Perform Mechanical Operations on Sheet Metal Faster and Accurately Using Specially Designed Sheet Metal Forming Machines

Capitalize on your return and enhances production efficiency using sheet metal forming tools. These are well designed in ensuring efficiency accuracy and increases the mechanical performance in the metal forming industries. It is constructed with high quality materials enabling it to consistently operate throughout the life cycle.

Different types of metal forming machines.

There are various devices available in the market at affordable price which include: swaging, roll type edge folding, and burrying machine among many others. They have a unique feature that enables them to cut, bend, press and forms the sheet metals into different sizes and shapes in meeting the customer current demand in the industries. It operates at high speed hence increasing the production output.

Unique features of Sheet Metal Machines.

They are manufactured from high quality standards raw materials that are internationally certified for use globally. The latest technology is incorporate in ensuring hassle free product range. The equipments are available in different standards such as 4 feet, 6.5 feet and 8 feet depending on the client needs.  They have high efficiency levels and give a long life service. The control boards are accessible and easy to operate as it comprises main switch with a signal that show whether the current is flowing or not.

Application of Universal & Deep Throat Swaging Machines in Sheet Metal Forming.

Universal and deep throat swaging machines are highly used in the heavy metals industries in altering the metal sheet into different shapes and sizes as per required form. It is also used in making medium sizes drums and households containers such as water buckets.

Special Features of Universal & Deep Throat Swaging Machines.

It is technically advanced in the metal sheet forming industries that support a large thickness and length. It is quite efficient to both metallic and non metallic materials. They are complete with six roll set roll such as curling rolls, flanging roll, adjustable depth gauge, handle, motor mount and motor pulley. These are very useful in swaging drum and containers.

 Applications of Jenny /Burrying Machine in Sheet Metal Forming.

It is available in the market in two forms that is hand operated  and motorized jenny or burrying tools. They are used in tin plating edge and flange or hurrying the edge. The forms tins and containers into different sizes and shapes depending on the current demand in the market.

Machines Used for Edge Rolling and Forming Processes.

Roll type edge folding swaging is used in tin edging and forms hooks on the seams and tin flanging. It uses a variety swaging and creates containers into different attractive sizes and unique shapes. It is highly distinguished in the market offers a wide range of folding and bending forming process.


They are several metal sheet equipments available in the market with the highest quality range as are suitable in different metal work sizes such as forming, cutting, bending and folding. The metal sheets includes: jenny or burrying, sheet metal swaging, universal and Deep Throat Swaging, and roll type edge folding. These are cost effective, easy to maintain, cost effective, durable, and affordable and makes the work easier in industries. All these special features have increased production and maximizes on the returns.

Cut Metal Work Pieces Faster and to High Precision Using Hydraulic Hacksaw Machines Tools

As the production metal cutting volume increases in the industries the hydraulic hacksaw tool offers the solution to accuracy and efficient metal cutting. The skilled and professional manufactures of hydraulic hacksaw equipments have manufactured high superior quality and durable for faster and high precision. They use a high quality material that are accredited and complies with the international standards worldwide. These products are readily available in the market at affordable prices.

Features and Application of Hacksaw Machines.

These are a fine toothed with a blade that is held under the tension of a firm frame. It is used in cutting materials such as the metal or the plastics.

It contain metal arch with firmly handle with a pistol grip and the pin attached on the narrower disposable blades that is made of high quality raw materials.

These are technologically advanced to meets the current demand in the market and offers the client satisfaction. The blades are readily available in different sizes with standard length usually 10 to 12 inches.

Specialized Features and Uses of the Semi Automatic Hacksaw Machine.

Saw frame that is rigid attached and ensures different types of cut such as square, straight cut and parallel cut that takes place automatically in contact with work pieces and reduces wear and tear of the blade.

It has two levers that help in regulating and controlling the rate of the feed and raising bow automatically switching off on the cut completion.

It have large proportional bed which helps in guiding the way of the material undercut as it is rigid constructed.

The jaws are fixed and are easy to adjust depending on the material to be cut.

Industrial Applications of Hydraulic Powered Hacksaw Machine.

Hydraulic powered hacksaw tools have numerous industrial application which includes the following: tool rooms, engineering workshops, stainless steel, copper and alloy mitre cutting up to 45 and rolling Milles.

Why use Hydraulic Powered Hacksaw Machines in Workshop Operations?

Hydraulic hacksaw machines are very efficient in cutting large sizes or sections of the metal sheet such as steel and therefore is of great significant in the workshops operational as they maximizes production and makes work easier. They are able to cut a diameter of 10 to 15 mm which is a tedious and cumbersome work when using normal hacksaw. It is very important for the workshop to use hydraulic powered hacksaw in carrying out the most difficult task that are time consuming. It is fast, durable, low maintenance, save time, self lubricate, tooth hardness and accurate. It ensures fine cut with longer services life with full efficiency in cutting.

