Uses of the Turret Milling Machine in Food Production Industries


Milling tools are used to perform numerous engineering operations prevalent in the manufacturing  sector. They perform a number of complex mechanical operations such as gear cutting, plane, drill, shape, rout and cut slots. The machine utilizes a rotating cutter which remains stationary while the work piece is mounted on the table and moved along the cutter. The device has a stationary spindle that moves vertically upward or downwards.  On the other hand, the work piece is moved perpendicular and parallel to the spindle. The knee of the machine is also moved to provide cutting in Z direction.

Uses of turret mills in food production industry

The food manufacturing industries utilizes a number of devices which are used in handling raw materials, conveying different materials to processing equipment, actual processing of raw materials to finished products and packaging the products. These equipments are widely applied in manufacturing different machine components used in this sector. Most precision cuts require this type of device since it can be rotated to different angles and positions. The machine can be swung through 3600 which makes the applicable for inclined or angular milling.  In this industry, this device is used to develop gears that control rotary motion during processing and packaging. They are also used to plane flat metal pieces which form assemblies for most equipments.  Due to their versatility, they perform most of the mechanical engineering operations required during the manufacturing of edible products. They are able to cut work pieces as well as drill holes through them.  They are also widely used to produce accurate, regular areas on parts used to develop equipments used in this industry.  For example, conveyors require regular surfaces underneath them and these are developed through milling.  These devices are also used to cut slots and keyways that are used in transferring motion between the shaft and gears as well as pulleys.  These devices are used to develop complex machine parts which require level angular areas. In addition, the hexagonal regular surfaces of bolts and nuts used as fasteners for most equipment are manufactured through milling.

Turret Milling Machine is also widely applied in most repair workshops in this industry. Normally, processing and packaging machinery require a wide range of preventive and breakdown maintenance operations. These operations entail resurfacing level areas, milling work pieces, hobbing new gears, grinding flat surfaces, grinding angular surfaces, cutting slots on new shafts and planning parts. All these operations are done during repair and maintenance operation in food processing industries and require this type of miller. Therefore, most processing companies normally have technical and servicing department where repairs using these equipments and other machines are done.


Turret mills are widely applied in this industry to manufacture tools and equipments. They are more versatile as compared to other mills since they can e used to develop complex and angular surfaces as well as performs a range of engineering activities such as rebating, slotting, gear cutting and drilling.

Written by Yash Shah

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