathematical formulas are required.

Press brake forming method is used for different functions like metal framing, metal housing for a definite part, brackets for tools and machines etc. It is also used for punching, bending, piercing etc. of the metal sheet.

Metal fabrication is done for a large array of industries and applications. Car parts, aircraft components, boat propellers, holding tanks, shark cages, weapons, etc. are fabricated from metal. Different tools are used for different purpose during fabrication of metal, so a technician can shape the metal according to his desire.

In Conclusion

So, without the press brake machinery the work of a fabricator would be very difficult. To give shape to the metal sheet before it is cut, It play a very significant role. These are used in every metal industry and for almost every metal fabrication be it a piece of art or a part of a car.

Facts About a Surface Grinding Machine

To give a meticulous smooth finish to the surface, as regards the level, size or finish of the surface of a flat metallic or non-metallic object, surface grinding tools are used. In order to make the surface flat and smooth a spinning wheel that is covered with a rough material is used to grind the plane.

The regular process is surface grinding. It is a finishing procedure. To give an object a superior finish this process is used.

Surface Grinding Machine

Surface grinders consist of a wheel covered with a hard abrasive material, a chuck and a counter table. The non metallic objects are held in place by a vacuum or a mechanical chuck while the wheels grind it and make it smooth. Metal object are held in place by a magnetic chuck.

The crushing wheels of these equipments are covered with different materials like diamond, aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, cubic boron nitride etc. The most commonly used material is aluminium oxide since it is cheaper than other materials.

To maintain the quality of the wheel, grinding dressers are used. For the work to be perfect these wheels must be in perfect condition. Surface grinders are run by hands, electricity or they are powered by hydraulics.

Uses of Surface Grinding Machines

Surface grinders are very important in industries and these are used for making parts and industrial tools. It need to be smooth to move and function properly, and here grinding machines play an important role.

These are also used in industries where defined shapes are to be made with precision as in the manufacture of automobile parts. Most of these machines are computer operated, but manual operated machines are also in use.

Cast iron, steel, brass, plastic and aluminium etc. are some of the materials that can be made smooth with surface grinders. During the process of grinding high temperature is created which may weaken the magnetic power in some materials.

Equipments to use while operating Surface Grinders:

While using a surface grinder it is very important to wear safety equipments like goggles. When the wheel spins at a high speed to grind the materials, friction is created and small pieces of material tend to fly away from the wheel which may cause damage to eyes. Protective garments should also be worn like an apron, gloves etc. Loose clothes or items of jewelry should not be worn.

Who can operate a Surface Grinder?

Any person who is qualified and has received sufficient training can operate unit. He must also be trained in health and safety measures to be used while operating the equipment. Health and safety laws must always be followed to prevent any accident.


Therefore, surface grinding machines help to create a smooth finish to the material worked on. It also offers a refined and superior look to the work piece. A right tool for the right task helps to improve the efficiency of the work. This also saves a lot of time and energy for the skilled labours and professionals.

Applications of a Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

Horizontal Bandsaw MachineA machine that is used for cutting wood, metal, plastic and a variety of materials into straight, curved or irregular shapes is called a horizontal bandsaw. A wide range of bandsaw equipments are available in the market. They are made from cast iron, steel or aluminum alloy.

The blade consists of a continuous band of metal which has teeth on one edge. These teeth are used to cut different pieces of work. The blade of the machine is held either by guide blocks or bearings. The saw blade is secured between two wheels or pulleys. One of the wheels called the driven wheel is fixed in place and it provides the power to the saw. The other wheel is the idler wheel which is used to make the blade in the saw tight or loose.

A horizontal bandsaw machine is a versatile power tool and a foundational tool in many workshops. The work piece is clamped in place and then the blade slides down through the work piece and cuts it. A sprayer and a pump keep the work piece covered in a cutting fluid so the metal does not overhead and it can be cut easily.

These are usually used for cutting the supply down to size. The exact finishing cuts are made on more precise equipment. Perfect cuts save a lot of time and stock removal cutting is made much faster. The horizontal bandsaw device is normally used to cut large pieces of work, wood or metal, and different blades make different cuts. They have higher cutting speed and better accuracy. These are very suitable for cutting long bars into different shapes.

Designed for smooth and vibration free functioning, the economical and low noise tools offer maximum output and minimum wastage. The horizontal bandsaw machines are extensively used in automobile, electronic, electrical, wood working etc.

Different types of blades are used for different materials. A diamond blade is used to cut glass, a segmented cold saw blade is used to cut structural tube, and a fabrication blade is used for aluminum, brass or copper. To cut steel tubes, angel cuts and decking, friction & hot saw blades are used. Ferrous applications, cutting extrusions, thin wall tubing, bar stock, angel iron and flat bars are cut with solid high speed steel saw blades. Circular knives are used to cut rubber, fiber glass and aluminum. Carbide tipped saw blades are used to cut aluminum, brass, copper and bronze.

Sparks fly during cutting so protect your eyes and face by wearing a facial safety guard orDouble Column Bandsaw Machine safety goggles. As soon as cutting work is over remove the blade from the saw and store it in a place where it will not get damaged or scratched.

Thus, while selecting a horizontal bandsaw machine, choose unit which gives superior accuracy and which is suitable for cutting long bars in different shapes. The model chosen must suite your requirements. These machines have really simplified and secured the production work, and has also allowed advanced productions at minimum energy consumption rates.

Press Brake, Slotting Machine – Machines used for Bending and Cutting Metals

Press Brake, Slotting Machine – It used for Bending and Cutting Metals

Cutting and bending are the two primary functions performed on metals for casting the desired shape or dimensions. Therefore when it comes to metal working, the two most popular categories used in workshops are metal cutting and metal bending machines. Much of the metal processing tasks in workshops are usually carried using these equipment.

