Fibre Laser Marking Machine

Fibre laser marking is one of the tools used by many industries for several purposes. The basic purpose of this machine is marking of objects and materials with the help of a fibre laser. It is one of the effective tools for industries, engineers, architects, material planners, engineers, etc. This enables the marking of intricate patterns without any damage or scratching to the surface. This application includes applications like laser cutting, surface engraving, stamping, deburring, and many other processes.

Working Principle of Fibre Laser Marking Machine

The marking machine marks metal using a combination of light and heat. The light that passes through the piece of material is absorbed and reflected simultaneously. The reflected light passes through the nozzle on the fibre laser marking machine. The intense light marks the item and it is done automatically. These types of laser marking machines come with software that is specifically designed for marking metal items with different thicknesses, and colours.

Advantages of Fibre Laser Marking Machine

Marking is generally done for identification purposes and to maintain the quality and precision of the product. Marking is done in many instances where the quality of the product cannot be determined by a manual inspection. The most common application of this is to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the parts used in the manufacturing process of an item. The coating on the metals can either be electroplating or infrared coating. The methodologies involve passing a laser pulse through a chamber that is filled with highly reflective material and then passing the pulse through the object with the help of a fibre or a handpiece.

Marking is essential in various industries like automotive, electronics, and even medicine. Industries use a variety of marking systems to create a mark that is visible to the user and is very hard to remove. Some of these systems involve spraying different types of liquids on the material and then letting it dry. This is followed by an intense beam of light being passed through the material. There are different types of laser marking systems that are used for these applications but there are some basics that need to be known about the fibre laser marking systems.

The first type of laser application that is mainly used for marking is the fibre optic laser marking system. These lasers use the same technology and principles of laser marking applied in the medical industry. The main difference happens in the case of these lasers as they use low-energy beams rather than the high-intensity beams used in the medical industry. However, the main purpose of these lasers is to create a unique identification mark on a particular material.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Applications of Fibre Laser Marking Machine

A common application of these machines is to create an identification mark on pieces of silica glass. This method works by the passing of an intense fibre laser beam across the object that needs to be marked. When this light passes across the target material, it interacts with the unique atomic patterns that are present in the material. Based on the interaction, the carbon absorption results in the formation of the desired pattern that is used for marking. When fibre lasers are used in combination with different wavelengths, they allow for the creation of a wider variety of patterns that can be used for different purposes.

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