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Bending Machine

Bending MachineThe various types of bending machines include the bus bar bending machine, profile bender, pipe bending machines, metal sheet bender, motorized and manual pipe benders. These are innovative forming machines generating bends on a metal work piece. This is achieved using linear rotating motion. They are developed with high flexibility that allows easier exchange of work pieces and ability to generate smooth even bends without deformation of the work piece.  The profile bending machine is equipped with special hydraulic motor and gearing system with special hardened steel for durability. The bending machines are sturdy in construction and workmanship, and all safety concerns have been addressed. Operation is through advanced control systems that also enhance efficiency of the process.

Iron Worker Machine

Iron Worker MachineIron worker machine is a combination of productivity and effectiveness in metal working. The iron worker machine is very user friendly designed for durability and low maintenance costs. It has been developed by very competent engineers with vast experience on the metalworking processes and the needs of the industry. Has a strong and rigid structure for noise less operation and reduced vibration. Some application include cutting and shearing operations on angle lines, I section cutting,punching, notching and other customized operations. This is equipment that has a guaranteed return on investment. The control system is advanced with easier tool handling as well as completely safe operation.

Imported Sheet Metal Machine

Imported Sheet Metal MachineImported sheet metal machines include tube benders, profile end grinders, swaging (bead bending machines, profile bending, shearing machine and slip rolling machines. The shearing machines are designed with high grade steel and a robust construction to give strength and rigidity to the equipment. The sheet metal machines are able to achieve better cutting accuracy on thin sheets with a lower rake angle and also designed with automatic rake angle adjustments. They are also pre-calibrated for easy adjustment of the blade gap. They are also able to achieve smooth and low noise operations as well as high power usage efficiency. Operator safety is also well considered.

Wood Working Machine

Wood Working MachineWood working machines include the Combination planners, surface planner models, thickness planners, spindle molders, spiral lathes, wood saws and circular saws, radial saws, grinders and chisels. The equipment is built with compact design and of rust resistant material making them highly durable. They have been built to provide high power and precision which translates to reduced material wastage and good return on investment. The planner equipmentshave been highly automated to produce very good finishes in the shortest time possible.The J 601 heavy duty planners are especially great for extremely busy environment and works efficiently with no downtimes or machine failures.

Welding Machine

Welding MachineThis welding equipment is versatile with advanced control system and achieves efficient welding over a long period of time. The models available include the MIG and the MAG welders. The equipment comes with the wire feeder and pressure regulator devices including the flow meter and measuring gauge. The Arc welding machine models are very affordable and require less maintenance. They can offer power saving of between 30 – 60% and offer very good arc formation as well as a power factor of up to 0.9. The equipment is suitable for all kinds of electrodes and light in weight for easy movement. The welding machines have also been fitted with protection against under voltage, over voltage and surges in power levels.

Why Quality Workshop Machinery is Very Important?

The research and development activities have resulted in manufacturing a variety of new products including several types of workshop machinery. In fact equipment play an important role everywhere and affect almost every person, in any part of the world. Today unit are utilized for numerous purposes. They help to mechanize various manual tasks and also make the related process simple. It enable us to complete the particular work faster, also reduce the manual efforts and thereby increase productivity.

Nowadays, various types of workshop tools are manufactured in many countries across the globe. These tool room are commonly used for different purposes in a wide range of industrial segments such as woodworking, automobile, electrical, construction, etc. Moreover, good quality workshop equipment is very important, in order to obtain high quality output. Therefore, several buyers now prefer to invest in good quality equipments, and thus achieve higher productivity and thereby produce better quality products.

In any industrial setup, buying any device is an important decision, and a costly investment. It is also one of the most essential assets of each and every production unit. It is practically the basic requirement for manufacturers in all types of industries worldwide. Machines assist to do the related task easily with better accuracy. They can also deliver large volumes of the required product, and that too repeatedly for many years.

A superior quality device is always capable of achieving the best results. Hence it plays an important role in increasing the efficiency of the related process or task, and this ultimately increases the profit of the organization. Today, there are many renowned manufacturers that assure to supply various types of workshop unit, designed and engineered as per high quality standards.

Moreover, the performance of any machine also depends a lot on the quality of the associated mechanical parts. Therefore a top quality component also helps to deliver high quality results, and increase the overall productivity of the related tools. Hence fabrication units and metal working plants should always invest in high quality tools. This is due to the fact that buying low quality sheet metal equipment, may lead to low quality output and also relatively less production.