Tool Room Machines and their Uses.

It include the following: milling devices are used in high precision metal shaping and solid materials.

Grinding device is used in grinding metal sheets and other solid materials

Slotting tool is used to slot metal or wood screws, shaping and cutting the metals sheets as well as automobile apparatus.


The various special features which include: maximum utilization blades, adjustable stroke, quick clamping and centralized clamping. These are common known for high functionality and with lower energy consumption. The several industrial applications which includes; tool rooms, engineering workshops, stainless steel, copper and alloy among many others. Therefore is very important to use hydraulic powered hacksaw, tool room’s and hacksaw devices as they are very effective, save time, cut larger diameters as well as thickness, fast and economical.

Use Boring and Honing Machines to Drill and Enlarge Holes on Work Pieces with Accuracy and Precision

Honing and boring operations are some of the most common finishing operations done on drilled parts and other hollow components. The two operations are widely used in engine block finishing.

Honing and boring operations in workshops

This operation entails the internal cutting and smoothening of drilled holes. The method produces very accurate holes with an extremely smooth surface finish.

Boring on the other hand is the enlargement of already drilled holes (pilot holes and other larger holes). This process ensures that the large holes are straight and accurately drilled.

Types and Features of block boring and honing machines

Block boring machines are specially designed to enlarge the engine block holes with high precision and accuracy. They are used to bore accurate hole on engine blocks. To achieve high accuracy and precision, both work piece and the tool must be properly positioned.

They are many different types of boring and honing equipments. They include: cylinder block boring, in line boring, tunnel boring, CNC honing/boring, manual honing and boring , vertical honing, horizontal honing among others.

Cylinder block boring and honing devices are equipped with devices to increase precision and accuracy when setting up the engine block and the cutting tools. They have advanced tool clamping, centering and positioning systems which ensure that tools are clamped properly with respect to the work pieces.

These have universal clamping brackets and other specialized jigs and fixtures to reduce the block set up time and ensure accurate positioning. CNC have automated tool positioning systems and operators can program boring and honing operations.

It also have hydraulic or pneumatic systems used to accurately feed the work piece or the tools and ensure there are no vibrations. This guarantees high precision during boring and extremely smooth surfaces when honing.

Honing equipments use different types of abrasive material to give the hole a smooth surface. The smoothness is determined by the grit size of the abrasive.

Industrial application of block boring and honing machines              

Block boring instruments are used to bore holes on the engine block, perform engine block surfacing, and develop new engine head studs as well as other boring operations.

Cylinder block boring machine are similar to block boring but are dedicated to machining engine block cylinders. Their main applications are, engine cylinder boring and reconditioning, head stud conversions, head stud threading, cylinder chamfering, engine cylinder O-ring grooving and cylinder head surfacing.

Specially constructed cylinder boring and horning machines such as inline boring and horizontal boring are used to recondition cam shaft and crack shaft seats as well as the V type engine cylinders.

Honing boring smoothen the engine cylinder and other bored holes on the engine block.  Honing is important as it reduces the friction between the engine block and the pistons.

Using honing and boring for high precision drilling operations

Honing and boring are widely used in high precision drilling operations done on the engine block.


Block boring and honing machines are widely used in drilling and smoothening engine cylinder surfaces and holes. They are used to repair and recondition engine blocks. Their specialized features guarantee accuracy and precision.

Perform Machining Operations Much Faster Using Specialized Lathe, Planning Machines, Gear Hobbing and Threading Machine Tools

As production volumes in industries increase various tools have been developed to handle complicated functions and heavy loads.  These specialized tools include: threading and gear hobbing machines.

Features and Industrial Applications of Capstan and Vertical Lathe Machines 

Capstan lathe are advancement to the current lathes. In the capstan, cutting tools for turning, drilling, boring, chamfering, tapering, facing and other operations are mounted on the turret.  When the operator finishes with one operation he rotates the capstan without necessary having to mount and position the each tool.

The capstan lathe machine is widely used in mass production where same piece is machined many times and has the same repetitive processes. It is easy to use, accurate and saves time.

Unlike other devices, vertical lathe have a vertically oriented chuck. They are compact and robust and their construction reduces both the work piece and tool overhang. This results to less vibration and warbling.

Vertical lathes are widely used to turn large diameter work pieces which horizontal cannot. They easily perform drilling, grinding and vertical milling operations.  They are also used to precision bearings, drilling large motor housing, drilling aeronautical parts, machining propellers among other functions.

