Range of Turret Milling Machine for Machining Solid Objects in Workshop

The constant development in technology and the introduction of modern machines; helps us to produce better products, optimize costs and increase productivity. All industrial units utilize a variety of machine tools; that typically include the milling machine. It is one of the most important workshop machineries. It is a highly resourceful machine tool that is utilized for machining solid objects.

It can execute numerous simple and complex functions such as cutting, drilling, planing, diesinking, contouring etc. A cutting liquid is frequently passed on the cutting spot in order to cool and lubricate the cut; as well as to wash away the residue.


It moves the work radially against the revolving milling cutter; that cuts on its tip and also on the sides. The cutter and work piece motion is accurately controlled, using analogous technology or through precision ground slides and lead screws. It can be either manually operated or mechanically automated. The latest type of digitally automated machines also includes the CNC.

There are mainly two types : the horizontal milling and the vertical milling. They are categorized basically on the orientation of the main spindle; and are available in various dimensions from small bench mounted tools up to large room sized machinery.

The spindle axis is vertically oriented in a vertical milling machine. The milling cutters are usually held in the spindle and they revolve on its axis. The spindle may be extended in order to facilitate propelled cuts and drilling. However, this can also be achieved by lowering or raising the table.

It is also referred as the vertical mill. The bed and the turret milling machine are the two major types of vertical. The turret mill can perform the cutting operation in the vertical (Z) direction; by either lowering or raising the quill, and by moving the knee.

turret milling machine generally has a stationary spindle and a movable table that moves in a parallel as well as perpendicular direction to the spindle axis in order to carry out the cutting function. It also have a quill that permits the milling cutter to be lowered and raised just like a drilling machine.

These are also known as Bridgeport milling machine. They are robustly designed, extremely versatile and highly efficient. However, only the small sized turret mills are practically functional. This is due to the fact, that for the larger sized turret milling machine; moving the knee up and down is relatively harder. Moreover it also not easy to reach the quill feed handle.

The vertical milling machines supplied by us are reasonably priced and are hence widely utilized for a variety of industrial applications. These vertical mills are appropriate for die sinking process; that involves machining a mold into a block of metal.

The turret milling machine range includes the box way and dovetail type. Several models are available in various dimensions at competitive rates.

Written by Yash Shah

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