Types of Machines Used for Shaping and Cutting Metals

Types of Machines Used for Shaping and Cutting Metals

The use of metal has become essential in many industries like automobiles, construction, electrical, furniture etc. Thus, there are many equipments used for shaping and cutting metals for the faster production. The need of robust and efficient machines is always there in various industries so that there is fast production at minimum costs. In different industries there are various requirements in terms of cutting and shaping metals. There are different types available to suit the different requirements, as given below:-

Shaping Machine

It is used in many industries as it is used to shape straight and flat metal surfaces as well as for cutting various metals like steel, aluminium ferrous and non-ferrous metals to form different angles, shapes and curves.

Power Press

Power press is a tool which is used to bend, cut, press in order to form metals into different shapes and sizes. Power press is one type of sheet metal and is used in various industry segments as it is extremely versatile unit used for metals.

Slotting Machine

Slotting like a shaping machine is a type of tool room equipment used to shape and cut metal and wood materials. It can make slots on heads of metal screws, wooden screws, bolts and other automobile components. Perfect slotting has been achieved out of the slotting machine because it incorporates advanced technology.

Milling Machine

It is used to accurately shape different metals and solid materials. It is being used in tool rooms in various industries for cutting and shaping metals. Milling are basically diversified into two forms, horizontal milling and vertical milling. Further, it has been classified into manually operated milling, mechanical automated milling and CNC milling. All these milling machines can cut, drill and shape metals to be used in different applications.

Press Brake

Press brake is a machine which is used to bend metal sheets and plates to form them in different sizes and shapes. The press brake is advantageous in terms of speed and accuracy. The metals bend by press brake are used in various industrial applications and manufacturing automobiles, home appliances etc.

The above mentioned are only some of the machines used for metal cutting, shaping and bending.

Written by Yash Shah

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