Press Brake

The popular form of metal bending machines used in workshop is a press brake. A press brake is a popular workshop tool installed with punches and dies to form bends on the metals. Combining a series of repetitive bending operations metals can be bent to desired shape. A press brake is usually classified on basis of factors like force and working length. There are four popular forms of press brakes widely employed in workshops and industries called mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and servo-electric brakes. A functioning of a mechanical variant of this metal bending unit is dependent on flywheel, the pneumatic model utilizes the air pressure, the hydraulic press brake from functions by means of a pair of hydraulic cylinders where as a servo-electric brake works on servo-motor to drive a ball screw or belt drive to exert tonnage on the ram for bending metals to desired shape or dimensions as required. The shape casted using a brake is dependent on the type of die used in the device. Various kinds of dies can be installed in press brakes like v-dies, U-bend dies, goose neck dies, acute angle dies, offset dies, hemming dies seaming dies and much more to achieve desired shape from a metal work piece. With an appropriate die installed in your unit, you can cast almost any shape out of a metal work piece with varied repetitive operations.

Slotting Machine

A slotting machine, as the name indicates is the tool used in workshop for cutting or shaping of metals. Whether it is to make slots on heads of screws, bolts, automobile components and other parts, all can be performed using this device. A modern metal slotting available today in the market comes with easy to use and convenient handling features which can be easily handled by even beginners for performing cutting, slotting and shaping operations on metal parts. A slotting instruments comes in various specifications and configurations. Therefore depending on the type of industry whether automotive, furniture, electrical, construction or heavy industries where the equipment is to be used proper machinery selection is important if you want to get the best performance from your slotting machine for metal work.

We are a leading equipment supplier in India offering various kinds of machine  for use in industries and workshops. The supplier offers both standard as well as heavy duty slotting to meet the metal cutting and shaping applications in various industries either small scale or large scale. The mechanical and hydraulic press brakes offered by the supplier are international standard designed for long lasting, vibration and noise free and easy effortless operation.

Guide to Various Kinds of Sheet Metal Machines Used in Workshops

Sheet metal machines are primarily utilized for cutting, shaping, pressing, and forming metal sheets into specific shapes and dimensions. Nowadays a number of sheet metal  are available in the market. The various kinds of tools used in workshops are as follows.

Power Press

The power press is mainly used in several heavy duty industrial applications that require immense pressure for cutting, bending, pressing and forming sheet metals in various forms and sizes. They are basically categorized as C type power press and the pillar type power press. These exceptional and versatile sheet metal machines are used for a variety of metal working operations. The hydraulic power press uses hydraulic pressure and includes the latest electrical and mechanical parts.

Arbour Press

The arbour press is a small hand operated press tools utilized specially for precisely inserting and pressing small pieces of metal, and for riveting. This is widely used in automobile workshops, engineering units and other metal applications. The spring controlled arbour press involves automatic spring tension and adjustment to provide the necessary pressure on the workpiece. It is commonly used for light engineering jobs. The round can top and bottom seaming arbour press, is a unique unit that is used to seam the top and bottom of round tin containers. The foot press or pendulum arbour press is a foot operated machine which is generally used for cutting, punching and embossing tins, cards, mica board, plastic, etc.

Bending Roller

The bending roller is a sheet metal machine which is used to produce sheet metal bending rolls and standard parts such as top roll and bottom roll. These bending rollers are manufactured according to industry standard sizes as well as per the customer’s requirements. They are available in a broad variety that includes mechanical plate bending, hydro-mechanical plate bending, plate rolling and pyramid type plate bending equipment.

Swaging Machine

A swaging machine is utilized for modifying the dimensions of plain or cylindrical metal sheets. It is actually a hand operated mechanical tool that performs numerous forging operations on flat metal sheets as well as on cylindrical rods. The universal and deep throat swaging units are utilized for altering the shape and size of sheet metal as required. They are hand operated or mechanized and used in heavy metal industries. Other applications include swaging drums and containers such as water buckets. The jenny or burring device is used for machining tins and containers.  The main applications involve plating, edging and flanging the bottom and body of tins, as well as angular setting and double seaming. The roll type edge folding swaging device is utilized for tin edging, forming hooks on side seams and tin flanging. It is also used for making tin containers of various shapes and sizes.

Bending Machine

A wide range of bending equipments such as the hand operated trunk folding, the steel body fly press, and hand operated metal sheet bending, are used for bending metal bars, blades, handles, etc.

Types of Workshop Machinery – Milling, Grinding, Shaping Machines

Types of Workshop Machinery – Milling, Grinding, Shaping Machines

Machine play a very important role in a workshop where metal working or woodworking tasks are performed. They enable speed process in the workshops and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the processes. With tools the bulk wood and metal processing requirements in workshop can be met with ease. Today various kinds of equipment are available in the market. By installing these, various tasks like cutting, shaping, drilling etc which are to be carried out on harder wood and metal surfaces can be easily accomplished.

The workshop machines are a bit different from industrial. Industrial are configured to handle heavy duty applications in robust industrial environments where as workshop are usually designed with intermediate specifications and cannot handle such larger workloads as in industries. Workshop unit are usually compact multitasking which can be stored in smaller space. These are usually lesser in price than the industrial.

This article is a brief description on various kinds of tools used in metal and wood working workshops.

Milling Machine for Workshop

A milling machine is often misunderstood as a lathe work. It is different from a lathe. In a lathe the material is moved in order to achieve the desired shaping or cutting whereas, cutting tool moves at a high speed for the same. A milling machine is the best tool for cutting metals to the customized dimensions and shapes especially if the parts are to be cut or shaped to rectangular or uneven dimensions. Two types of milling devices are employed in workshops manual and CNC milling. CNC are computer controlled  which automatically perform the process according to set computer specifications where as in manual devices the process is done manually and therefore takes time for completion.

Grinding Machine

Tasks like roughing or finishing of surfaces, finishing internal cylinders or bores, sharpening the cutting tools, removing rough projections from castings, cleaning, polishing, and buffing surfaces all are achieved through grinding equipments. Visit at these tasks are carried out by use of a grinding abrasive wheel which moves abrasive particles which when contact the work piece act as tiny cutting tools which cut chips from the work piece to give it desired shape.

