Metal Shaping, Sizing, Slotting & Bending with Machine Tools

Metal shaping and sizing is a big industries which needs heavy machine tools to differently shaping a cutting of the metals. Handling with tools are totally mechanical works with electrical integration. In this process metal work piece is carved by the industrial machine tools as per the required shape and size to be performed by unique types of tools specialized in cutting and shaping the metal as per the needs. In this article, it is discussed about very few useful metal types of machinery used in various industries frequently on daily basis to prepare the metal work pieces in new forms.

Slotting Machine: Slotting and shaping are the functionality of this machine. Solid metal parts are cut through mounted cutting tool with movable table parts to move the metal part back and forth to slot at various angles. It is widely used in industrial manufacturing of T-slotted metal, grooves and metal curved parts.

Shaping Machine: Easy and efficient shaping of the metal piece is carried out by this  tool. Metal shaping with precision work is done through It. For more details of technical specification and applications, you can log on the website

Lathe Machine: Most commonly used in the industrial applications for creating cylindrical and axial parts. CNC Lathe is used to carry out the cylindrical shape of the metal. Lathe machines are used for industrial purpose from decades. There are so many changes with advanced featured CNC lathe including electronic control panel and computerized precision work is now available in place of traditional lathe.

Press Brake: Press brake is used for sheet bending carried out by mechanical process or hydraulic process. Mechanical press brake is cheaper and need more human controls than hydraulic press brake. Hydraulic press brake bending carried out with heavy hydraulic pressure with accurate precision work to be carried out.

Power Press: One of the heavy duty sheets bending machine with C type and pillar type pressing capabilities. Metal cutting, bending, pressing and forming with variable sizes and shapes can be executed with both types tools. For technical specification, visit the website containing large database of mechanical and electrical tools for various industries.

Written by Yash Shah

This blog written by Mr. Yash Shah is about machine tools including workshop machinery, wood working machines, sheet metal machinery provided by Bhavya Machine Tools, a leading distributors of machine tools in India.