All About Slotting Machine

A slotting machine is a machine which is used to slot materials made of metal and wood. It can make slots on heads of screws, bolts and other automobile components as well as other similar parts. The main purpose of is to shape and cut hard materials like metal and wood. These are generally used in heavy industries like electrical, construction, furniture, automotive etc. These are considered as heavy duty robust machines specially designed for quick and accurate metal productions. These are well known for their high performance, low maintenance cost and longer functional life. It is one of the important machine tools in the sheet metal industries as well in electrical, furniture and construction industries. It is also known as vertical shaper consisting of base, column and table, ram and tool head assembly, saddle and cross slide, rams drive mechanism and feed mechanism.

Specifications of a Slotting Machine

  • It is designed in such a way that it is of high standards, uniform and systematic. To elaborate, we can say that it has reasonable arrangement suiting to construction. While using it is quite convenient and easy to maintain.
  • The electric equipment is suitable for 3 phases and A.C. power.
  • It is just perfect for small batch production shop as well as the work shops where large production at high speed is required. It is used in various processes, model surfaces, key seating etc., of any workshop.


How Does a Slotting Machine Work?

It can take up all the cutting forces because its base is rigidly built. The vertical column has a front face and has guide ways in the reciprocating ram. That reciprocating ram supports the tool head to which the tool is attached. The material is mounted on the table which can be given horizontal and vertical rotary feed motion.

Types of Slotting Machines

There are two types available, standard and deluxe. Standard slotting machine is a heavy duty machine which removes metal from large castings and the deluxe slotting machine is designed with extra features and to work on high speeds than a standard.

Applications of Slotting Machines

The main applications are cutting keys, slots, metal sheets, grooves of various shapes and forming regular or irregular shapes used in many manufacturing units. It can be used in any workshop where vertical tool movement is necessary and required to manufacture different metal objects.

How to Select a Slotting Machine

If you need to buy a slotting machine for your workshop, make sure that you buy from a reliable and reputed tool room machines supplier offering it with significant features like durability, sturdy structure, spontaneous functional ability etc. it should be manufactured from best raw materials and using latest technology. Ensure that you buy only technically advanced slotting machines so that your workshop manpower is safe and can perform at its best.

Written by Yash Shah

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