C Type Power Press – An Efficient Machine Tool for Different Industrial Applications

A number of items are made from a variety of metals. Different techniques and equipments are used to give shape to these hard and soft metals. To bend and give different shapes to hard metals special tools are used in the industry. C-type is an efficient equipment used for bending heavy metals in various industries.

C type Power Press Machines

The shape is like the letter ‘C’. It consist of gears, crank shaft, clutch, ram and table. The reasonably priced device have a capacity of 3 tons to 250 tons. Made from high grade steel and cast iron, these are strong and sturdy. The power brakes are very durable.

The work of bending metal in the industries has become quite simple with the use. Its design provides lots of free space around it so the operator can move around the work place without any restraint.

Operating the power press machine

A well trained person must handle the equipments very carefully. He must take all precautions in order to evade any kind of accident. He must also be trained to lock and lubricate the tools or if any work is stuck, how to remove it. He must have the information about the parts of the machine and their functions, controls and safety procedures. Devices to protect and maintain the work must be used.

Applications of C type Power Press machines

These are used for bending, pressing, shaping, compressing etc. sheets of different types of metals by using pressure. The metal sheets may vary in size and shape. These are being used in various industries working with metals. Industries dealing in the manufacture of automobile parts, bicycles, agricultural equipments and tools, parts etc. use it extensively.

High quality products are produced using these equipments. Power press machines are used not only in industries engaged in the production of parts of planes, space shuttles etc. but also in industries making containers for cosmetics, tableware, ornamental articles etc.

Types of C type Power Press machines

Depending upon the type of functions performed by the machines, these are available in different types like

  • Hydraulic power press use two hydraulic cylinders to move the top shaft or beam. These are very reliable and precise.
  • Mechanical are more popular as compared to other types. Their speed is more and they are also very accurate.
  • Pneumatic use air pressure for exerting the necessary energy.
  • Electric use a motor for applying pressure.

 Industries where parts of automobiles like cars and trucks are made, large power press are used to make sure even pressure is exerted and metal does not incline.


As these machines do not rust and make less noise and use less power they can be driven very fast for peak production. These are very efficient so they are extensively being used in metal industries.

Written by Yash Shah

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