Shaping Machine

Shaping machine is a popular form unit used in workshops. It is used for cutting curves, angles and various shapes from the work piece. It comes in different sizes, specifications and tooling and can be used for various metal or wood cutting requirements. As compared to lathe or milling, shaping are much affordable and are best tools for shaping flat metal or wood surfaces.

Apart from these various other kinds of tools like saws, drills, chisels, routers, planers, shapers etc are employed in workshops for efficient processing. All these machine tools come in different specifications and can be selected as per specific requirements for needs in a workshop. For those looking to buy tools for workshop, We can offer the best quality, reliable units at cost effective pricing.

How to Use a Grinding Machine Safely?

The grinding machine is utilized in a tool shop for various purposes such as finishing, forming, sharpening, cutting, roughing, snagging, cleaning, polishing, buffing, etc. However, while operating a grinding device, it may cause serious injuries to the operator or any person nearby. Hence, it is essential to observe the following safety precautions, in order to use it safely, and thus avoid any injuries.

    • Always wear goggles during all operations.
    • Verify grinding wheels for cracks before mounting.
    • Never operate grinding wheels at speeds exceeding the recommended limit.
    • Never adjust work mounting devices or workpiece while operating.
    • Never exceed recommended depth of cut for grinding wheel or machine.
    • The workpiece must be removed from the grinding wheel before turning off.
    • Sufficient wheel guards must be used.
    • The tool rest must be kept at proper distance from the wheel.
    • Machine guards must be in place and function properly.

  • Only those persons who are authorized as trained and competent operators must be allowed to operate.
  • It is mandatory to provide sufficient instructions to the operators, and also constantly supervise the tool operations.
  • The device must not be utilized to carry out tasks beyond its specific capacity.
  • The operator must operate only one machine at a time.
  • Make sure that the workspace is clean and dry before using the unit, as slippery flooring may cause injuries.
  • All operators must wear suitable personal protective equipment.
  • It is compulsory to wear eye protection equipments.
  • Operators must also wear close fitting protective clothing. This is necessary as loose clothing items such as ties and shirt sleeves are likely to get entangled in the moving parts.
  • Persons with long and loose hair must properly tie them.
  • Dust masks must be put on in highly contaminated or dusty surroundings.
  • It is also compulsory to wear a hearing protection.
  • Operators must always wear sturdy footwear in the work areas.
  • Everyone must wear hand gloves while operating.
  • Operators must not wear watches, rings, or any other jewellery or accessory.
  • If a person has put on any medical alert identity, it must be taped.
  • Always utilize the right kind of grinding wheel for the material being grinded.
  • Never grind non ferrous materials.
  • The work rest must be set at an adequate distance from the abrasive wheel.
  • The grinding wheels must be regularly serviced.
  • Ensure that the machine attains full speed before grinding.
  • Never push the workpiece against a cold wheel.
  • Always move the workpiece uniformly across the face of the wheel.
  • Never hold the workpiece with a cloth, apron or pliers.
  • Always stop and remove the power plug before cleaning or adjusting.
  • If any liquid is spilled on the floor, it must be immediately and also properly cleaned using an absorbent material.

The main objective of this article is to educate readers about the safety parameters while operating the grinding equipment.

Features to Look for While Selecting a Bandsaw Machine

The bandsaw machine is one of the most essential tools widely used for woodworking, metalworking and cutting a variety of materials into straight, curved and irregular shapes. Nowadays, a wide range of bandsaw equipments are available in the market. They are built as per the industry standards, and each model has various features and different specifications. Hence, choosing the required bandsaw device may be difficult and confusing. You should therefore take into account the following features while selecting it.

Frame Material of a Bandsaw Machine

First of all you should look for the frame construction of the bandsaw machine. They are either made from cast iron, steel or aluminum alloy. You should basically select a good quality workshop equipment since it will run smoother, track better, and last longer. Further, go for band saw table that tilts right up to 45 degrees for angled cuts. Also ensure that the table tilts properly and see that there is no obstruction for the blade. It should be equipped with a meter track, and band wheels with tires; and cleaning brushes for cleaning the wheels. Also check that it has an inbuilt dust collection point, so that you can connect it with a vacuum cleaner.

Motor Size of a Bandsaw Machine

Secondly the size of the band saw motor is also significant.  Hence check the horsepower and choose a machine with minimum ¼ HP for light work and for wood working. While heavy motors such as 1 HP or more is suitable for large scale projects and to cut various metals. Moreover, it is necessary to check the size or depth of cut and the throat.  The depth of the saw cut is the distance from the table up to the upper blade guides. This is the ability of the bandsaw machine to cut the related object.

Some have smaller depth of cut. Hence an optional riser is required to extend the depth. And the throat refers to the distance from the blade to the vertical frame of the bandsaw. This distance is related to the width of the cut that can be executed by the machine. For example a 12 inch band saw is basically the throat size of that model. So select the appropriate model, based on the material to be cut.

Blade of a Bandsaw Machine

The blade of a bandsaw is held either by guide blocks or bearings. Basically bearings are cooler, smoother and quieter than the blocks. Generally bandsaw units have guide blocks made from steel. However bearing kits and resin blocks are now available. They run cooler and smoother than the steel blocks, the noise level is also reduced considerably; and the blades will also last longer.

In Conclusion

Finally, select a bandsaw machine of reputed brand and renowned company. Also verify the safety features and warranty conditions. The power switch should be easy to reach and located properly to avoid accidents. Moreover check about the after sales servicing and repairing of the equipment. The machine spare parts should also be readily available.

All You Should Know About Machine Tools

A machine tool which is used for machining or shaping metal or any other solid material, by various methods such as cutting, grinding, milling, shearing, boring; or other suitable ways of deforming the related work piece. All unit generally use a specific tool, in order to perform the related task such as shaping, boring, cutting, grinding, milling, slotting, planing, etc.

A machine usually holds the work piece in a suitable manner and the related parts move in a predetermined way. This relative movement or tool path, of the cutting tool and the work piece, is controlled by that particular device, to perform the specific function. All equipments are utilized to produce a particular object, or manufacture a component, using different methods for deformation. All you should know about machine tools is described further.


