An In-Depth Look into Laser Marking Machine

A laser marking machine is a highly efficient piece of machinery and it makes use of a laser beam to obtain permanent marks on the surface of different metals. The term “LASER” stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and is a light wave consisting of a single unadulterated wavelength. The machine consists of an oscillator in which the laser light is amplified due to its reciprocating motion between the reflecting mirrors. This amplified laser energy causes a chemical & a physical reaction with the material, leaving behind a mark or trace on the surface.

A laser marking machine mainly consists of following components- Fiber laser source, Laser scanner, F-theta lens, Control board & marking software, computer, lifting pillar, 2D working table, and power supply.

Need for Laser Marking
The laser technology has come a long way since its invention. Now, the laser cutting, marking, and engraving machines have become the need of the hour for the industries in order to have quick and high production rate resulting in higher efficiency. Forget the big industries, the laser cutting machine can also be seen in the smaller shops these days. It accommodates a large number of metals and carries the operation at a much faster rate. The materials that can be engraved or marked are plastics, metals, coated metals, stone, glass, and natural materials.

fiber laser marking machine

Laser Marking Machine Industrial Applications
The laser marking machine finds numerous applications in industries due to its excellent workability. It is used for the marking of flexographic plates and cylinders. For this operation, carbon dioxide or co2 laser is used to evaporate the rubber plates and sleeve materials in order to produce a surface that is ready to print. This process makes sure that there is no integral ablation mask produced as a high power co2 laser burns away the unwanted material.

The fiber laser machine is one of the most widely used machines and has the most accepted technology for the operation of laser marking as it offers versatility and requires low maintenance. It also has a very low requirement of consumables and unlike the carbon dioxide laser machine, the fiber laser marking machine makes use of optical fiber doped with the rare element as the laser source. It is used to make barcodes, serial numbers, QR codes, personal details, graphics, etc. on the surfaces of materials like auto components, steel labels, etc. Additionally, this machine provides the best industrial solution for product identification and traceability. 
Fiber laser cutting machine is another machine that enjoys a lot of applications in a wide array of industries. The smaller beam diameter of the machine (than what is observed with Co2) makes it potent for intrinsic applications. It is mainly employed in the medical field, jewelry, automotive, electronics, textile industry, etc.

The Bottom-Line: Bhavya machine tools offer fibre laser marking machine for applications that require precise and detailed work. These laser marking machines are capable of producing accurate works and have high production rates. The fiber laser marking or cutting machine make use of laser beam to perform their respective operations. These machines serve a wide array of industries such as automotive, medical, textile, jewelry, etc.

Differences Between Laser Machines – Laser Marking, Laser Engraving, Laser Etching and Laser Cutting

LASER stands for ‘Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation’. It is implemented in several industries like spinal-implant, automotive, industrial & tooling, electronics, medical, military & defence, etc. It is also useful for welding, measuring, drilling and sensing.

There are many types of laser machines like a laser marking, laser engraving, laser etching, fiber laser cutting machine. There is a difference between each laser service which is mainly due to the marking surface and how deep a laser penetrates and the way it changes the overall appearance.

Laser has an ability to cut material as well and hence is useful in several manufacturing industries. To use it for the purpose of cutting, it is necessary to use a high power laser usually through optics and make use of technology like laser optics and CNC to focus it on the material.

fiber laser marking machine

Laser Marking Machine:

The purpose of laser marking is to allow the bean to interact with the surface of a material and alter its properties to some extent. A fiber laser marking machine implements a method of discolouration to create a high-contrast mark without disrupting the material. A laser works to heat the material that results in oxidation under the surface. This process does not affect the surface. This process is also referred to as laser colouration or laser dark marking. The Laser marking can be of many types like annealing, carbon migration, foaming and colouration. It is popular in several industries like stainless steel, titanium parts, etc. This process is mainly useful for bar codes, UID codes, QR codes, logos and several other identification requirements.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The laser beam is generated by stimulating a lasing material using an electrical discharge or lamps within a closed container in the fiber laser cutting machine. Once the lasing material is stimulated a beam is reflected internally with the help of a partial mirror. This process continues until sufficient energy is allowed to escape a stream of monochromatic coherent light. In general mirrors or fiber optics are made use of to direct the coherent light to a lens and focus it on the work zone.

