Types of Lathe, Applications of Lathe Machines

Electro mechanical machinery are high in demand as the world progress with new technologies. Growing demand for technology development in the machine tools sector have developed competitive machinery like drill machines, sheet metal machines, shearing machines, press brake, tool room machines, constructions machines, wood working machines and power tools etc.

Lathe Machine

These are the machines to create objects that have symmetry about an axis of rotation and used for precise machining to the comparative hard materials. Thus this tool rotates the work piece on its axis to perform variety of operations like cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling for metal working, wood turning and metal spinning etc., with wide range of other applications in the field of power plants, steel rolling mills, tool rooms, paper textile and oil industries.

Types & Applications of Lathe Machines
These are available in varieties for different functions and features with compact and lighter models. The durability of these machines is very high as they are made for robust tough environment from high quality spare parts. Different types are used for different applications in different industries. Light duty lathe machines are very compact, robust, and designed for long duration workability on this machine. Medium duty is a higher version with enhanced lathe functioning in the industries like ship building, mining and for textile industries build with modern technology. Heavy duty are built from world class heavy duty parts for long lasting work capability with high functionality, flexibility and durability features. Extra heavy duty incorporate latest technology and features for high tolerances applications in steel, power plants and mining industries.

Roll turning lathe machine made from quality materials for tensile strength and resistivity to adverse conditions and high productivity results across Iron & Steel, metal industries to re-grind roll mills. It is also useful in plastic and metal die-making in various industries like sugar, paper, cement and heavy engineering industries. All Geared are made from supreme quality parts with durable structure used for sanding, drilling, cutting for wood turning, metal spinning, glass working in various industries. Light weight all geared are also available in the market with enhanced features. These all machinery are made in few of the developing countries and exported to the countries where they are in demand. Many a times industries also import these equipments with extend features and accessories for better productivity, easy operation and maintenance at cheap rate. Imported lathe machines are categories based on the applications and features as universal all geared and high speed all geared lathe machine. Imported CNC with various features for different segments are categories as Flat bed CNC lathe and Slant bed CNC lathe. Bhavya Machine tools is a leading Machine tools manufacturer in India, dealing in all types of machinery tools. For further details, you may visit www.bhavyamachinetools.com.

Written by Yash Shah

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