The Bandsaw machine; No more Quality losses

It used for cutting metal, wood or even meat in food processing. It is made up of a continuous band of metal with cutting teeth similar to a wood work saw. The construction of the saw blade is such that it can with stand the rigors of cutting material and bending of the blade while in motion.

It has been developed in two main types of designs which are horizontal and the vertical types. In the horizontal types the work piece is held stationery while saw blade swings through the cut. These Angular cutting bandsaw machine systems are best for very long work pieces such as pipes and bars. In the vertical types the path of the cutting blade is stationery while the work piece moves along this path. This type is good for cutting complex angle and lines on the work piece.

Operation of the bandsaw machine

The metal band which has the cutting teeth is powered by the bandsaw wheels which are in turn rotated by a powerful induction motor. Where the tool is used for cutting metal, they are equipped with brushes which remove off metal chippings which could clog the saw. Specialized metal cutting saws are also equipped with a liquid cooling system which sprays a jet of liquid at the point of contact between the band and the work piece. This fluid is re circulated by a pumping system.

Role of the bandsaw machine in industry

It has greatly contributed to the tools industry in metal and wood working. Manual cutting of metal is not possible in heavy engineering works therefore making the bandsaw machines critical in metal working.

Various types of the bandsaw machine

  • Swing type automatic; this is a horizontal type where the head is supported by bearings and the blade is guided by rollers. The blade moves in an oscillating motion generated by a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Automatic double column machines .they have a horizontal saw head with up down movement controlled by a hydraulic cylinder. They are fully automated and deliver more output.
  • Vertical bandsaw machines ; whereby the material being cut moves over the rotating bandsaw and is commonly used in cutting wood which has much less friction.
  • The pipe and neck cutting; generally used for quick cutting of cylindrical shapes.
  • Swing type manual; generally used for high speed cutting and have longer blade life.


The bandsaw is a tool used for metal cutting as well as wood cutting. It works by rotating a toothed band of metal at a high speed over the work piece thus cutting it to the required shape and sizes.

There are two main designs of these equipments are available which are the vertical and the horizontal types. The horizontal types hold the work piece firmly on a vice while the saw moves over it cutting to the required dimensions.

In vertical types, the saw rotates in a single path while the work piece is moves. This type is commonly used in wood working machine where friction is much lesser.

This machine has highly contributed to the metal working industry and is critical in a workshop.

Written by Yash Shah

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