CNC Lathe Machine Range for Multipurpose Machining

The lathe is a multipurpose machine tool; that rapidly rotates the work piece along its axis to perform various tasks like cutting, shaping, drilling, turning, sanding etc.; in order to create a symmetrical object. Nowadays, the latest manufacturing machines use computers to automate numerous manual functions in several industrial segments; including lathe machine operations.

What is CNC Lathe Machine?

Apart from the earliest wooden lathes and metal lathes; a broad array of lathe machines are now available in the market such as the CNC lathe machine. CNC is the short form of Computer Numerical Control. CNC is now applied in almost all types of manufacturing processes. CNC lathes are basically controlled by a computer. The related manufacturing procedure is pre planned by the computer. Once the lathe machine is preset, it can continuously function automatically; followed by occasional supervision of a machine operator.

Importance & Benefits of CNC Lathe Machine

These CNC lathe machines have largely replaced the older versions of lathes in the production and machining department; since they are simple to operate, provide extreme accuracy and deliver top grade products. CNC lathes offer many benefits such as high powered axis drives, feedback control for monitoring and maintaining the tool position; and even constant high speed motion of complex machines. After providing all the functional parameters, a machine operation can be easily set up; thus eliminating the repetitive manual adjustments.

Components of CNC Lathe Machine

CNC lathes are programmed to quickly and precisely cut the work piece using tools and Heavy Duty Flat Bed CNC Lathedrills. The same result may otherwise be difficult or impossible, while using the conventional lathes. This CNC machine also incorporate tool holders and coolant pumps to reduce deterioration. CNC lathe machines have the ability to cut curved contours without using special shaping tools. This is possible due to the computer programmed and controlled speed of the two motion axes and the spindle simultaneously.

Types of CNC Lathe Machine

The CNC lathe machine range includes; flat bed CNC lathe machine, heavy duty lathe, heavy duty flat bed CNC lathe machine, slant bed CNC lathe machine, imported CNC lathe machine, Swiss style CNC lathe machine etc.

Working of CNC Lathe Machine

A CNC lathe machine is controlled electronically through a computer generated menu interface. The computer program can be displayed and suitably modified on the machine, along with a virtual view of the related procedure. The CNC lathe operator should be high skilled and properly trained to perform the manufacturing process. After pre setting a CNC lathe machine, it can be operated and supervised simultaneously.

A CNC lathe machine must be provided the relevant instructions to produce a new or different shaped object. This is done by a computer programmer, who prepares a set of machining instructions related to that process. It is then translates into a computer aided-automated manufacturing (CAM) program; for the particular machine to understand and operate accordingly. Then a CNC lathe operator in a machine shop or tool room will download the CAM program, set up the lathe; and then start the machine and intermittently monitor it until the process is completed.

In Conclusion

These days CNC lathe machine manufacturers provide a wide range of CNC lathe machines at affordable rates.

Written by Yash Shah

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