Power Press for Sheet Metal Industry

Power Press for Sheet Metal Industry

It is a sheet metal machine for cutting, shaping and compression of sheet metal with press mechanism is called as power press. Pressure is applied to shape and impression on material body. Different types are used for various functions like mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, c type, pillar type etc. These are used in sheet metal machinery works, engineering and industrial applications. High quality power press machine gives the best, accurate and most enhanced safeguards with advanced safety controls. It needs to handle carefully by expert and trained operator for mass production with rotating flywheel, which operates ram acts on metal sheet workpiece. Different parts have numerous functions with bed, bolster, ram and plate. Continue reading

Mechanical Power Press, Hydraulic Power Press, Pneumatic Power Press

Power Press

It is a machine through which a metal sheet is cut or shaped or compressed with the pressure is known as power press. This cutting tool is fed into the work by pressure for shaping or impression on material body. There are various types available in the market like C type, pillar types for sheet metal industry. It is used to cut, shape and compression to the sheet metal or any other material. These are used in numbers of engineering and allied industrial establishments. It must be high quality for consistent operations with sturdy construction, fast and stable response time. C type power press’s durable powers brakes have high torque which offers excellent resistance with high operating frequency and rapid response time. Thus this machine must be handled very carefully by expert and trained operator by taking all precautions to avoid any accidents while operating the power press machine.

Types of Power Press

Majority countries have several rules and regulation for safety guards to operate this machine in metal working machine industry. Power press is categorized as mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic power presses based on types of operations and functioning systems. Now automation is also integrated with power press for better features, high production with best security guards. Though many features are same in all types of power presses. Mechanical power press is widely used power press. Mechanical power press has two main components is moving ram to function power press and a stationary bed or surface for the part to be machined. Power press can punch parts out of material, shear off material, form material, and assemble metals, all by using a combination of dies attached to the moving ram and bed. Pneumatic power is used in this press for all movements as air is a cheap power source and also it is readily available. Pneumatics also ensures safer operation and ease of fabrication of components. For Punching operation alone hydraulic power is used in order to obtain very high pressure and to avoid fluctuation.

Power Press – Safeguards

Power press operator should have knowledge for power press controls, pinch points or moving parts functionalities and about safety devices. Expert training must be given to the operator to lock out machinery, lubricating press machine, remove stuck work and procedure to follow on arising problem. The operator should know well for personal protective equipment, safeguards work and their adjustments. Power press manufacturers always keep safeguard to the hazards in power press design. There are various methods which taken care while manufacturing power press design for safety point of view like to prevent the operator being physically reach to the point of operation during the down stroke with guarding and interlocking or you can use presence sensing mechanism like light curtains which stops the power press from cycling while the operator is near to the point of operation. So there are many safety measures and controls given by manufacturer of power press. Operator must follow them during operation execution to avoid any unwanted accidents. Properly guarded power press with interlocks is good for safety and easy operations.

Types of Power Press, Applications of Power Press – C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press

Power Press – C Type, Pillar Type

It is used for bulk production from cold working of ductile materials like mild steel with rotating flywheel acting as energy storehouse to operate ram to impact on the workpiece. It is used to operate various functions with bed, plate, bolster and ram. Knock out mechanism is used to eject the furnished work piece from power press. Proper cushioning must be there beneath the bolster, when heavy effect is given to the workpiece. There are different types are available in the market such as c type and pillar type for sheet metal machining work is used in manufacturing industry. C type is designed in such a way for continuous production with accuracy. The frames are of solid steel fabricated with suitable cross ribbing. The clutch gives continuous strokes for mass productions. Crank shaft is made of special alloy steel and fitted in with gun metal bushes for smooth working and longer life. Table and ram are perfectly aligned to each other to get high precision power press execution.

Power Press – Types & Applications

Various applications are applied like bending, curling, piercing, deep drawing etc. Automation makes the power press faster, which is the main requirement of production industry now a day to save money and time. Thus research and development is going on for these heavy machinery to make them more effective for the functions, high production, least wastage of raw material and easy operation with best protection guards to secure the operator’s life along with technical enhancements like speed of the power press, width of the stock etc. continuous feed of the stock is a complex process which requires to be streamline and easy to be done in proper manner. Accuracy is required for better production through power press; otherwise it can create the defective piece leads to wastage and production loss. It also has a great advantage when you require more complex shapes formed into the sheet metal. It is defined as mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic. It consisting mechanical parts, clutch and brake assemblies, electrical systems, tooling or dies, safeguarding controls, material handling etc. hydraulic power press is designed on Pascal’s principle that pressure throughout a closed system is constant. OSHA and ANSI standards are defined for safety measures.

