Meeting the Challenges in the Production of Electronic Enclosures and Automobile Parts with Ease of Pressure Related Press Device

Press Device in Electronic Industry

A power press device is one that is applied for shaping a work piece in terms of applying pressure. This device is found to be supportive in different sectors such as automobiles, electrical and electronic companies and especially a basic press apparatus is found to be suitable for auto machine workshops to perform a range of machining activities on metal sheets such as cutting, pressing, curving, into different shapes and sizes. As far as electronic industry is concerned, the formation of enclosures stays important requisite. A power press is employed to make different elements made of metal pages and production of enclosure is one of the interesting jobs that can be performed in terms of stamping action. The electrical enclosures are then applied as junction boxes in telecommunication industry.

C Type Power Press and its Benefits in Production of Automobile Parts

Power press apparatus is available in Pillar type and c type version with economical machining designs. C type press apparatus is made of solid and durable steel material equipped with a rolling key pattern clutch that helps to bring out ceaseless pressing strokes; hence, this equipment can be depended on for mass production. The presence of revolving crankshaft keeps the device work on uniform strokes. The C type press is a single action press gadget which is a user friendly choice when it comes to operations. This equipment is suitable in several manufacturing sectors such as steel and aluminium utensils, automobile parts and defence engineering components. Automobile is composed of a range of smaller and complicated metal parts. A c type press apparatus is applied to make complicated shapes made of metal for automobile construction. In addition, some of the salient features of C type press apparatus are,

Salient Features of C Type Press Apparatus are,

  • Suitable for long term usage
  • Guaranteed accuracy of machining
  • Reliable tool for pressing and bending requisites
  • High speed performance with low noise
  • Made of quality metals that will not get influenced by atmospheric influence
  • This equipment is available in custom design
  • Above all consumes very low amount of fuel.

Selecting a Press Device Based On Pressure Requirement

A power apparatus for metal shaping requisite can be classified in terms of the working principle such as the single action, double action and triple action presses. However, the mechanism of every type of press apparatus depends on the pressure given on the crankshaft. A crank is like an arm to the apparatus that helps in responding to the rotating motion received from the shaft. The forced applied by the crankshaft mechanism is linked to the speed of the press mechanism. For example, C type power press apparatus can be preferred for operating on heavy duty materials as the crankshaft can bear good level of pressure and withstand the same. A  Pillar type power tool is built with cross ribbing, and the clutches are designs with rolling keys and this device is useful for a flawless and high-end reliability and hence, can be preferred for moderate pressure requirement.


Be it automobile industry or electronics, core particles have to be designed in various shapes and sizes, hence, selecting a press apparatus in accordance with the shaping dimensional requirement and the pressure capacity of the crankshaft will stay an ideal option.

Written by Yash Shah

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