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Popular Sheet Bending Machines

The act of bending metals into desired shape can be termed as sheet bending. In a normal sheet bending process force is applied on the metal causing it to deform in a particular direction and this mechanism is usually employed with the help of special kind of equipments called sheet bending. With this, one can deform the shape of various kinds of metals. Aluminum, brass, copper, steel, tin, nickel and titanium are few of them.

The sheet bending machines are robust equipments designed with parts like bending beam and die sets which help in carrying out customized metal bending. The metals are stressed beyond their yield and tensile strengths to give them the desired shape. They are actually deformed only along one axis but when sequence of different operations are performed on them, even the complex shapes can be casted with sheet bending.

There are different kinds of sheet bending used for diverse metal shaping applications. But most popular of all are the press brakes. Press brake is a popular metal bending tool with which metals can casted or bent to different shapes with the help of different kinds of dies like v dies, rotary bending dies, hemming dies, curling dies, 90 degree dies, beading dies and many more. Two forms of press brake are most popular – mechanical press brake that operates by electric motor and the hydraulic press brake that uses hydraulic cylinders to empower the bending process.

Power press is one of the most important variant of sheet bending machinery. It can is normally available in two different models called C type power press and pyramid type power press. Both C type and pyramid type power press can be used to cut, press, bend and form sheet metal into different shapes and sizes. They are usually equipped with parts like crank shaft, gears, clutch, table and ram and facilitate for easy, quick and precise sheet bending processes.

Another popular category of sheet bending is a bending roller machine. It gets its name because of its process of bending in which the metal sheet stock is bent by passing it between the two rolls of machine. A bending roller is used for bending and straightening sheet metals in various fields like cone making, aluminum and steel fabrication, marine and ship building, wind mills and air conditioning channels.

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