History of Milling Machine

Milling MachineRotary filling was the first in base of invention of the first milling machine that reduced the efforts need to put on hand filling and save the time. The development history is still unclear as the variety of custom machines performing the functions of milling machine were available in individual shops and factories before. Rotary milling was the ancestor of first. It is a unique machine tools first manufactured during 1814 to 1818 in two federal armories of the USA.

James Nasmyth is the famous name who built the advanced milling machine during 1829 to 1831, ahead of it’s time to mill the six sides of hex nut. Gay & silver also used a prototype of milling machine for vertical milling which was a better method than earlier milling versions. Till then milling machine was a part of production machine and not toolroom machines.

1840 to 1860 was the era of designing for successful milling machine by Lincoln Miller. Different companies were making the milling machines on the common configuration. George S. Lincoln & Company first put the true commercial milling machine in the market on 1855. Based on the company, the name to machine was given as milling machine.

Brown & Sharpe’s were the first to make universal milling machine in 1861, which was unique in design and function itself. This patented machine the milling cutters use to sharpen the teeth did not change the form geometry.

Joseph W Roe, the founder of many machine tools has created the first true milling machine in co-ordination with Eli Whitney, the private arm maker during 1912 to 1916. Robert S. Woodbury and other scholars had improved the design and functioning of the Roe’s first true milling machine. Robert Johnson, Cap. John H. Hall, Simeon North, Roswell Lee and Thomas Blanchard are the few names of researchers and engineers who had contributed in development and improvement in the previous type of milling machine.

From 1870 to the mid of twentieth century till first world war, the various other forms of milling machines came into existence like universal milling machine for tool room, jobbing and production use.

After World War I, new advanced versions including jig machines and milling machine with CNC technology have come up with various milling features and functionalities.

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Written by Yash Shah

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