A sub standard machine needs frequent repairs and will also not last longer. Hence it has to be replaced in the short term before you get the necessary results. This finally increases your company’s maintenance expenses and manufacturing costs. Purchasing a low priced workshop tools also delivers less output. Hence you need to run the device for a longer time and also employ more persons to achieve the same level of output, delivered by a high quality and comparatively expensive.

Using second hand machinery may also lead to higher downtime in the manufacturing plants. This will affect the production cycle and also delay or reschedule the related process. Sometimes poor quality equipments may not work and acquiring a new unit may be difficult, thus production may stop. Accidents may also occur due to low quality machines.

Exclusive Range of Machine Tools from Bhavya Machine Tools

We present variety of tools used in various standard and critical industrial applications. Some of the widely used industrial equipments are lathe, drill, tool room, sheet metal, shearing, press brakes, SPM & heavy, wood working and automobile unit. We are having expertise in manufacturing all types of industrial machines, which work accurately with high performance. These are made up of high quality sturdy materials to give a long life with low maintenance cost. Our wide ranges of lathe devices are demanded worldwide for perfection of work, quite affordable low cost for long durability.

Our light duty lathe is perfect for applications, where lathe equipment usage is limited with higher performance and ease in operation. The series is spread further with medium duty lathe machine, heavy duty and extra heavy duty. Our export quality roll turning lathe is used in creating specialized cylindrical rolls in rolling mills. We cater the above all series of lathe under the all geared category also to perform metal and wooden machining with speed control gears. We are also a leading distributor and supplier of imported lathe for India and across the world dealing in high end universal all geared lathe including CDS A series, CDS B series, CW E series, CW M series lathe which are completely automatic with enhanced features, compact units, highly durable and efficiency of delivering the perfection output beyond imagination.

Our completely automatic computer operated lathe machines give amazing performance with very low resources and high efficiency have made them popular to opt as an industry best lathe in various models of CKE 6130I, CKE 6150Z and slant bed CNC lathe.

About Bhavya Machine Tools

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified tools manufacturing company in India. The company specializes in supplying lathe, drilling, grinding, V belt driven shaping, shearing, press brake, pillar and C type power press machines and others for tool room, construction, metal and wood working industries. For further details please contact us at +91-79-4024 2800, +91 – 79 – 3007 4560 or visit our office located at

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Types of Machine Tools You Need to Install in Your Workshop

A workshop is a place where different kinds of machines and tools are employed to make, finish and repair machines or parts. These are the important requirements without which no workshop can function. Workshops can be found in diverse industrial and commercial establishments. Every workshop has a diverse requirement and depending on where and why the workshop is installed different kinds of equipment are employed in it. However there are some basic machining equipment that are required in most of the workshops. Majority of the workshops where some kind of metal or wood materials are worked upon, tools for tasks like grinding, milling, drilling, cutting, shaping and finishing are most required. Therefore if your workshop is also one of these kinds of commercial or industrial workshop involving metal or woodwork, then opting to install the below mentioned tools will serve your purpose better.

Lathe Machine

To accomplish the jobs of cutting, shaping and fabricating metal sheets in your workshop, nothing can be much better than a lathe. With a lathe in your workshop you could handle a wide range of applications including production of symmetrical parts, screw threads, tapered work, drilled holes, knurled surfaces and crank shafts easily and efficiently with a single one without having to install in number of machines used for each individual task. Moreover most of the tool today come with a variety of rotating speeds and automatic cutting features. Therefore with an advanced lathe machine in your workshop you can accomplish your machining tasks much faster and to a better accuracy. These are available in different forms today like light duty lathe, medium duty lathe and heavy duty lathe. For installment in your workshop you can either go with light or medium duty which will give you efficient functioning for small scale machining requirements in your workshop.

Milling Machine

Milling machine is another variant of tools one could opt as metal cutting device for workshop. It is the best tool for cutting metals to the customized dimensions and shapes especially if the parts are to be cut or shaped to rectangular or uneven dimensions.

Drill Machine

While machining, repairing or making parts in a workshop one may require creating cylindrical holes on the solid materials. A drill machine is for the purpose. With this in your workshop you can very effectively carry out the hole making processes on metals and other solid materials with ease and much accuracy. Various other tasks like tapping, spot facing, reaming, counter sinking and counter boring can also be carried out efficiently with the help of these. It come in various models, customized dimensions of drill head, base plate and capacity and therefore can be possessed to best suit the requirements of your workshop.

