The Different Types of Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking is the procedure of marking workpieces or other parts with reflective laser technology. Laser light strikes the object, and its radiant energy generates a reaction that leaves a permanent white mark on the surface. The intensity, power, and speed of the laser light on the affected part will usually cause different laser methods to be employed.

Different Types of Laser Marking Machine

There are three types of laser marking machines: laser fibre, optical, and hybrid. The fibre laser marking systems are the most common ones used in shops and production facilities. These machines are expensive and time-consuming to maintain because of their slow scan rate and high requirements for stable working conditions. Fibre laser marking machines use a coated glass fibre as an active source. A high-energy beam of light from the fibre laser marking machine is used to create a white mark on an area that is subject to customization.

Etching Machine

Another type of laser marking machine is the etching machine. Etching is a common procedure that involves spraying a colored coating of a special material onto the required surface. This coating is made up of a stencil element and a shielding gel which is used to protect the stencil from any damage while it is being applied. The thickness and texture of this stencil depend greatly on the type of material that will be used in the etching process, and there are also many variations of etching machines that can be used to get the desired results.

Portable Stamping Machine

The portable type of laser marking machine is called the portable stamping machine (PRM). The PRM is similar to the annealed tool but uses a smaller drum with a single shot of the laser beam. This enables the user to transfer a more delicate area of the surface material than can be achieved with the annealed tool. A permanent mark is created when a hard shock is applied to the material with the rotating drum of the PRM.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Important Features of Laser Marking Machine

Annealing is another important factor that should be considered in designing a laser marking machine. Annealing is the heating of material at very high temperatures. This heating causes the conductivity of the material to increase significantly and gives off a bright, hot spot on the surface that is being treated. Annealing is often used to stamp intricate designs and patterns into metals. There are also annealed metals that have been treated with low temperatures so that their surface has the same properties as those of traditional metals.

The Bottom Line

The most common of these tools is the stamping tool. The stamping tool is used to create permanent marks on metals. It consists of a large drum that contains a large abrasive material that is placed in a cylindrical housing. A stamping tool uses a rotating motion with a drum to transfer an abrasive material onto a surface that is being marked. There are different types of this tool such as the portable and the permanent types.

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