It is more advantageous to use laser cutting than mechanical cutting since it involves easier work holding and lesser contamination of the workpiece. Besides this laser is better for precision cutting as well since a laser beam does not wear during this process. Chances of warping the material being cut is also low since the laser systems have a very small heat affected zone. It also has many advantages over plasma cutting and is more precise and uses less energy as well.

Laser engraving

This is the process of physically removing the surface of the material using a laser beam to expose the cavity and reveal an image at eye level. The intense heat created during the engraving process causes the material to vaporize. There are three types of laser engraving like etching, deep laser engraving and laser ablation. The main difference is how much is removed and the difference between the surfaces.

There are several applications for this including engraving serial numbers, logos and several other similar things. Many types of metal, plastic, glass surfaces and leather can be engraved in this method. This method is faster that other traditional methods as well.

Laser Etching:

This is a subset of laser engraving and occurs when the heat from a beam causes the surface of the material to melt. It melts the surface of the material using high heat. Once melted the material expands and causes a raised mark. A laser etcher changes the surface finish of metals and also alters the reflectivity and helps enhance contrast.

Thus, although all these processes make use of laser technology, each process is very different in nature.

Applications of Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking is a procedure of leaving marks, symbols or any pictorial notations on the surface of an object. It also involves a colour change due to chemical/molecular alteration, charring, foaming, melting, ablation, and more. The fiber laser marking machine makes use of a fiber laser source. The laser generated is transmitted with the help of an optical fiber that cooperates with high-speed scanning galvanometer, used for workpiece marking.

The laser marking machine utilizes rare earth doped fibers as the gain medium. The presence of fine fiber core in the fiber laser eases the task of producing high power density in the fiber under the action of pump light. It eventually results in an inversion of the number of particles of the laser working substance. As a result, a phenomenon known as “Laser oscillation” occurs, when a positive feedback loop is formed to induce resonant cavity. The wavelength of the incident laser can be made adjustable in order to make it felicitous for numerous applications. 

Summary: Laser marking machine is used for the process of laser marking that is a process of leaving marks, symbols or any pictorial notations on the work surface. The machine makes use of a laser source. The wavelength of the incident laser emanating out of the source can be altered as per the application for which it is employed.

laser marking machine

Features of Laser Marking Machine
The laser marking machine is a highly integrated machine comprising of a superior laser beam possessing uniform power density. The machine is designed in a manner to ensure that its anti-reflection ability with optical isolator is increased. This makes the machine to perform the operations effectively on high reflective materials, such as- aluminum, copper, gold and silver without the shadow, etc. The laser marking machine has the ability to operate at high speeds without any deviation. The machine shows good stability for a small volume production batch. The machine is tweaked with the latest technology and has adopted an embedded operating system that imparts a good touch interface and powerful control system. The machine is capable of meeting most of the industrial demands and its compact structure makes it a very effective piece of machinery.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Benefits
The fiber laser marking machine has great working functionality and is capable of operating up to 100,000 hours. The small size of the machine enables it to consume less power for a required operation with the power consumption remaining below 500W. It has a very high efficiency for photoelectric conversion producing negligible faults in the operation. The laser marking machine has compact structure and high system integration. The fact that it is compatible with software like CorelDraw and AutoCAD makes it the machinery of utmost importance in industries. It also supports different extensions, such as- PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, etc. and directly uses SHX and TTF fonts.

Summary: The fiber laser marking machine consists of a superior laser beam that has uniform power density. It is highly effective on reflective materials, like- aluminum, copper, etc. The laser marking machine is capable of working up to 100,000 hours ensuring high durability. The small size also enables it to consume a lesser amount of power.

The laser marking machine has wide applications and is primarily employed for marking logo, words, brand, date, series number, batch number, sign, drawing, photo, QR code, etc. on the surface of metal & non-metal material. The range of metals include stainless steel, alloy, metal plate, aluminum, silver, gold, etc. and the non-metals include plastic: engineering plastic and hard plastic, etc. It is also used in electronic equipment, such as- integrated circuits, mobile communications, precision instruments, glass watches and clocks, computer keyboards.

The Bottom Line: The laser marking machine is used for a wide variety of marking applications, such as- logo, words, brand, date, series number, batch number, sign, drawing, photo, QR code, etc. on the surface of metal & non-metal materials. The materials include- stainless steel, alloy, engineering plastic and hard plastic, metal plate, etc.