All About Turret Lathe Machine

Turret Lathe Machine is one of the most versatile machines in the industry and can perform a variety of tasks. The machine has a number of unique advantages and provides users with the facility of creating finely tuned lathes for their own personal needs. This unique feature has made it highly popular with companies that are looking for a tool that can be adjusted easily to meet all the requirements of the production process.

Different Heads of Turret Lathe Machine

The Turret Lathe Machine has four different heads which are namely: chucking, spinning, blanking, and lifting. As it enables for the fine movement over the bed-ways it is able to handle larger work-pieces. It finds maximum use where duplication of various parts is needed.

Components of Turret Lathe Machine

In the line of lathes, there is the optional attachment known as the rotating cutting band which can be mounted on the outside or inside the unit. This is ideal for use in the dual function of the rotating and cutting process. In order to cut a pattern into the material using the rotating cutting band, the user has to lift it up to the desired location and move it down the rung or slot. After the operation is complete the band slides back into the sled which allows it to return to its original position and start over again.

Types of Turret Lathe Machine

The range of machines also has two main types of levers namely: horizontal lever and vertical lever. These lever types can be manually or automatically operated depending upon the type of machine and its type of cutting process. There are also some models which are fitted with a slide and crank combination that allows the user to operate the machine in a two-step model.

Vertical Turret Milling Machine

Salient Features of Turret Lathe Machines

In this range, the user will find a number of features which include: the fully automatic bed assembly and cutting rollers; a multi-task blade that operates at both the high and low-speed settings; and the variable-speed transmission. It also has a hydraulic brake that helps to ensure that the machine does not unexpectedly stop during the process. The bed assembly is made from either a billet or metal and the entire assembly is covered in graphite powder.

The Bottom Line

Another version of this type of machine has a number of innovative features including variable-speed transmission; hydraulically controlled cutting rollers and cutting blades. The spindle and the blade can be controlled by the use of a variable speed-changing lever. This allows the spindle to be positioned at different speeds, enabling it to perform different operations and cuts. This type of machine has many different operations which enable it to do a wide variety of different tasks. However, it is important that you ensure that you are buying the correct one for your needs so that your lathe does not become damaged.

Written by Yash Shah

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