Features of Planning and Threading Machines

Planning machines are specially designed tools for smoothening flat surfaces. The work piece moves front and backwards and the cutting device remove the material surface of work piece. Planners remove excess materials on surface plane flat surfaces.

Threading machines are specially designed to cut the wide variety of screw threads on bolts, shafts, and pipes. It may be fully automatic or semiautomatic. They cut high quality threads on shafts and pipes. The dies are held stationary as they work piece rotate making the threads. These are all geared to ensure accuracy and precision when cutting threads.

Hex nipple threading have tempered gears and specially used for threading hexagonal nipples found in many pipe fittings.

The bed physical dimensions, spindle bore size, pedestal box size, slide dimensions, threading length and motor power determine the size of bolts, shafts and pipes that can be threaded.

 Industrial Applications of Threading and Planning Machines (hex nipple, bolt and hydraulic thread)

Bolt, hex nipple and other threading devices are used to cut threads on shafts and pipes. These dedicated instruments enable operators perform the treading operation much faster and produce threads with correct pitch and size. Form rolling tools impress threads on long shafts.

Features and Applications of Gear Hobbing Machines

It is specially designed to cut and form gears. Both vertical and horizontal gear hobbing devices can be used. Most parts of gear hobber resemble a milling but is specially constructed to cut gear, splines and sprockets.  In the hobber, the work piece is held on one spindle while the hob/gear cutter is held on the other.  Modern equipments have automatic indexing ad cuts threads very accurately.


Specialized equipments are ideal for high production environment and in cutting specially designed work pieces. Manufactures and workshop owners should therefore purchase these specialized for high volume and efficient production.

Cut Large Quantities of Sheet Metal Accurately and Effectively Using Manual and Hydraulic Powered Shearing Machines

Manual and hydraulic powered machines are most effective and accurate in cutting as they are used in fabricating and sheet metal machine operations.  They are excellently designed in withstanding large loads makes work easier, cost effective and is more efficient. The manual and hydraulic optimizes quality in cutting low angle  , thinner steels  and thicker steel plates cutting with high extreme accuracy and realibility.The manufactures of manual and hydraulic offers quality and technologically advances and innovation in ensuring customers satisfactions.They are designed in meeting trimming needs and cuttings depending on different types of materials.

Features and Uses of Mechanical Shearing Machines.

These are efficiently used in cutting of mild steel ,alloy steel as well as the stainless with different thickness. It a feature includes: high cutting capacity of 1.0 mm to 12.0 mm. they are very powerful and accurate while cutting the mild steel. Hydraulic hold down and pneumatic clutch enhances efficiency in performing. They have auto lubrication systems.

Difference Between Under Crank and Over Crank Shearing Machines and their Applications .

It is used in bending metal sheets and is one the best bending tools in the industries while over crank applied in cutting metal sheets. These are popularly used in cutting large sheets, bars, and plates of metallic and non metallic materials into elegance shapes. The equipments are excellently engineered for speedy and accuracy. They are advanced technologically with modern design, tough and durable while under crank  are users friendly with low maintenance cost as well as secure to the users. These are applied in automobile, printing, engineering, electronic, wood working and frame construction industries. Over crank devices requires electrical power and offers ultimate performances in metal handlings. It is a very suitable device for use in the large scale operations and work effectively with use of the electricity power. It is also suitable in cutting as is very easy to use.

Features of Hydraulic Operated Shearing Machine.

These are equipped with overwhelming productive feature which includes the following.

It employs a driven swing beam that is hydraulically, steel plate and accumulator for the purpose of steady and reliable in the operational. They also have positive holding avoids the sheets slippage while cutting.

The innovative of three point rollers that helps in eliminating lubrication of the steel that this helps in providing better quality in the cutting operations. This increases the operational of the instruments to a long period of time.

The rake angle that is varied and permits the higher thickness cut rather than the nominal capacity

Application of Foot Operated Shearing Machines in Small Workshops.

It is suitable for cutting delicate metals such as copper and aluminum. It is applied in making fragile objects such as electrical fittings, furniture making and electronic circuits.

Uses of Roll Driven Spill out Shearing Machine in Manual Sheet Cutting Operations.

It is designed for manual operating plate bending. It is used in completely bending sheets to cylinders and curving them into different shapes.


The shearing machines are effectively designed in cutting materials and giving a specific shape. It is used in industrial application such as metal and engineering industries. It has huge merits in metal industries with high performances, accuracy and efficiency. These  are manufactured per international standards and a guideline that prevails globally. They are durable with long functioning life, user friendly and with less maintenance cost.

Woodworking Machinery

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Safety Norms for Workshop Machinery

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