Use Boring and Honing Machines to Drill and Enlarge Holes on Work Pieces with Accuracy and Precision

Honing and boring operations are some of the most common finishing operations done on drilled parts and other hollow components. The two operations are widely used in engine block finishing.

Honing and boring operations in workshops

This operation entails the internal cutting and smoothening of drilled holes. The method produces very accurate holes with an extremely smooth surface finish.

Boring on the other hand is the enlargement of already drilled holes (pilot holes and other larger holes). This process ensures that the large holes are straight and accurately drilled.

Types and Features of block boring and honing machines

Block boring machines are specially designed to enlarge the engine block holes with high precision and accuracy. They are used to bore accurate hole on engine blocks. To achieve high accuracy and precision, both work piece and the tool must be properly positioned.

They are many different types of boring and honing equipments. They include: cylinder block boring, in line boring, tunnel boring, CNC honing/boring, manual honing and boring , vertical honing, horizontal honing among others.

Cylinder block boring and honing devices are equipped with devices to increase precision and accuracy when setting up the engine block and the cutting tools. They have advanced tool clamping, centering and positioning systems which ensure that tools are clamped properly with respect to the work pieces.

These have universal clamping brackets and other specialized jigs and fixtures to reduce the block set up time and ensure accurate positioning. CNC have automated tool positioning systems and operators can program boring and honing operations.

It also have hydraulic or pneumatic systems used to accurately feed the work piece or the tools and ensure there are no vibrations. This guarantees high precision during boring and extremely smooth surfaces when honing.

Honing equipments use different types of abrasive material to give the hole a smooth surface. The smoothness is determined by the grit size of the abrasive.

Industrial application of block boring and honing machines              

Block boring instruments are used to bore holes on the engine block, perform engine block surfacing, and develop new engine head studs as well as other boring operations.

Cylinder block boring machine are similar to block boring but are dedicated to machining engine block cylinders. Their main applications are, engine cylinder boring and reconditioning, head stud conversions, head stud threading, cylinder chamfering, engine cylinder O-ring grooving and cylinder head surfacing.

Specially constructed cylinder boring and horning machines such as inline boring and horizontal boring are used to recondition cam shaft and crack shaft seats as well as the V type engine cylinders.

Honing boring smoothen the engine cylinder and other bored holes on the engine block.  Honing is important as it reduces the friction between the engine block and the pistons.

Using honing and boring for high precision drilling operations

Honing and boring are widely used in high precision drilling operations done on the engine block.


Block boring and honing machines are widely used in drilling and smoothening engine cylinder surfaces and holes. They are used to repair and recondition engine blocks. Their specialized features guarantee accuracy and precision.

Written by Yash Shah

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