In the earlier days, machines were hand operated, whereas nowadays these machine tools are controlled by various sources; and therefore they are referred to as electrically powered, hydraulically powered, pneumatic powered etc. Machine tools can now be operated manually or maybe automatically controlled. Generally all machines incorporate a mechanism; a flywheel may be used to stabilize the related motion and a combination of gears and levers are used to control the machine and the work piece.

These days, computerized numerical control (CNC) machines are used to enhance the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the related task. A CNC machine also provides greater flexibility to the particular mechanical process. They can precisely repeat the process sequences as required, and also produce highly complex work pieces and superior quality products; even better than the most skilled tool operators. In the past, normally the machine operators had to manually change the bit, or move the work piece from one station to another in order to perform the various functions of the related machine.

However, now these machines can automatically change the particular cutting and shaping tool. For instance, a versatile drill machine usually contains a box that includes different types of drill bits for making holes of required sizes. Moreover, a number of functions are combined together and hence multipurpose machine tools are also available in the market. They are computer controlled as commonly referred as machining centers, and are capable to produce very simple to the most complex machine components, and high quality machine parts.

Numerous procedures are incorporated to remove the unwanted material or extra metal in order to shape or fabricate a work piece. This includes single edge cutting tools, multiple edge cutting tools, grinding or abrasive cutting, electrical discharge machining, etc. A wide range of machine tools are now available in the market such as drill press, gear shaper, hone, lathes, shapers, saws, planer, mills, different grinding machines, hobbing machine, broaching machine, screw machines, milling machine, shearing machine, sheet metal machinery, etc. Hence there is a continuous need and great demand for various types of machine tools in a number of manufacturing industries all over the world.

The Most Important Machine Tools Required in Any Workshop

The most important tools required in any workshop, nowadays are described below.

Milling Machines

The milling machine is used for milling, cutting, shaping, carving, planing, contouring, drilling, stamping, and die-sinking a variety of solid materials. The work piece is positioned, to cut and shape the metal object on its tip, and from all the sides. There are two kinds of milling tools; depending on the direction of the main spindle; namely the vertical milling and the horizontal milling. They are further classified as manually operated milling, mechanically automated milling and electronically controlled CNC milling. Milling machines are designed to perform simple and complex machining operations.

Uses of Grinding Machine

The grinding machine is utilized for grinding a metal workpiece into required shapes and sizes; with the help of an abrasive wheel. The abrasive wheel perfectly chips the rough metal surfaces into smooth metal objects. Grinding is basically a finishing process that produces workpieces with minimum surface roughness and maximum surface smoothness. Normally grinders remove very less metal; however some grinding operations involve rapid removal of large quantities of metal. Both manual grinding and hydraulic grinding deliver highly precise workpieces.

Applications of Shaping Machine

A shaping machine is used to cut small or large work pieces made from wood, steel, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals etc. into various shapes, angles, and curves. This shaper is smaller than a planer, and has a cutting movement like a lathe. The single point cutter has a linear motion and usually moves over the stationary work piece, instead of the work piece moving under the cutter. Both conventional and modern metal shaping tools are widely utilized to quickly and easily shape flat and straight metal surfaces.

Slotting Machine

A slotting machine is another essential tool that is widely used for shaping or cutting a variety of wooden and metal objects. It is also known as a slotter or a vertical shaper. They are commonly utilized for making slots on the heads of metal screws and bolts, wooden screws, etc.

Bandsaw Machine

The bandsaw machine is utilized for cutting long pieces of wood or metal into a variety of odd or curved shapes. It consists of a long horizontal metal band and a blade with sharp teeth on one side to cut the work piece. The band moves on two wheels that rotate in the same plane, in order to precisely cut different types of objects. These are mostly used for woodworking, metalworking; and for cutting different materials into straight, asymmetrical and curved shapes. The horizontal bandsaw and the double column bandsaw are the two kinds of bandsaws.

Hacksaw Machine

A hacksaw machine is also a vital tool that is used for cutting wood, metal, plastic and numerous other materials. It has a fine-tooth saw with a blade that is held under tension by a screw or other mechanism. The blade is made from high grade steel and its thickness depends on the material to be cut. Some hacksaw also have a coolant pump to avoid the saw blade from overheating.

Range of Turret Milling Machine for Machining Solid Objects in Workshop

The constant development in technology and the introduction of modern machines; helps us to produce better products, optimize costs and increase productivity. All industrial units utilize a variety of machine tools; that typically include the milling machine. It is one of the most important workshop machineries. It is a highly resourceful machine tool that is utilized for machining solid objects.

It can execute numerous simple and complex functions such as cutting, drilling, planing, diesinking, contouring etc. A cutting liquid is frequently passed on the cutting spot in order to cool and lubricate the cut; as well as to wash away the residue.


It moves the work radially against the revolving milling cutter; that cuts on its tip and also on the sides. The cutter and work piece motion is accurately controlled, using analogous technology or through precision ground slides and lead screws. It can be either manually operated or mechanically automated. The latest type of digitally automated machines also includes the CNC.

There are mainly two types : the horizontal milling and the vertical milling. They are categorized basically on the orientation of the main spindle; and are available in various dimensions from small bench mounted tools up to large room sized machinery.

The spindle axis is vertically oriented in a vertical milling machine. The milling cutters are usually held in the spindle and they revolve on its axis. The spindle may be extended in order to facilitate propelled cuts and drilling. However, this can also be achieved by lowering or raising the table.

It is also referred as the vertical mill. The bed and the turret milling machine are the two major types of vertical. The turret mill can perform the cutting operation in the vertical (Z) direction; by either lowering or raising the quill, and by moving the knee.

turret milling machine generally has a stationary spindle and a movable table that moves in a parallel as well as perpendicular direction to the spindle axis in order to carry out the cutting function. It also have a quill that permits the milling cutter to be lowered and raised just like a drilling machine.

