Evaluation History of Power Press for Its Significant Placement in Present Machine Tool Industry

The power press is an important machine tool which is used to change the shape of a workpiece. In the ancient times metal was shaped manually using a hand hammer. Later on big hammers were used to press large quantities of metal at a time, or to press thick metal pieces. A helper was specially required to swing the sledge hammer while the smith positioned the workpiece. Thereafter steam power and wind mills were utilized to operate the large steam hammers. Later on due to electrification, most of the power presses now use electrical power or hydraulic power to obtain the required pressure. At the same time various types of dies were also discovered for use within it. Moreover, advanced methods and highly accurate equipments were also invented. Today these are mainly categorized based on their mechanism such as mechanical and hydraulic.

Power Press

It available nowadays is used for various metal forming operations like deforming, bending, pressing, and cutting the metal workpiece into the required shape and size by applying the necessary pressure or force. It has a stationary bed and a powered ram that can be driven towards the bed or away from the bed to apply force or required pressure for numerous metal forming tasks. They are mainly used for carrying out large scale production tasks. It is an effective tool used to transform sheet metal into finished metal objects. They are normally classified according to their power systems, capacity, and mechanism. They can also be grouped as per the kind of construction and type of frame. The method of power transmission from the place where it is generated, to the place of its utilization; is also a factor for classifying it. To Know more about power press and its features, visit – http://www.bhavyamachinetools.com/sheet-metal-machine/power-press/c-type.html

Power Presses

These days, these are driven by a mechanical force or a hydraulic system. The power system or the source of these power presses may be an electric motor or an engine. The mechanical power press may utilize several types of drive mechanisms such as the crankshaft, eccentric, knuckle joint, etc. These drives help to transform the rotational movement of the motor into a linear movement of the ram. A fly wheel is also used to energize the machine. These presses have drives that are capable to provide a large force at the end of the strokes; hence they are useful for various punching and stamping operations. Further, it utilize a large piston and cylinder for driving the ram. This system has the ability to provide longer ram strokes as compared to the mechanical machine. Although it works relatively slower, they can continuously apply the required load. These presses may have various types of movements, depending on the number of slides operated independently.


Today, the power press is manufactured globally and widely used in several industries like automobile, aircraft, telecommunication, electrical, construction, defense, shipping, engineering, railway, textile, agriculture, etc; hence it holds a significant place in the present tool industry.

Written by Yash Shah

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