Hydraulic Press Machine – A Simple Working Principle

A hydraulic pressing machine, commonly shortened to a hydraulic press, is an industrial machine tool that manipulates a workpiece by the application of hydraulic pressure. The working principle of the press machinery consists of a cylinder having a piston and a piston rod fitted with ring gears. The pressure generated by the rod, in turn, creates a vacuum which is released through ball bearings that are fitted on top of each cylinder. The piece then rotates on the moving cylinder while being pressed. Hydraulic presses can be of various types such as drum hydraulic, pneumatic, straight, curved, and many more such names.

Working Principle of Hydraulic Press Machine

The basic working principle of the vertical hydraulic press machine is similar to that of the elevator machines. The only difference is that the piece on the cylinder is lifted and brought down by a shaft and not by a lifting rope. The cylinder and workpiece also do not have any connection between them except for the action of the pressurized gas and the position of the piston rod.

Process of Hydraulic Press Machine

The Hydraulic system pressure controller also acts as an elevator by sending signals to a hoist, which moves the workpiece to the desired height and then lowering it. A connecting rod comes into play here also. Hydraulic systems are very reliable due to their excellent design and engineering. There is no adverse pressure induced by the system. However, care must be taken when operating the hoist and the connecting rod because any error in either of these could cause serious damage.

Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic fluid is pumped into the system through a pressure control valve, which is usually a solenoid. The entire mechanism is very safe and secure but care should be taken when using it, especially in case of oil leaks and sudden pressure changes. The hydraulic press uses an insulated pipe to transport the fluid from the solenoid to the piston, and the working medium is made of high-pressure plastic material and rubber or metal-lined tube to transport the fluid to the piston and then to the workpiece.

The two cylinders in the hydraulic press machine control the opening and closing of the system. The two cylinders are placed in a special type of cylinder that contains two balls and a fixed wire coil. The wire coil allows the pressure inside the two cylinders to change depending on the rise or drop in the pressure as determined by the solenoid. The two cylinders also allow for the adjustment of the plunger arm which allows the working medium to return to its normal position between opening and closing.

Best Qualities of Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic machine press operation is very safe since there is little or no risk of leakages due to a lack of air pressure. However, proper maintenance is still needed to ensure continuous running smoothness. Bhavya Machine Tools known service providers who specialize in hydraulic press machine provides best services and maintenance to your machine and make sure that you are getting the best performance at optimum cost.

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