How to Select Power Press for Metal Forming Applications?

Press machines or press brakes are the most important metal shaping tools. With these one can easily bend, cut and form the shapes of various kinds of metals. Different kinds of press machines are available in the market today. There are mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, arbor press, punch press and many more. However when it comes to the bulk metal shaping and forming tasks for industrial requirements is widely preferred.

What is the Use of Power Press?

It is actually an advanced and a powerful sheet metal equipments that can cut, press, bend and form sheet metal into different shapes and sizes. With a high quality power press the task of shaping and bending metals can also be carried out much accurately and faster too. It is possible to shape and cut various kinds of metals to precision with a power press. There are different kinds of devices available in market today out of which C type and pillar type machines are the most popular. Apart from these there are H type and also mechanical and hydraulic variants available in each category of machines.

Applications of Power Presses

The mechanical power presses require manual help for task execution while the hydraulic power presses are powered by hydraulic forces and are usually the automatic versions of metal shaping devices which operate without manual help. Therefore with hydraulic machines, metal shaping tasks can be carried much efficiently and with less labor required than the manually operated ones. So for those looking for this machine for low volume tasks like in tool room or workshops, mechanical variants will be sufficient and also can be got at much affordable prices but if the requirement is for bulk industrial applications then manual power press will not be suitable kind. Going for hydraulic versions will be better way to get high quality and top level performance with higher outputs necessary to speed up the bulk applications.

Features to Look for in a Power Press

Now-a-days these are available in C type, pillar type as well as H type frame constructions. Depending on the application where the unit is to be used and budget affordable one can go for selection of any of these. These are frequently pre-loaded with parts like shaft, gears, clutch, table and ram help for easy, fast and precise sheet bending operations. While selecting a power press for metal forming applications, one should definitely check out the quality and capacity of these components to ensure that the equipments you are investing in can give the apt performance you are looking for. Always select it that suits your requirement best. Do not get carried with unnecessary attractions offered by the dealers. You can go for either standard or can get designed a customized model depending on your requirements. A customized sheet metal power press can give you much better performance as per your requirements which might sometimes not be the case with the standard models. Do not finalize a model with a certain manufacturer initially. Enquire about various kinds of models available with various manufacturers and distributors and then select an appropriate machine that falls in your budget.

Written by Yash Shah

This blog written by Mr. Yash Shah is about machine tools including workshop machinery, wood working machines, sheet metal machinery provided by Bhavya Machine Tools, a leading distributors of machine tools in India.