These are also known as Bridgeport milling machine. They are robustly designed, extremely versatile and highly efficient. However, only the small sized turret mills are practically functional. This is due to the fact, that for the larger sized turret milling machine; moving the knee up and down is relatively harder. Moreover it also not easy to reach the quill feed handle.

The vertical milling machines supplied by us are reasonably priced and are hence widely utilized for a variety of industrial applications. These vertical mills are appropriate for die sinking process; that involves machining a mold into a block of metal.

The turret milling machine range includes the box way and dovetail type. Several models are available in various dimensions at competitive rates.

Lathe Machine Operations

Nowadays, the tool room work and workshop machine activities; are done by repairers or through suitable lathe tools. A lathe is a tool utilized to perform various functions like turning, cutting, drilling, grooving, knurling, parting, threading etc. They are used to produce accurate products made from metal, plastic, wood etc. The basic lathe machine operations are as follows:-

Turning is an essential and important lathe operation. It is used to create circular objects and for reducing the diameter of the work. Taper turning refers to the process where the tool narrowly cuts the job at a specific angle. Knurling is done using a knurling tool; it has two slashed lined wheels that are pressed against the rotating work piece to produce a knurled object.

The drilling operation uses a drilling tool which is held in the tail stock and fed into the work by using a handle on tailstock. Threading is a precise operation, where the tool is fed into the job at a constant speed. This is done by attaching a carriage assembly with lead screws that are connected to the driving mechanism through gear trains. Two types of threading are external and internal threading.


Grooving is done before external threading by feeding the grooving tool perpendicular to the rotating work piece. Parting is done for cutting a work into smaller parts. Chamfering refers to slitting or cutting the edges of the object.

The major parts of a lathe machine are bed, headstock, saddle, tailstock, top slide; apron, cross slide, lead screw, countershaft, tool rest, chuck and gears. The bed is the base of a lathe, the chuck holds and spins the work piece; whereas the apron grips the gears, and the headstock allows the spindle to rotate at variable speeds. The tailstock holds the end of the work; and the carriage houses the cross slide, top slide and saddle.

Many types of lathes are available including the wood lathe. Here the cutting tool is operated manually by skilled workers to precisely form smooth curves and complex shapes on the work piece. The spindle is normally driven by a belt connected to the motor, and the speed can be varied manually. Lathe tools are held manually against the work, with the help of an adjustable tool rest; that is clamped to the base at a suitable position.

Engine lathes are machines with a longitudinal base, where the headstock and tailstock are mounted. It has an advanced spindle drive that runs at variable speeds; the selectable gears help to operate the machine at higher speeds. The lathe cutting tools are moved against the work using hand wheels; or automatically using a lead screw that is power driven by gears in the headstock. The carriage moves back and forth on the bed for longitudinal turning. The cross slide and compound rest are mounted above the carriage to enable cross and angular cutting.

Finally during any lathe machining operation, always take necessary precautions; even if you are an expert, or are handling an important process.

Bhavya Machine Tools Delivers Lathe Machines for Industries and Institutes across India

Lathe machine is wonderful equipment used to shape objects with symmetrical physical properties about the axis of rotation. Various actions like cutting, knurling, sanding, drilling or deformation can be easily and quickly performed on a work piece using a modern lathe unit which is now-a-days available with highly automated features. It is not only the industries that require lathes even institutes like engineering colleges where education on machines, their parts and uses is given to the students require lathes for practical demonstrations in their workshops. We are specialist in delivering lathe for colleges and institutes. The firm has already marked its presence in various states across the country by supplying high-end device including lathes to the well known institutes spread across several states including Karnataka, Bihar, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Haryana, Kerala and many more.

Where to Get the Best Lathe Machines?

The developers and team working at Bhavya are highly proficient and experienced developers who since several years have been designing state-of-the-art lathe equipment for industrial use. They very well know the requirements of their clients very well and therefore build their machines with most desired features so that the clients can get the most satisfactory and reliable services for longer working periods of time. The primary goal of the team at Bhavya is to offer their clients the flawlessly designed lathe machines with tight tolerances. The MAX and RXZ Series models of lathe of Bhavya are perfect examples of such. They are multipurpose devices that are incorporated with the latest technology and simple to use features which give the users improved performance and at the same time ease of use. Lathe toolsa offered by Bhavya scatter across a wide continuum of specifications and types which include light duty lathes, heavy duty lathe, extra heavy duty lathes, roll turning lathe, slant/flat bed CNC lathe, all geared lathe and much more. For those looking to buy lathe equipment for their industry or institution, can visit to know more.

About Bhavya Machine Tools

Bhavya Machine Tools is an ISO 9001:2008 certified tools manufacturing company in India. The company specializes in supplying lathe, drilling, V belt driven shaping, shearing, pillar and C type power press and machines for tool room, construction, metal and wood working industries. For further details please contact us at +91-79-4024 2800, +91 – 79 – 3007 4560 or visit our office located at

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Bhavya Machine Tools Introduces 165mm and 175mm Light Duty Lathe Machines

Lathe machines are the most efficient tools for handling jobs of cutting, shaping and fabricating metals. We introduces a multipurpose light duty lathe which can easily and efficiently handle wide range of applications in a workshop or industry including production of symmetrical parts, screw threading, tapering work, holes drilling, knurled surfaces and crank shafts etc. Incorporated with the latest technology, this is an advanced lathe machine flawlessly designed with tight tolerances for better accuracy in tasks. We understands the importance of quality materials that go into construction of equipment and therefore designs the light duty lathe with the all the desired standard accessories like chuck plate, gear set, centre adaptor, dead centres, dial indicator, square tool post and tool post key made out of best materials so that user can get optimum performance with the unit for a longer period of time. This is simple and robust lathe manufactured by the company in two most desired height specifications – 165mm lathe and 175mm light duty lathe machine. Available with user friendly controls the device is very easy to operate and enables the user to work on for high precision jobs with total control and ease. The simple design makes installation very easy and therefore the equipment can effortlessly be set up at the workplace conveniently without any hassles. This is ideal machine for applications at workshops and small scale metal fabricating tasks at power plants, steel rolling mills, tool rooms, ship building, repairing shops, paper mills, workshops, textile, oil and mining industries.

