How to Use Lathe Machine?

Basically, a lathe machine is a tool used to shape metals.The material is rotated in the cylindrical motion and then touches a cutting tool to it which cuts the material. The metal sheet is fixed on the chuck of the lathe machine and then the chuck rotates in the vertical direction as well as right and left direction and touching byte’s tip to the material to cut the metal. The original lathe machine when invented used to complete tasks like cutting cylindrical metal sheets and then it was further developed to produce screw threads, tapered work, drilled holes, knurled surfaces, and crankshafts. The modern lathe machines available nowadays, offer the facility of rotating speeds as well as adjusting manually and automatically the cutting tool. There are different types available like light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, extra heavy duty, all geared, imported, CNC, roll turning and many more. No matter what type it is, you need to follow the below given basic instructions while using it.

  • You need to ensure that it should not be started cold. First of all, warm up the lathe machine for 10 minutes, setting its speed up to 1000 rpm. It should also be well lubricated and you need to check all the tools and ensure that they are tight.
  • Now, the tool holder should be located and tool block should be inserted in it. The spot is supposed to be located in the tool block where you can insert a cutter. Also for safety reasons, you need to tighter the tool block as tighter as you can. The cutters allow the users to cut from left to right, which is also known as cutting on a Z axis.
  • The tail stock is to be located where drill chuck can be inserted. The tail stock is very useful as it helps in drilling holes in the metal. The crank at the end of the measuring device helps in performing precision depths to the cuts.
  • The next step would be to set your zero and stop the turning spindle. You need to get a tool holder and put in at least 0.5 inch block between the tip of your tool and the metal sheet. Slide the tool holder in and out on an X axis to tighten it. The micrometer wheel should be set to zero.
  • Also you need to set your X zero point by pulling the Z axis tool towards the spindle and slide 0.5 inch block between the tool and the work piece. You also need to set the X axis micrometer to zero and turn the wheel 0.5 inch away.
  • So, now if you want to cut 0.5 inches from the metal sheet keep X axis and Z axis both 0.25 inches away from the metal sheet and then start the spindle.

Safety Measures to be Taken While using a Lathe Machine

  • You need to get dressed correctly by rolling your sleeves above the elbow. Also remove rings and watch if you have worn.
  • Before making any adjustments to the tools, always remember to stop the machine.
  • Spindle speeds should not be changed until it has come to a complete stop.
  • Always wear protective eye glasses.
  • While the metal sheet is turning, never try to measure the cut.
  • Never lean on the it.

Written by Yash Shah

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