C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press, Safety Measures for Power Press Operation

Power Press – C Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press

Power presses are powered equipment used to stamp, cut or form materials by the use of dies (or tools). They include equipment known as “croppers” or “metal workers”. These are large machines with C type and Pillar type. These machines have a table or bed with brushes or roller to allow the sheet metal workpiece to traverse with low friction. Power press ‘C’ type is available in various tons capacities. This type of machine is used for high quality production. Pillar type is known for its high performance, efficiency, durability, low maintenance, easy installation with fast production. It is heavy machine to operate carefully to avoid injuries in metal machinery workplaces. They are considered to be at high risk machines. This machine must be guarded well with safety measures and regular maintenance is must to avoid any malfunctioning leads to serious injury. Nobody has to be in overconfidence while operating this machine. Ensured is must that machine guards are working well. 50% of power press injuries are caused by relying on the operator to synchronize the movement of their hand with the operation of the foot pedal. The machine operator must be properly trained and experienced to operate it well with caution.

Safety measures for power press operation:

Safety guards and safety device must be checked for working properly frequently to avoid malfunctioning of safety device turn to accidents. The operator must disconnect the power and stop control positively locked in the open or stop position before to clear an obstruction from the die. Select the power press where dies are designed to reduce obstructions. The operator should not insert the hands into the hazardous area. They must use tongs, grippers or magnetic device to insert small parts through the guards. Operator should wear tight fitting clothes to avoid catch in the equipment. It must be kept on open place and should not be covered or congested for working. The surroundings must be cleaned without any obstructions regularly. Oil or any liquid material spillage must be avoided near power press machine. The experienced operator must follow the safe work procedure for die-setting. Use automatic or semi automatic feed and ejection methods wherever possible to avoid hindrance for the operator to insert his body parts into the hazardous area for any kind of settings. Clear notice must be placed and need to train the operator, not to remove any guards or safety devices or not to modify the position or adjustment without the presence of authorized competent person to handle. There should be a label of Danger to all possible removable guards and power supply must be switched off before removing guard.

Written by Yash Shah

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