About Bhavya Machine Tools

We are  leading tools manufacturer in India offering diverse models of workshop, sheet metal, wood working, automobile & garage, plastic & printing, welding, food processing, sheet bending, shaping, lathe, automatic CNC milling, press brake machines, power press machines etc. For more details visit or contact at

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History of Milling Machine

Milling MachineRotary filling was the first in base of invention of the first milling machine that reduced the efforts need to put on hand filling and save the time. The development history is still unclear as the variety of custom machines performing the functions of milling machine were available in individual shops and factories before. Rotary milling was the ancestor of first. It is a unique machine tools first manufactured during 1814 to 1818 in two federal armories of the USA.

James Nasmyth is the famous name who built the advanced milling machine during 1829 to 1831, ahead of it’s time to mill the six sides of hex nut. Gay & silver also used a prototype of milling machine for vertical milling which was a better method than earlier milling versions. Till then milling machine was a part of production machine and not toolroom machines.

1840 to 1860 was the era of designing for successful milling machine by Lincoln Miller. Different companies were making the milling machines on the common configuration. George S. Lincoln & Company first put the true commercial milling machine in the market on 1855. Based on the company, the name to machine was given as milling machine.

Brown & Sharpe’s were the first to make universal milling machine in 1861, which was unique in design and function itself. This patented machine the milling cutters use to sharpen the teeth did not change the form geometry.

Joseph W Roe, the founder of many machine tools has created the first true milling machine in co-ordination with Eli Whitney, the private arm maker during 1912 to 1916. Robert S. Woodbury and other scholars had improved the design and functioning of the Roe’s first true milling machine. Robert Johnson, Cap. John H. Hall, Simeon North, Roswell Lee and Thomas Blanchard are the few names of researchers and engineers who had contributed in development and improvement in the previous type of milling machine.

From 1870 to the mid of twentieth century till first world war, the various other forms of milling machines came into existence like universal milling machine for tool room, jobbing and production use.

After World War I, new advanced versions including jig machines and milling machine with CNC technology have come up with various milling features and functionalities.

For further details about different types of machine tools including milling machines, metal shaping machines, grinding machines, standard slotting machines and their model features with functionalities, visit –

All About Slotting Machine

A slotting machine is a machine which is used to slot materials made of metal and wood. It can make slots on heads of screws, bolts and other automobile components as well as other similar parts. The main purpose of is to shape and cut hard materials like metal and wood. These are generally used in heavy industries like electrical, construction, furniture, automotive etc. These are considered as heavy duty robust machines specially designed for quick and accurate metal productions. These are well known for their high performance, low maintenance cost and longer functional life. It is one of the important machine tools in the sheet metal industries as well in electrical, furniture and construction industries. It is also known as vertical shaper consisting of base, column and table, ram and tool head assembly, saddle and cross slide, rams drive mechanism and feed mechanism.

Specifications of a Slotting Machine

  • It is designed in such a way that it is of high standards, uniform and systematic. To elaborate, we can say that it has reasonable arrangement suiting to construction. While using it is quite convenient and easy to maintain.
  • The electric equipment is suitable for 3 phases and A.C. power.
  • It is just perfect for small batch production shop as well as the work shops where large production at high speed is required. It is used in various processes, model surfaces, key seating etc., of any workshop.


How Does a Slotting Machine Work?

It can take up all the cutting forces because its base is rigidly built. The vertical column has a front face and has guide ways in the reciprocating ram. That reciprocating ram supports the tool head to which the tool is attached. The material is mounted on the table which can be given horizontal and vertical rotary feed motion.

Types of Slotting Machines

There are two types available, standard and deluxe. Standard slotting machine is a heavy duty machine which removes metal from large castings and the deluxe slotting machine is designed with extra features and to work on high speeds than a standard.

Applications of Slotting Machines

The main applications are cutting keys, slots, metal sheets, grooves of various shapes and forming regular or irregular shapes used in many manufacturing units. It can be used in any workshop where vertical tool movement is necessary and required to manufacture different metal objects.

How to Select a Slotting Machine

If you need to buy a slotting machine for your workshop, make sure that you buy from a reliable and reputed tool room machines supplier offering it with significant features like durability, sturdy structure, spontaneous functional ability etc. it should be manufactured from best raw materials and using latest technology. Ensure that you buy only technically advanced slotting machines so that your workshop manpower is safe and can perform at its best.

Machine Tools – Grinding Machine

Machine tools are used for various processing work on different metals. Machining works like cutting, grinding, shaping machine to shape the metal workpiece, boring, slotting on metal through slotting machine, shearing and others are carried out by mechanical and electronic tools are known as  tools. Previously in 18th century before the industrial revolution, these were made from the wood. The bulk production with precision accuracy evolved the mechanism to define metal parts from cast iron and wrought iron but still there are were limitations of hammering and to create required pressure on metal works. Gradually the further inventions as per the requirements for machining evaluated the old wooden or metal machineries to their existing form passing through several stages Previously manual pressure are used for machining tools that can be transformed to electrical pressure and mechanical pressure later on as the electricity invented. Earlier tools used flywheels with gears and levers for controlling. After the mid age of twentieth century Numerical controlled machineries and then CNC machineries were evaluated for better machining.



About Grinding Machine

It is used to grind the metal and other materials. It is well recognized as a Grinder in the Industries. It consist the abrasive wheel, the rolling wheel used as a cutter. It cuts the metal in chips. The importance of this tool is to make the finishing of metal work piece by grinding the small chips from metal surface. The process through which the grinding machine removes metal is called as abrasion. Heat gets produced during this process. It requires coolant to cool down the metal piece.  Various types are used in different industrial applications.

Applications of Grinding Machine

Belt grinding – It is used for grinding wood and metals to finish, debar and material removing.

Bench Grinder – manual tools used for finishing operation consisting two wheels of different grains.