Grinding Machine

Grinding machine is a very important tool used in most of the workshops for solid material grinding and shaping applications. This power driven tool can be run on desired speeds to accurately remove the unwanted parts from the work piece so that the desired shape and finish can be achieved. With grinding machine in your workshop, you can easily accomplish your metal shaping goals without much effort. There are various types of grinding machines available in market today. For example there are belt grinding equipments used for debarring and grinding of metals with coated abrasives, bench grinders for roughing and finishing of tool bits, tool & cutter grinding machines used to perform customized and most accurate grinding tasks and much more. Selecting the one with most apt specifications for your workshop will best serve your solid material shaping requirements at your workshop.

The Bottom Line

Mentioned above are the basic device which are found at most of the workshops and best to install at any workshop where metal or other solid material applications are to be executed. But however apart from these there are yet various other forms of tools too available in the market today. Depending on your requirements and work in your workshop, you should decide which tool with what specifications will suit your applications and is the best for installation in your workshop.

All About Slotting Machine

A slotting machine is a machine which is used to slot materials made of metal and wood. It can make slots on heads of screws, bolts and other automobile components as well as other similar parts. The main purpose of is to shape and cut hard materials like metal and wood. These are generally used in heavy industries like electrical, construction, furniture, automotive etc. These are considered as heavy duty robust machines specially designed for quick and accurate metal productions. These are well known for their high performance, low maintenance cost and longer functional life. It is one of the important machine tools in the sheet metal industries as well in electrical, furniture and construction industries. It is also known as vertical shaper consisting of base, column and table, ram and tool head assembly, saddle and cross slide, rams drive mechanism and feed mechanism.

Specifications of a Slotting Machine

  • It is designed in such a way that it is of high standards, uniform and systematic. To elaborate, we can say that it has reasonable arrangement suiting to construction. While using it is quite convenient and easy to maintain.
  • The electric equipment is suitable for 3 phases and A.C. power.
  • It is just perfect for small batch production shop as well as the work shops where large production at high speed is required. It is used in various processes, model surfaces, key seating etc., of any workshop.


How Does a Slotting Machine Work?

It can take up all the cutting forces because its base is rigidly built. The vertical column has a front face and has guide ways in the reciprocating ram. That reciprocating ram supports the tool head to which the tool is attached. The material is mounted on the table which can be given horizontal and vertical rotary feed motion.

Types of Slotting Machines

There are two types available, standard and deluxe. Standard slotting machine is a heavy duty machine which removes metal from large castings and the deluxe slotting machine is designed with extra features and to work on high speeds than a standard.

Applications of Slotting Machines

The main applications are cutting keys, slots, metal sheets, grooves of various shapes and forming regular or irregular shapes used in many manufacturing units. It can be used in any workshop where vertical tool movement is necessary and required to manufacture different metal objects.

How to Select a Slotting Machine

If you need to buy a slotting machine for your workshop, make sure that you buy from a reliable and reputed tool room machines supplier offering it with significant features like durability, sturdy structure, spontaneous functional ability etc. it should be manufactured from best raw materials and using latest technology. Ensure that you buy only technically advanced slotting machines so that your workshop manpower is safe and can perform at its best.

Tool Room – Types of Tool Room Machines, Toolroom Setup

Tool room

Tool room is the room where the tools are kept for storage, prepare, repairing and machining. The space area can be varied based on the types of the tool room machines and applications. It may include high end electro-mechanical equipments for different applications like grinding, milling, shaping, slotting of metals. In lower scale, it can be defined as a small room to store all tools for servicing and repairing before giving it to the workers for operation. It consisting the big racks, shelves, cupboards and workbench to store and repair the tools. Thus it can have the facilities to design, manufacture and repair the custom requirements.

Types of Tool room Machines

There are various types manufactured by the tools manufacturing companies. Some of them are available with standard technical specifications as well can be manufactured as per industry specific application requirements. Major metalworking equipments are included in the types of tool room equipments. The widely used are Grinding, milling, shaping, slotting, bandsaw and hacksaw devices.

Grinding Machine – It is categorized further in manual surface grinder, hydraulic cylindrical grinder and centerless grinder. Grinding of metals and other materials are carried out by these devices with manual or hydraulic pressure. These are widely used in various industrial applications including engineering, automobiles and electrical.

Milling Machines – These are used to shape the metals and solid materials as per the defined or custom specifications. It is executed manually or automatically based on the types of milling devices that are manual milling, mechanical milling and digital CNC milling for automatic execution.

