Machine Tools for Sheet Metal Industries for Slotting, Shaping & Bending

Slotting Machine for Sheet Metal Industry

It is used to shape and cut metal, wood and other hard materials. It is a heavy duty machine with robust design and high speed equipment used in metal industries. Slot making applications are handled in factories like to make slots on heads of bland screws, bolts, wood screws and other automobile parts. It is one of the important tools in the sheet metal industries as well in electrical, furniture and construction industries.

Shaping Machine for Shaping the Metal Surfaces

It is used to shape metal surfaces with straight and/or flat surface. Various metals like steel, ferrous/non-ferrous metal parts, aluminium are used with this machine for casting in different curves, angles and shapes. Continue reading

Why and Where are Slotting Machine, Milling Machine, Bandsaw Machine, Tool & Cutter Grinding Machines Used?

Slotting Machine, Milling Machine, Bandsaw Machine, Tool & Cutter Grinding Machine

The advancing technology has brought up different kinds of machine tools for human use. There are lathe machines, drilling machines, milling machines, slotting machines, bandsaw machines, tool & cutter grinding machines, construction machines, wood working machines, automobile machines and various other kinds of machines being employed in various sectors today for faster and efficient work. These machine tools have greatly simplified, fastened the production work and also allowed higher productions at minimum energy consumption rates in the specific sectors. Let us now have a brief look on why and where the popular slotting, milling, bandsaw and tool & cutter grinding machine tools used in tool room and industrial applications today.

Slotting Machine

A slotting machine is widely used in automotive, furniture, electrical, construction and heavy industries. Its main purpose is to shape and cut hard materials like metal and wood. The slotting machines used in industries are generally the heavy duty, robust machines designed for faster and high speed metal productions in industries. These machines are widely employed for slot making applications in industries including making slots on heads of blank machine screws, wood screws, bolts, automobile components and other similar parts. Continue reading

Types of Power Press and Press Brake

Types of Power Press and Press Brakes Used in Industries

Presses are the most widely used forms of sheet bending machines in the world. The press machines of present day are multi tasking devices that can be used for cutting, bending and shaping various kinds of sheet metals. With advancements in technology, today different kinds of press equipments both in standard as well as customized specifications have come up in the market, which have simplified the metal bending tasks in different industrial sectors. Some of the popular forms of press machines used in industries today are mechanical, hydraulic press brake, C type , pillar type and arbour press.

C Type Power Press and Pillar Type Power Press

These are used in large industries that demand the use of heavy machinery and equipments. There are mainly two types depending on their frame design – C type power press and pillar type power press. The C type is designed like a C shape with an intention to maximize the floor space for the workers allowing them to move around easily at the workplace. Available with extra features such as wheel stands and pressure gauges, these are usually employed for straightening, drawing and assembling work. On the other hand the pillar type power press consists of two pillars and bed at center and is usually used for tough bending applications. The design of these machines ensures that they provide additional stiffness especially on the points where maximum stress and jerks are possible while eliminating chances of deflection and therefore giving comparatively more economical results. Continue reading