Mechanical Power Press, Hydraulic Power Press, Pneumatic Power Press

Power Press

It is a machine through which a metal sheet is cut or shaped or compressed with the pressure is known as power press. This cutting tool is fed into the work by pressure for shaping or impression on material body. There are various types available in the market like C type, pillar types for sheet metal industry. It is used to cut, shape and compression to the sheet metal or any other material. These are used in numbers of engineering and allied industrial establishments. It must be high quality for consistent operations with sturdy construction, fast and stable response time. C type power press’s durable powers brakes have high torque which offers excellent resistance with high operating frequency and rapid response time. Thus this machine must be handled very carefully by expert and trained operator by taking all precautions to avoid any accidents while operating the power press machine.

Types of Power Press

Majority countries have several rules and regulation for safety guards to operate this machine in metal working machine industry. Power press is categorized as mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic power presses based on types of operations and functioning systems. Now automation is also integrated with power press for better features, high production with best security guards. Though many features are same in all types of power presses. Mechanical power press is widely used power press. Mechanical power press has two main components is moving ram to function power press and a stationary bed or surface for the part to be machined. Power press can punch parts out of material, shear off material, form material, and assemble metals, all by using a combination of dies attached to the moving ram and bed. Pneumatic power is used in this press for all movements as air is a cheap power source and also it is readily available. Pneumatics also ensures safer operation and ease of fabrication of components. For Punching operation alone hydraulic power is used in order to obtain very high pressure and to avoid fluctuation.

Power Press – Safeguards

Power press operator should have knowledge for power press controls, pinch points or moving parts functionalities and about safety devices. Expert training must be given to the operator to lock out machinery, lubricating press machine, remove stuck work and procedure to follow on arising problem. The operator should know well for personal protective equipment, safeguards work and their adjustments. Power press manufacturers always keep safeguard to the hazards in power press design. There are various methods which taken care while manufacturing power press design for safety point of view like to prevent the operator being physically reach to the point of operation during the down stroke with guarding and interlocking or you can use presence sensing mechanism like light curtains which stops the power press from cycling while the operator is near to the point of operation. So there are many safety measures and controls given by manufacturer of power press. Operator must follow them during operation execution to avoid any unwanted accidents. Properly guarded power press with interlocks is good for safety and easy operations.

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