Safety Controls for Power Press

It is a machine needs to handle carefully by skilled operator with proper training. A little mischief can lead to a serious accident if not taken care. Thus need to take care of hands, fingers, arms and other body parts while operating the machine. Proper safeguards, frequent inspections, employee training and regular press maintenance are vital to the prevention of any injuries. The operator must take care where stock is inserted, held or withdrawn by hand. It is designed in such a way which eliminates the possibilities to place any body parts in contact with hazardous moving parts. Operator must know the importance of safeguards and never remove or alter with the safeguards. Extensive training on different types of press machine can make the person more skilled to handle power press efficiently without any injury.

C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press, Safety Measures for Power Press Operation

Power Press – C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press

Power presses are powered equipment used to stamp, cut or form materials by the use of dies (or tools). They include equipment known as “croppers” or “metal workers”. These are large machines with C type and Pillar type. These machines have a table or bed with brushes or roller to allow the sheet metal workpiece to traverse with low friction. Power press ‘C’ type is available in various tons capacities. This type of machine is used for high quality production. Pillar type is known for its high performance, efficiency, durability, low maintenance, easy installation with fast production. It is heavy machine to operate carefully to avoid injuries in metal machinery workplaces. They are considered to be at high risk machines. This machine must be guarded well with safety measures and regular maintenance is must to avoid any malfunctioning leads to serious injury. Nobody has to be in overconfidence while operating this machine. Ensured is must that machine guards are working well. 50% of power press injuries are caused by relying on the operator to synchronize the movement of their hand with the operation of the foot pedal. The machine operator must be properly trained and experienced to operate it well with caution. Continue reading

Power Press – Power Press Safeguards, Power Press Check List for Safety Measures

Power Press

“Power press” means a press or press brake for the working of metal by means of tools, or for die proving, which is power driven and which embodies a flywheel and clutch. Pillar type is highly precised combined with accuracy and most suitable design for various tough jobs. The primary function of the said type of power press is to resist the forces created during operation and maintenance of proper die alignment. Pillar type has fast speed and low noise for maximum output. This pillar type and C type available in different models based on crank shaft diameter, stroke adjustment, hole in ram, hole in bed, dist. bed to ram, stroke per minute and many other factors. C type’s is best suitable for Engineering, automobile, electrical, agriculture, bicycle industry etc for trimming, straightening, pressing, assembling and disassembling of various components. Industrial Hydraulic owing the features like robust construction, energy efficient and durable, which is used for extensive hydraulic applications in various industries.

Power Press Safeguards

It is designed in size by the force which can be generated from 5 ton to 250 ton capacity. Due to heavy pressure, it requires to have safe operation with active safeguards, automation and reliability of the control system, the tooling condition with feed mechanism and work area for power press. Training, awareness and strict observation, safe work practice is must to operate the machine securely. The operating controls like mode selector, palm buttons, top stop, foot switch and emergency stop etc should be in good working condition. The guard or safety controls must positively prevent body access into the danger zone. The sides and back of the machine should be guarded or placed in such a manner that nobody should be injured by any part of the machine. Check well before operating that safety controls are working well. Die area must be cleaned without any slugs or debris while operating. The press guard must be designed in such a way to place parts into the die easily. It operation needs skilled, experienced and well trained operator.

Power Press Check List for Safety Measures

Every operator must check well before starting his work and should confirm his check list for safety measures like nothing should be placed scattered on the machine like turnover bar, die block on the power press. The operator must know the maximum thickness or gauze and type of metal which the tooling can safely run. There should not be any vibration or squealing, shuttering, clicking, clanking from the machine. Die stripper, take-up reel should work properly during operation. Die should not bind or jam due to the tooling, the press or due to the stock. Always use proper protection for eye, face and body during press brake operation. One must thoroughly go through the manufacturer’s instructions manual before starting the operation on power press machine and if found any malfunctioning or improper working of the machine, one must stop the machine and contact the seniors and manufacturer for maintenance.