Cylindrical grinder – with multiple grinding wheels to create cylinder shape of metal. Precision tubes, rods and bushing are generated through this grinder.

Surface Grinder – Most commonly grinder with manual use or CNC operated surface grinder. The work piece movement in back and forth grinds the surface of metal piece

The Bottom Line

There are many other types of grinder like tool and cutter grinder, jig grinder and gear grinder used to grind metal piece for different applications.

Tool Room – Types of Tool Room Machines, Toolroom Setup

Tool room

Tool room is the room where the tools are kept for storage, prepare, repairing and machining. The space area can be varied based on the types of the tool room machines and applications. It may include high end electro-mechanical equipments for different applications like grinding, milling, shaping, slotting of metals. In lower scale, it can be defined as a small room to store all tools for servicing and repairing before giving it to the workers for operation. It consisting the big racks, shelves, cupboards and workbench to store and repair the tools. Thus it can have the facilities to design, manufacture and repair the custom requirements.

Types of Tool room Machines

There are various types manufactured by the tools manufacturing companies. Some of them are available with standard technical specifications as well can be manufactured as per industry specific application requirements. Major metalworking equipments are included in the types of tool room equipments. The widely used are Grinding, milling, shaping, slotting, bandsaw and hacksaw devices.

Grinding Machine – It is categorized further in manual surface grinder, hydraulic cylindrical grinder and centerless grinder. Grinding of metals and other materials are carried out by these devices with manual or hydraulic pressure. These are widely used in various industrial applications including engineering, automobiles and electrical.

Milling Machines – These are used to shape the metals and solid materials as per the defined or custom specifications. It is executed manually or automatically based on the types of milling devices that are manual milling, mechanical milling and digital CNC milling for automatic execution.

Shaping Machine – V Belt shaping with wide industrial acceptance to cut metals in curvature shape or angularly. The strength is high to work on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Slotting Machine – Metal & wood slotting is the prime requirements to cut and shape the metal slots on the head of metal and wood to create screws, bolts, wood screws and automobile custom parts. It with variation from slow to fast execution depends on the types in the market.

Bandsaw Machine – It is specialized for irregular cutting and curving of the metal shapes with precision accuracy. Based on technical features, various bandsaw devices from horizontal to double column are used in industrial applications.

Hacksaw Machine – It is used in wide range of industries for long time. The metal cutting efficiency of hacksaw unit is unbeatable with high accuracy and precision gathered with hydraulic hacksaw. Mechanical and semi hydraulic are also applied in applications where it needs low pressure.

Toolroom Setup

Tool room setup is the process to setup precision equipments as per the custom prototype machining for the operation, repairing and production. Setting up it required highly efficient and skilled execution with plan out the application installations for current and future requirements of tool room machineries.

How to Select Power Press for Metal Forming Applications?

Press machines or press brakes are the most important metal shaping tools. With these one can easily bend, cut and form the shapes of various kinds of metals. Different kinds of press machines are available in the market today. There are mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, arbor press, punch press and many more. However when it comes to the bulk metal shaping and forming tasks for industrial requirements is widely preferred.

What is the Use of Power Press?

It is actually an advanced and a powerful sheet metal equipments that can cut, press, bend and form sheet metal into different shapes and sizes. With a high quality power press the task of shaping and bending metals can also be carried out much accurately and faster too. It is possible to shape and cut various kinds of metals to precision with a power press. There are different kinds of devices available in market today out of which C type and pillar type machines are the most popular. Apart from these there are H type and also mechanical and hydraulic variants available in each category of machines.

Applications of Power Presses

The mechanical power presses require manual help for task execution while the hydraulic power presses are powered by hydraulic forces and are usually the automatic versions of metal shaping devices which operate without manual help. Therefore with hydraulic machines, metal shaping tasks can be carried much efficiently and with less labor required than the manually operated ones. So for those looking for this machine for low volume tasks like in tool room or workshops, mechanical variants will be sufficient and also can be got at much affordable prices but if the requirement is for bulk industrial applications then manual power press will not be suitable kind. Going for hydraulic versions will be better way to get high quality and top level performance with higher outputs necessary to speed up the bulk applications.

Features to Look for in a Power Press

Now-a-days these are available in C type, pillar type as well as H type frame constructions. Depending on the application where the unit is to be used and budget affordable one can go for selection of any of these. These are frequently pre-loaded with parts like shaft, gears, clutch, table and ram help for easy, fast and precise sheet bending operations. While selecting a power press for metal forming applications, one should definitely check out the quality and capacity of these components to ensure that the equipments you are investing in can give the apt performance you are looking for. Always select it that suits your requirement best. Do not get carried with unnecessary attractions offered by the dealers. You can go for either standard or can get designed a customized model depending on your requirements. A customized sheet metal power press can give you much better performance as per your requirements which might sometimes not be the case with the standard models. Do not finalize a model with a certain manufacturer initially. Enquire about various kinds of models available with various manufacturers and distributors and then select an appropriate machine that falls in your budget.

Metal Bending and Shaping Machines – Press Brake, Lathe Machine

Metal Bending and Shaping Machines – Press Brake, Lathe Machine

Basically two types of equipments are widely used in metal forming industries. One is sheet bending and other is lathe. A sheet bending machine is the one that bends metal sheets into miraculous shapes whereas the lathe machine is used to create metal work pieces with evenness about an axis connected with rotation.

Different kinds of sheet bending are employed for various metal bending and shaping tasks in industries. Press brakes and power press are the popular ones.

Press Brake

Press brake is a special kind of sheet bending tool in which strain is exerted by the upper punch tool is on the material placed on the die tool at the bottom. The material gets deformed as per the shape of the die.  If the die is U-shaped the metal will deformed to U shape and if V-die is used then metal will be bent into V-shape. Depending on the type of force used to exert strain on the material, It is classified into various categories; mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and servo-electric devices. In mechanical press brake, electric motor is the source of energy used to empower the flywheel that is engaged by clutch to power a crank mechanism that moves the ram vertically to perform bending job. The advantage of mechanical press brake is that accurate tasks can be performed much faster but the problem is the control over the motion of the ram which cannot be easily stopped at any required time as that in the hydraulic ones. The hydraulic press brakes that are operated by synchronized hydraulic cylinders are safer and energy saving metal benders in which ram motion can be stopped at any time. On the other hand pneumatic and servo-electric machines that operate by air pressure and servo motors respectively are generally preferred for low tonnage applications.

