How Power Press Operates?

A power press is a machine which converts metals into miraculous shapes. Various products like brackets, frame pieces, electronic enclosures etc., can be manufactured. There are many different types machines like C type and pillar type which can be further classified into mechanical and hydraulic. Due to the advancement in technology,It has also undergone many changes. One of the most popular available today is the CNC power press having PC based controllers. But, the most commonly used is the mechanical power press which includes a moving ram used shape as well as bend metals and a stationery bed or surface where the material to be shaped can be placed. It punches the material, forms the material, bends the material, shapes the material using combination of different dies attached to the moving ram and bed. To transmit power into the press, clutch is used. The clutches remain engaged until It completes the full cycle. High accuracy in bending and shaping metals is provided. Besides the above working, you also need to have information about the basic setup procedure required for a power press as given below:-

  • The basic thing to be considered is the material thickness and the output expected. You need to review the drawing which specifies the type, dimensions and the angles required. This is very much important to determine the type of tooling and dies to be utilized in a power press.
  • The tonnage should be determined which depends on the bending method.
  • There should be accuracy in the positioning in tooling which is very important to achieve accuracy in the output.
  • The parameters should be adjusted depending on the job to be completed. However, this requires trained and efficient operators. But, with the advancement of the machineries, this can be done by even untrained operators too.
  • It is always recommended to do a test bend of the material in order to detect if further adjustments are to be done.

After knowing the above working of the power press and the setup process, it becomes necessary to know about the safety measures required to be taken while operating a power press. if not maintained and operated properly can cause accidents which should be avoided using below mentioned safety measures.

  • The power press and its guards, control systems, ancillary equipment like automatic feed system should be maintained properly so that it doesn’t put people at risk.
  • The maintenance work should be carried out when the machine is completely switched off and should be done by people who possess right skills and knowledge.
  • Proper training should be provided to the operator responsible of operating.
  • The people operating the machine, supervisors and managing the use should be made aware about the specific safety measures to be taken while using it through written instructions.
  • It should be regularly and thoroughly examined by the competent person and ensured that it is sound and working in proper condition.
  • It is always recommended to keep the record of the maintenance activities performed at a power press to ensure that it has been properly maintained.

As far as health and safety is concerned, it becomes very much necessary to follow the above mentioned steps in a workshop using it. The purpose of thorough examination and test of a machine before operating is to determine whether its parts have been installed properly, whether it is safe to operate and whether there are any defects which could make unsafe to operate. Moreover, the law requires that the power press installed in your workshop is maintained properly which will also includes that your employees operating or maintaining have adequate knowledge and skills required to complete the job.

Written by Yash Shah

This blog written by Mr. Yash Shah is about machine tools including workshop machinery, wood working machines, sheet metal machinery provided by Bhavya Machine Tools, a leading distributors of machine tools in India.