Types of Lathe Machines

A lathe machine is an important machine tool in a workshop as it is basically used to shape the metal articles. Initially the basic operation was to cut cylindrical metal stock which was then further developed to produce screw threads, tapered work, drilled holes, knurled surfaces and crank shafts. It provides a variety of rotating speeds and a facility to manually and automatically move the cutting tool into the work piece.  The workshop owners and the workers should be thoroughly familiar about the different lathe tools and its operations to accomplish the jobs of cutting, shaping and fabricating metal sheets. So below given are the different types used for different applications and you can choose one for your workshop according to the nature of the job to be completed.

Light Duty Lathe Machine

These are generally small size with a swing of 10 inches or less, mounted to a bench or table top. These are made of quality tested material and is used in electronic, electrical and automobile industries. It can be used in almost all machining jobs but may be limited due to the size of the material that can be turned.

Medium Duty Lathe Machines

It consist of a strong bed casting made of close grained cast iron. Even under high pressure and heavy load, it can give best performance without vibrations. It can be used in different industrial and mechanical applications like turning, shaping, facing, boring and threading of all kinds of metals. It has been successful in performing many difficult tasks of metal cutting and shaping in many manufacturing units.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

These are manufactured from highest grades of material like iron and steel. It is designed for performing many tasks efficiently like screw cutting, sliding and surfacing operations. It has dimensional accuracy due to which it ensures high tensile strength and longer service life. Moreover, heavy duty are quite easy to install and operate.

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

These are considered as highly efficient which are used in steel & paper mills, oil country, ship building, power plants, mining and textile industries. This type is available in various models of different technical specifications referring to type of bed, length and width of bed, lead screw diameter etc. Extra heavy duty lathe machines are manufactured using high grade durable material which enables it to have a long service life. Moreover, these are well known for their low maintenance, long working life and accuracy in performance.

Roll Turning Lathe Machine

These are suitable for extra heavy duty jobs like sliding, surfacing and screw cutting jobs. These are dimensionally accurate, abrasion resistant, corrosive resistant and has high tensile strength. It can be used to its full capability because it embraces great toughness, ample power & control to drive the carbide tipped machine tools.

All Geared Lathe Machine

These are used in different operations such as sanding, drilling, cutting, etc. Moreover, these are further categorized as light duty all geared, medium duty all geared, heavy duty all geared as extra heavy duty all geared. It work with excellent accuracy, perfection and smoothness. If maintained properly this type can work round the clock.

CNC Lathe Machine

These are well known for higher production and lower costs. Moreover, it fulfils the requirement of quick results with high quality in many industries like electrical, automobiles, electronics etc. CNC lathe machines are highly used for manufacturing high quality components or parts as it operates with the help of a computer program. Therefore, it enables production of large quantities with less effort.

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Written by Yash Shah

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