Power Press

These are used to lower, press, fold and kind sheet metal into various shapes and sizes. These are usually equipped with parts like shaft, gears, clutch, table and ram to enable for easy, quick and precise sheet bending operations. C type power press and pillar type power press are the popular categories of power press used in industries.

Lathe Machine

Apart from bending, metals are also shaped to create axis symmetrical objects and this task is accomplished with the help of lathe machines. It is a tool which rotates the work piece on its axis and various operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, or deformation are performed with tools on the work piece to create an object that is symmetrical about the axis of rotation. Different kinds like CNC lathe, roll turning lathe and all-geared lathes are generally employed in industries to accurately shape out different kinds of metals as per requirements. Lathe machines with best features can accurately device out even the hardest metal into a functional work piece.

Types of Power Press, Applications of Power Press – C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press

Power Press – C Type, Pillar Type

It is used for bulk production from cold working of ductile materials like mild steel with rotating flywheel acting as energy storehouse to operate ram to impact on the workpiece. It is used to operate various functions with bed, plate, bolster and ram. Knock out mechanism is used to eject the furnished work piece from power press. Proper cushioning must be there beneath the bolster, when heavy effect is given to the workpiece. There are different types are available in the market such as c type and pillar type for sheet metal machining work is used in manufacturing industry. C type is designed in such a way for continuous production with accuracy. The frames are of solid steel fabricated with suitable cross ribbing. The clutch gives continuous strokes for mass productions. Crank shaft is made of special alloy steel and fitted in with gun metal bushes for smooth working and longer life. Table and ram are perfectly aligned to each other to get high precision power press execution.

Power Press – Types & Applications

Various applications are applied like bending, curling, piercing, deep drawing etc. Automation makes the power press faster, which is the main requirement of production industry now a day to save money and time. Thus research and development is going on for these heavy machinery to make them more effective for the functions, high production, least wastage of raw material and easy operation with best protection guards to secure the operator’s life along with technical enhancements like speed of the power press, width of the stock etc. continuous feed of the stock is a complex process which requires to be streamline and easy to be done in proper manner. Accuracy is required for better production through power press; otherwise it can create the defective piece leads to wastage and production loss. It also has a great advantage when you require more complex shapes formed into the sheet metal. It is defined as mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic. It consisting mechanical parts, clutch and brake assemblies, electrical systems, tooling or dies, safeguarding controls, material handling etc. hydraulic power press is designed on Pascal’s principle that pressure throughout a closed system is constant. OSHA and ANSI standards are defined for safety measures.

Safety Controls for Power Press

It is a machine needs to handle carefully by skilled operator with proper training. A little mischief can lead to a serious accident if not taken care. Thus need to take care of hands, fingers, arms and other body parts while operating the machine. Proper safeguards, frequent inspections, employee training and regular press maintenance are vital to the prevention of any injuries. The operator must take care where stock is inserted, held or withdrawn by hand. It is designed in such a way which eliminates the possibilities to place any body parts in contact with hazardous moving parts. Operator must know the importance of safeguards and never remove or alter with the safeguards. Extensive training on different types of press machine can make the person more skilled to handle power press efficiently without any injury.

C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press, Safety Measures for Power Press Operation

Power Press – C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press

Power presses are powered equipment used to stamp, cut or form materials by the use of dies (or tools). They include equipment known as “croppers” or “metal workers”. These are large machines with C type and Pillar type. These machines have a table or bed with brushes or roller to allow the sheet metal workpiece to traverse with low friction. Power press ‘C’ type is available in various tons capacities. This type of machine is used for high quality production. Pillar type is known for its high performance, efficiency, durability, low maintenance, easy installation with fast production. It is heavy machine to operate carefully to avoid injuries in metal machinery workplaces. They are considered to be at high risk machines. This machine must be guarded well with safety measures and regular maintenance is must to avoid any malfunctioning leads to serious injury. Nobody has to be in overconfidence while operating this machine. Ensured is must that machine guards are working well. 50% of power press injuries are caused by relying on the operator to synchronize the movement of their hand with the operation of the foot pedal. The machine operator must be properly trained and experienced to operate it well with caution. Continue reading

Machine Tools – Bandsaw Machine, Milling Machine, CNC lathe, Turret milling

Lathe machine is used to create symmetrical shape of metal. It is used for precise shape of hard materials. This is widely used in paper mills, power plants, shipping and mining industries and oil industries. Bandsaw machine is applied for irregular and to curve the shapes for wood working and metal working. It’s creating uniform cutting for evenly distributed tooth load. It cut the metal and wood with better accuracy and high cutting speed.CNC lathe is another important tool. The full form of CNC lathe is computed numerically controlled lathe is an electronic machine for shaping wood and other materials by rotating drive.

This makes no errors in comparison with manual machine. A turret milling is useful for accurately shaping metal and many solid materials. It ensure durability and reliability. Their versatile features and higher cutting capacity leads to better efficiency. These are created using best quality components to meet maximum load conditions. Sheet bending machine which is designed for accurate and economical bending of standard and special design forms. It is used for punching, cutting, bending and shearing sheet metal. Press brake is mostly used for bending metal sheets and plates.

A wood working machine is a special type of equipment that is designed to process wood. It is used for various operations such as cutting, drilling, grinding, shaping, joining, finishing etc. Panel processing equipments for used for bulk manufacturing of wooden products. construction tools like concrete mixer, hydraulic type mixer, concrete mixer without hopper, half bag concrete mixer, weight batcher, slab trolley with rails etc. equipments are primarily used for performing various construction related tasks. Such there is a wide array of tools available in market for granular micro work to giant metal shape cutting, shaping, welding and bending work.