A Closer Look at the Different Lathe Machine Processes & Types

Lathe machine plays a major role in any industries and manufacturing because of its ability in drilling, sanding, turning, cutting, spinning, and turning by helping in the rotation of the objects on its axis. Craftsmen use lathes in forming various things for decoration, tool parts, farm implements, furniture and glasses.

Different Lathe Processes & Industrial Lathe Application

Lathes have been in used for thousands of years for carpentry and construction purposes. The earliest forms of lathes were tree lathes. They were attached to two trees while the sharp tool was placed in the center of the tool to cut the wood design. The hand-operated lathe evolved into a pedal-operated tool and since then it has become a complex device for builders. Modern industrial lathe is operated by electricity and they have horsepower to determine their speed, thereby making the production more fast and effective.

Lathes are power tools that work for various lathe processes and application in industries. A builder uses lathe equipments to form different objects and designs and this tool is conspicuous in factories and shops. It is good to know that the industrial lathe applications are important in the manufacturing of farm implements, automobile, shipbuilding, furniture, decorative pieces, sporting goods, bottle and glass making and to name a few. Lathe applications consist of the following:

Metal spinning
Acrylic spinning
Glass making
Thermal spraying
Pottery making

Lead Role of Different Lathe Machines in Machine Tools Categories

Lathe device are of different types and purposes. Shoppers may find it confusing on how to find industrial lathe for their business and personal use. It is always important that shoppers should know the purpose in buying the equipments to avoid buying the wrong tool.

Types of Lathe Machines

Turret Lathes are rotating lathes are high-speed tools that can reach up to nearly ten operations.

Engine lathes are versatile tools that come in different sizes.

Pottery lathes are helpful tools when moulding pots and ceramics.

Tool room Lathes are of different sizes with excellent spindle to run the operation at high rate.

Wood Lathes are one of the earliest lathes used in woodworking to form different designs and objects. It is driven by belt.

CNC Lathes are computer-enhanced lathes and they are excellent tools in contour and curved objects without the aid of other tools.

Industrial Importance of Lathe Machine

Industrial Lathe is important in any industry because it can hasten production and increase revenue. It speed up in the creation of various objects used for everyday living such as furniture, glass, house decor, implements, tools, and gadgets. Although there are other industry and building tools that exist but this tool is excellent and can perfect the work fast. Ancient people had their own version of lathe that helped in creating old structures, magnificent buildings and furniture that stood against the test of time.


Precision cutting has been made easy by the aid of different types of lathe machines. The creation of components of any implements and tools started with the simplest tree lathe and that was thousands of years ago. Today, builders are more comfortable with the modern version of lathes that are powered by electricity. Online shops offer various models of lathes with their features and horsepower to guide builders in choosing the excellent to make their production fast and easy. Companies of today rely on lathe processes to

Written by Yash Shah

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