Shaping Machine – V Belt shaping with wide industrial acceptance to cut metals in curvature shape or angularly. The strength is high to work on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Slotting Machine – Metal & wood slotting is the prime requirements to cut and shape the metal slots on the head of metal and wood to create screws, bolts, wood screws and automobile custom parts. It with variation from slow to fast execution depends on the types in the market.

Bandsaw Machine – It is specialized for irregular cutting and curving of the metal shapes with precision accuracy. Based on technical features, various bandsaw devices from horizontal to double column are used in industrial applications.

Hacksaw Machine – It is used in wide range of industries for long time. The metal cutting efficiency of hacksaw unit is unbeatable with high accuracy and precision gathered with hydraulic hacksaw. Mechanical and semi hydraulic are also applied in applications where it needs low pressure.

Toolroom Setup

Tool room setup is the process to setup precision equipments as per the custom prototype machining for the operation, repairing and production. Setting up it required highly efficient and skilled execution with plan out the application installations for current and future requirements of tool room machineries.

Tool Room Machines – Slotting Machine, Shaping Machine, Milling Machine

Tool Room Machines – Slotting Machine, Shaping Machine, Milling Machine

Tool room is a space for making tools. In a broader sense it can be defined as facility where the tools and machining equipment are made, stored, and repaired on a work site. Usually these tool rooms can be found in metalworking facilities where quite often there is need for production of custom tools and equipment. That are used in these tool rooms are often referred by special category called tool room machines.

Machines in the category of tool room equipments are usually those that are well suited to the low volume production applications of tool room departments. Some of the widely used kinds of tool room equipment are slotting, shaping, milling, tool & cutter grinding, bandsaw and hacksaw machine. Let us now have a detailed look on slotting, shaping and milling used in tool rooms. Continue reading

Tool Room Machines – Types of Tool Room Machine, Applications of Tool Room Machines

Tool room machines are the machines used in grinding, shaping and cutting wood, metal and other materials in various industrial applications. Grinding machine, milling machine, shaping machine, slotting machine, bandsaw machine and hackshow machines are some of the tool room machines are very useful in industries.

Types of Tool Room Machines

Grinding machines are used to grind metals and other materials. Milling machine is used to accurately shape metal and other solid materials. Shaping machines are used for shaping straight and flat metal surfaces. Slotting machine is useful to shape or cut metal and wood materials. It can make slots on heads of blank machine screws, wood screws, bolts and automobile components. Bandsaw machines are used to cut a variety of irregular or curved shape materials. Hackshow machine is used to cut wood, metal and other materials very smoothly.

Applications of Tool Room Machines

The high quality grinding machine also referred as a grinder used in grinding with abrasive wheel as a cutting tool. Various types of grinding machines have different applications like belt grinder is used to process metals and other materials with the aid of coated abrasives. Belt grinding is used in finishing, debarring and stock removal. Bench grinder is used in roughing and finishing operations. Cylindrical grinder is used in making precision rods with multiple grinding wheels. Surface grinding machine with wash grinder is applied to the workpiece, which is moved back and forth past the grinding wheel on a table that has a permanent magnet for use with magnetic stock. Surface grinding machine can be manually operated or have CNC controls.

Milling machines are classified in two forms, horizontal milling machine and vertical milling machine. Milling machines are available in three types based on operation. Manually operated milling machine, mechanically automated milling machine and digitally automated CNC milling machine. Milling machines are used for simple to complex cutting, drilling and shaping applications. Turret milling machine is a subcategories of vertical milling. Turret milling has a quill, allows the milling cutter to be raised and lowered in a manner similar to a drill press. Turret milling cuts in the vertical (Z) direction by raising or lowering the quill and by moving the knee.

Bandsaw machine is used to cut long bars into different shapes in various industries like automobile, electronic, electrical, wood working and others. Bandsaw is a power tool used to band of metal with blade. Bandsaw is used in woodworking and metalworking for cutting irregular shapes, curved shapes or straight cuts. There are two types of bandsaw machines are available in the market like horizontal bandsaw machine and double column bandsaw machine. Shaping machines are used for shaping straight and flat metal surface like for steel cutting, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals cut in different curves, angles and shapes. Tool room machines made from high quality materials/parts with rugged constructive formation from expert machine tools company always give assurance and trust for long durability, flexibilities, low maintenance with accurate and precision functions, easy operations with many inbuilt features are prime attractions to buy tool room machines from reputed manufacturers. Bhavya Machine Tools is one of the leading machinery tools manufacturers and exported in India providing all types of machines for better functionalities. For further details you may visit –